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Does Russia REALLY Want to be Ruled by CHINA?

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So, what’s up with all this RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA! — War cries?

Didn’t we get enough of Russia is behind EVERYTHING during the Trump administration?

My friend Petra, called me today, all upset: “Have you heard about the Ukraine?” You see, Petra, unlike all the rest of my ‘friends’ has family in Germany. She goes every year to visit a rich widow friend who lives in Italy. I’m pretty sure she’s not concerned about OUR country, but what war would do to her yearly visits to her rich friend in Europe.

She’s been watching too much T.V.

After all, the COVID ‘destroy the people’ with a bio-weapon is being exposed. Fauci, Gates, and the fact that they are now calling for our children to be vaccinated is starting to wake up the idiots who are sitting in front of their new giant screen Wal-Mart TVs. When the country goes into an economic depression, they ALWAYS start a war.

And better to pick a war with Russia than China. WHY? Because ALL our big Global companies do business in China. And this Nobody Thinks, CHINA wants Russia to also be under her control too.

I’ve always thought the reason Trump kept saying “We should get along with Russia” was because of ALL the countries on the planet, Russia doesn’t want China to run the world any more than WE do. I could be wrong about that: BUT I DON’T THINK SO.

Biden comes out sounding all bully, bully:

“I made it clear to President Putin that we have a sacred obligation, Article 5 obligation to our NATO allies. And that if, in fact, he continued to build up and/or was to move, we would be reinforcing those troops,” Biden said.


Well, 5,000 troops against 100,000…and a fight over a country who have many citizens who LIKE Russia: sounds lame to me.

This could be solved easily___

They don’t want western missiles in Ukraine, and they don’t want Ukraine to join NATO.

Remember, George Washington said we should NOT get involved in other country’s wars? HA. NO money in that is there?

****************From Revolver…

All of this noise evades the real truth, though: The Ukraine crisis is a creation of the Globalist American Empire. It is a product of American overreach, and the crisis continues because the DC national security cabal refuses to admit any mistakes, backtrack, or engage in any serious negotiation whatsoever. America’s ruling elites are willing to risk war, possibly even nuclear war, for the sake of their own desire to exert control everywhere on Earth. 

And yet, despite all that, the situation in Ukraine still didn’t boil over until the US endorsed a revolution to overthrow a democratically-elected government. It was Yanukovych’s extrajudicial overthrow that sparked Russia’s seizure of Crimea and its support for an anti-Kyiv insurgency in the eastern Donbas region. And the crisis has continued ever since, thanks to America’s negotiating posture, or rather its lack of one. America’s position is that, more or less, there can be no negotiations.


Yeah, Let’s not forget Biden’s and Hunter were REALLY involved in the Ukraine. And the Rino’s think that Russia will join China and Iran and go after Europe SO…therefore we should send the last of our brave men and woman over to fight the Russians. Right now, neither the people In Kiev or Germany seem too upset. Why is that?

EXCEPT, there’s one little problem. Russia has the capability to send an EMP over the U.S, and the U.S will NOT be able to stop it, and voila! America will be destroyed. 90 million will die in the first year.

Biden’s doesn’t tell you that does he? And yet, the elites are already war-gaming it.

Many of us wouldn’t put it pass the globalists to do it themselves and BLAME it on Russia.

I’ve ALWAYS thought, China wants Russia off the map too. And if they can get America to do it, then more power to China.

Right now, I always think: What would OBAMA SAY?

Right. “IF YOU GO OVER THE RED LINE, THEN THERE WILL BE ACTION.” Remember that lame threat? Let’s hope, it’s Obama talking again through Biden. Russia will take some of Ukraine, and the next outbreak will take it off the news.


*****..More from Revolver The Globalist American Empire Would Rather Risk Nuclear War Than Admit Its Own Arrogance – Revolver

Russia has serious and legitimate interests in Ukraine. Prior to 1991, Ukraine was politically united with Russia for almost 350 years (longer than America has even existed). In the eastern third of Ukraine, the majority of people speak Russian, and a large minority identify as ethnically Russian. The Crimea, seized by Russia in 2014, is not only overwhelmingly Russian by language and ethnicity, but its very existence as a Ukrainian province is the result of a historical fluke: Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev transferred the Crimea from the Russian SFSR to the Ukrainian SSR as an act of sentimentality.

And of course, if one wanted to invade Russia, Ukraine would be the best staging ground to do so. Ukraine hosts a long border adjacent to Russia’s most populous regions. So, it is understandable that Russia greatly dislikes the idea of Ukraine joining NATO, an alliance whose entire raison d’etre is to contain Russia.


A war with Russia would be a disaster. But then, if you are out to destroy America, you can bet, there are many globalists giving it a good thought.

It would be much quicker than crashing and releasing disease-ridden lab monkeys into the middle of Missouri, and it seems, they are running out of time to do the GREAT RESET.

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