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Nobody’s Fool: President Ronald Reagan

Reagan was not only a great President, he could REALLY tell a good joke.

Most conservatives miss him, and as I was watching this, I was thinking that G.W. Bush looked bored and mean standing behind him. Maybe I am reading into this, but Pence often had the same snotty look on his face when he was standing behind President Trump. That’s the Rockefeller RINOS for you. As you know, I NEVER liked Pence and thought he was placed there to take over when they got President Trump impeached. The deep state was SURE they were going to impeach him.

Sadly, Reagan did such a good job, G.W. Bush, who helped kick-start the whole globalist mess was put in on Reagan’s coat tails. One thing good that came out of THAT, was if Pence runs, he won’t have much of a chance.

At the end of this video, Reagan’s kindness and good heart is shining like a star: I couldn’t help but think of the great difference between Reagan and Biden.

Joe Biden’s many mean and angry outbursts, and there have been many, show just what he thinks of the American people.

You can’t teach class. You can’t teach heart. But you can watch it here…


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