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GOOD News Friday!

Let’s end it on a good note…after all the BS today about how all those ‘white supremist’ were out to destroy democracy, carrying those terrorist flags, Ready to turn into the KKK at any moment…January the 6th being the worse day in American history, (According to Kamala and Biden and the Cheney family):

Blah, Blah. Blah, Blah Blah….

All it took was a good man to THINK…and act.

My property in Florida is looking pretty good right now….

So let’s end the week on a good note….with Ron DeSantis’s American common sense.

THANKS Mr. DeSantis. You pushed Ted Cruz off the map.

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Nobody Flashes: The Truth

This morning, I was going through the cable news as I often do, and there was Biden and Kamala giving their speeches comparing January the 6th to 9/11. Then flashing through many of the global networks, like CNN, MSNBC, Euronews: all of them praising the Presidency of Joe Biden, and how much he has done for the world. It seems the Beijing Biden had a line of candles placed on the Capitol Basin, which one reporter described as a beacon of beauty celebrating Joe Biden. (Barf)

Clearly, they are going to try to use this to ARREST Trump, and his supporters. They will try to make this all about an insurrection, but what they will do, is stupid.

The more they attack the American people for that day, the more people will vote for Trump.

I finally found Tucker Carlson’s documentary. I couldn’t post it, but you can find it here at UGE.

Clearly….today, Biden is at war with America.

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