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Nobody’s Opinion: The Bloomberg Balloon Forum of Hot Air

Nobody Flashes the Hot Air opinions of the Global lords, who are acting like they are STILL in charge of their own countries. But since they are so used to power, they still gather and rule the world.

And why not?

Anyway, this video shows Hillary Clinton ‘leading’ leaders at Bloomberg economic forum, a meeting which is filled with so much BS and hot air, it’s hard to watch. Pay close attention to the ‘words’ they use. It’s all smoke and mirrors and they say absolutely nothing of worth.

Tony Blair, another world global member of the Cartel, seems more personal with the bunch of BS. Tony is still upset that England LEFT the E.U. Notice the world “TRADE” comes up every other word. They basically are saying, “the world has changed” and it’s not our fault. All these ‘lords of crap” are so good at talking for hours and saying “NOTHING” that it’s hard to watch it. The countries are willing to pay ‘greater cost” says the man from India.

Well…heck, most of THEIR money came from OUR politicians. During the TARP payout, Glenn Beck pointed out that not only did our politicians give over 5 trillion bailout money to OUR banks, over 90 TRILLION was handed out to the REST of the world.

THAT’s on American taxpayers.

It’s basically how to keep the United States ‘functioning’ while China takes over, which these dweebs are talking about. And all of them are trying to figure out how keep doing business in China, while the United States is declining, and not piss off any of the people. Hillary calls the “new reality”, a new multi power global order.

Blair, as you notice, knows China is NOT becoming more democratic as was hoped, and he says it’s important that the West keeps its “liberties.”

Hillary than goes on to attack Russia. Hillary is all in with China. Hillary is acting like the new QUEEN of the New World Order. Just the fact that she is allowed a voice in this ‘forum’ should make every American mad. She’s worried about Crypto currency. And she should be.

She goes on to attacking Putin. Putin to her is more of a concern than China. Right. Sure. All ‘disinformation’ comes out of Russia.

Now, let me say this: if you go on the Bloomberg Cable Channel, you will see a lot of info promoting China and its people. China is presented as such a glorious place.

Bloomberg is all in bed with China. Let me say that again:

Bloomberg is all in bed with the Chinese.

One thing you will notice, all these people THINK they are the most intelligent people on the planet, and they are ALL trying very hard to SOUND like great thinkers. But Watch Hillary’s face when Tony Blair is talking. She’s already creating her response.

The evilness is this woman knows no limit.

To me, this video reminded me of a bad Sci-Fi movie…only DARTH Vador is a woman.

Hillary Clinton: The question is: WHY does she have so much power with the elites?

Nobody Knows.

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