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NOBODY CARES: Supreme Court— Why Not a Dwarf?

You have to love it:

Biden made a point to honor Justice Breyer who was finally forced to retire and he starts out talking about retiring Supreme Court Justice Breyer, and ends up talking about himself. Who else used to do that? (Obama) If you listened closely to Breyer speech, it might as well have been written by Obama.

I was taking a nap when I kept hearing over and over “It’s an experiment.”

What’s just “an experiment”? I thought, as I woke myself up to see Justice Breyer holding up the Constitution. Oh. Right. America was just ‘an experiment.’

Yes, Brayer was telling the youth of the country that according to our Founders, Washington AND Lincoln, that this government was then and is NOW…just an experiment. It was up to them and future generations to see if the experiment worked. Or works. (HINT: no, it doesn’t.)

Oh, and by the way, ‘We are in a civil war.” He said with a big smile. Then he TRIED to recite the Gettysburg Address and really mucked it up. Ooooooookay.

He should have left that out. He sounded just like Biden going “You know…that thing!”

Here we were witnessing the continued destruction of the Constitution:

Biden kept quoting Breyer as saying “The law must work for the people.”  Biden mumbles a bit more and REPEATS “The law must work for the people” Translation: The Constitution AND let’s be honest, America doesn’t work for “the people.”

Then Biden announces he will choose a black woman for the Supreme Court. THAT will fix it. Black women, only represent, according to data, only 2 percent of the population.

Which MEANS…if skin color and sex is the new criterial for getting on the Supreme Court, then logically speaking, we need a gay woman, a gay black man, a transvestite, a Muslim man, a Muslim woman, and at least a few Chinese and since Peter Dinklage thinks dwarfs are being discriminated, at LEAST one dwarf.  

No more white men or women.

Only yesterday, Kamala came out giving the Chinese talking points of protecting minorities, gays, women, blacks, transvestites, etc.

So, the Chinese colored revolution continues. Stacy Abrams must be sitting around Oprah’s house salivating on how to get on the court. Not sure Kamala wants the job, although they are trying to sell, her into it, because they just don’t know what else to do with her. Hillary was probably paying big bucks for that suggestion. Obama could be nominated, (being as many say he IS a woman) but, then again, being the background President now…he really couldn’t do much on the court.


One thing we do know, is this will keep the news media busy and OFF the actions of Biden and Russia, where Putin makes Biden look like the incompetent idiot he really is.

Will enough Republicans vote for the black woman? In the words of FARGO:

You Batcha!

Personally, I think Peter Dinklage could complain not about some kid’s movie written over 50 years ago, that any adult knows was written to make the little kids laugh, (For Goodness sakes Peter “IT WAS A FAIRY TALE!!) but the fact that there ARE no dwarfs on the Supreme Court or even in the democratic party for that matter.

It’s about time, don’t you think?

Go ahead Peter, you would look good in a robe.

You’ll just need a bigger version of the Constitution.

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