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Nobody’s Fool: Max Blumenthal

Nobody Flashes

After the great attack and threat by our own ‘President’ Biden, on the very American country he is suppose to care about, I found this was a very refreshing take on why this is happening to the world.

Russell has a man name Max Blumenthal in an interview.

YES! With more men like him, we surely stand a bit of a chance.


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NOBODY CARES: Supreme Court— Why Not a Dwarf?

You have to love it:

Biden made a point to honor Justice Breyer who was finally forced to retire and he starts out talking about retiring Supreme Court Justice Breyer, and ends up talking about himself. Who else used to do that? (Obama) If you listened closely to Breyer speech, it might as well have been written by Obama.

I was taking a nap when I kept hearing over and over “It’s an experiment.”

What’s just “an experiment”? I thought, as I woke myself up to see Justice Breyer holding up the Constitution. Oh. Right. America was just ‘an experiment.’

Yes, Brayer was telling the youth of the country that according to our Founders, Washington AND Lincoln, that this government was then and is NOW…just an experiment. It was up to them and future generations to see if the experiment worked. Or works. (HINT: no, it doesn’t.)

Oh, and by the way, ‘We are in a civil war.” He said with a big smile. Then he TRIED to recite the Gettysburg Address and really mucked it up. Ooooooookay.

He should have left that out. He sounded just like Biden going “You know…that thing!”

Here we were witnessing the continued destruction of the Constitution:

Biden kept quoting Breyer as saying “The law must work for the people.”  Biden mumbles a bit more and REPEATS “The law must work for the people” Translation: The Constitution AND let’s be honest, America doesn’t work for “the people.”

Then Biden announces he will choose a black woman for the Supreme Court. THAT will fix it. Black women, only represent, according to data, only 2 percent of the population.

Which MEANS…if skin color and sex is the new criterial for getting on the Supreme Court, then logically speaking, we need a gay woman, a gay black man, a transvestite, a Muslim man, a Muslim woman, and at least a few Chinese and since Peter Dinklage thinks dwarfs are being discriminated, at LEAST one dwarf.  

No more white men or women.

Only yesterday, Kamala came out giving the Chinese talking points of protecting minorities, gays, women, blacks, transvestites, etc.

So, the Chinese colored revolution continues. Stacy Abrams must be sitting around Oprah’s house salivating on how to get on the court. Not sure Kamala wants the job, although they are trying to sell, her into it, because they just don’t know what else to do with her. Hillary was probably paying big bucks for that suggestion. Obama could be nominated, (being as many say he IS a woman) but, then again, being the background President now…he really couldn’t do much on the court.


One thing we do know, is this will keep the news media busy and OFF the actions of Biden and Russia, where Putin makes Biden look like the incompetent idiot he really is.

Will enough Republicans vote for the black woman? In the words of FARGO:

You Batcha!

Personally, I think Peter Dinklage could complain not about some kid’s movie written over 50 years ago, that any adult knows was written to make the little kids laugh, (For Goodness sakes Peter “IT WAS A FAIRY TALE!!) but the fact that there ARE no dwarfs on the Supreme Court or even in the democratic party for that matter.

It’s about time, don’t you think?

Go ahead Peter, you would look good in a robe.

You’ll just need a bigger version of the Constitution.

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Trump: Did HE make a deal?

Nobody Flashes: VERY sad news. Trump is fully supporting Biden’s vaccine push with Bill O’Reilly protecting him and treating his followers as children…not good. He may think that he’s been told by the elites that if he promotes the vaccines, they will let him back into the White House, and that will fulfill his life’s destiny.

BUT…many Trump supporters might just stay home, no matter how good a salesman he is.

They will be suffering, and many, yes many will have died and lost their jobs due to his AND Biden’s actions. Besides, while Trump complained about the ‘stolen’ election, we didn’t see him doing much about it did we?

Too many times, Trump surrounded himself with RINOS, and I have always thought it was because he had no choice…but his situation is life and death. To say he saved millions is, come on, a lie. That vaccine was developed long ago…ready to be put on the market. He didn’t do that all by himself—

Trump’s vaccine-pimping rhetoric proves BOTH parties are prostitutes to pharma and the central banks –


Trump now appears to be completely isolated from real America, showing zero understanding of the kind of totalitarian nightmare unvaccinated Americans are currently living through. Trump is completely out of touch with his own support base and the struggles they are facing due, in large part, to Trump selling them out to Big Pharma and the Federal Reserve.

Trump further condemns his own supporters, telling them that if they doubt the vaccine, “You’re playing right into their hands.” Whose hands? The hands of the pharma cartel that Trump enriched with Operation Warp Speed?

This means Trump’s rushed vaccine has killed nearly a million Americans. Yet Trump celebrates the vaccine and claims, without any evidence whatsoever, that without the vaccine, “tens of millions” of people would have died. Seriously? From a flu strain that has a near-100% survival rate in most age groups?

Someone who is unvaccinated but not sick with Covid can’t sit inside a NYC restaurant. But a vaccinated person with an active, transmissible Covid infection can flash a vaccine passport & gain entrance. Does that make sense to you?

I didn’t think so. The mandates are horses**t.


Will it matter? Nobody Wonders. I remember how easily Trump left the White House. He was confident, not upset at all…just walked away. Melania was..REALLY upset, but Nobody Wonders…did he made a deal?

Or has the deal been there all along?

Nobody Knows. But, whatever happens, the ‘unvaccinated” are now the new Jews. And they WILL be coming after you. Biden is sending troops. And still handing out billions.

Do you trust Trump now?

Do we trust ANYBODY in government at this point?

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“They Will KILL Us All”

Nobody’s Opinion

I flipped on Chris Wallace this morning, and there he was: Fake and fallacious Fauci. When Chris asked him about his ‘financial’ involvement in the vaccine, he skipped around the question like an old pro. Clearly he knew the questions before hand. Chris was trying to look like he asked the tough questions, and Fauci going with the same old line…HE tells the truth, the rest of the world is all conspiracy: as “Those are people that don’t particularly care for me, and that’s understandable because what I do and I try very hard is to be guided by the truth,” he added. “And sometimes the truth becomes inconvenient for some people, so they react against me.” However, he has positioned himself as on the side of “science, data and evidence” and those who “disagree” as conspiracy theorists. 

“Inconvenient?” Not a word I would have chosen. MILLIONS have died from Fauci’s funding of the Covid bioweapon, and the fact that he is paid MORE than the President of the United States should tell you something. Fauci knows how to lie, big time. And he is the master of deception. Worse case scenario, he should be excueted for what he’s done. Best case senario: He should at least get off our TV so the world can TRY to pick up the damage he has done. Because it’s clear now: the vaccine has killed more than the virus.

If you have the time, here’s a few interesting reports that I found on Sunday–All are worth the watch. And the last one sums it all up quite nicely.

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You Will Eat No Meat, and YOU Will be Happy

Nobody’s Opinion

Yes, Yes…what do you think? Do you think the few elites with their billions are scared of the masses? Or do they really think that they are saving the planet because there are just too many people on it, and so, it’s their job to do what leaders do…cull the herd. Kill off the old and ‘smart.’ Tell themselves it’s work that must be done. Nobody Wonders just who came up with the plans to begin with, and just how OLD is Kissinger anyway?

Nah, you say to yourself. That’s preposterous. It’s just your usual pandemic. These things have happened from time to time, and of course, the rich will take advantage of it if they can, just as they have done throughout history.

There is no WAY a bunch of elites could get together and decide to get rid of a few billion people. Nah. But, what if they could make trillions off of it? Would they do it?

I was thinking about this the other day as I passed my local McDonalds. Have you tasted their food lately? Are you SURE what’s in that meat is cow? Do you REALLY believe that cow farts are destroying the planet? Is it worth getting a double cheeseburger and a coke when every health food guy on the planet is screaming that over 2/3 of the Americans are fat? And it’s OUR own fault? Have you been to the grocery stores lately? Half the food in it is not only fattening but it’s addicting.

You can’t just buy ONE little cupcake; you have to buy at least a dozen. And if you buy just one, there are 8,000 calories in one bite, and that one cupcake costs as much as a McDonalds Happy Meal.

Many Americans don’t have time to FIX dinner. They have to work, get the kids to wherever, drive longer miles just to get a decent price on petfood. And the lockdowns have put pounds on everyone.

Michelle Obama was trying to put gardens in all the cities, because she knew that nobody could afford to even go to the outlying grocery stores. The big stores are not in the big cities anymore…and for a good reason…too much crime.

Or…was there another reason for all those gardens? The meatless society was already being planned?

Everyone needs protein. It’s brain food. I go to this natural health guy who looks…sick. He is proud that he is not fat, but he is lacking muscle. He says he eats sausage, and a lot of veggies.  I also bet smokes a joint every night before bed. But sorry. He just looks…sick. And yet, he swears by his vitamins. And makes a lot of money just selling them to you.

Soon, they are predicting there will be a shortage of food. Just like In Venezuela. Where people starting eating their own dogs. Farmers all over the world are being told to destroy their crops.

But it’s been a month, and nobody wants to wait in line at McDonalds just to get a happy meal. Why do they pack the stores with protein bars? Have you TASTED those crappy things? Horrible. And yet, they are everywhere. Is this the ‘protein’ substitute they are trying to sell us? Forget that steak, just grab that protein bar with the nuts.

The news reporters tell us there is a shortage of workers all across the country, and so, because of THAT, you have to wait in line for 45 minutes just for lunch. I keep thinking that the fast-food places will come back to normal, but…then I saw this:

Are products being held up on purpose, or because everybody in the United States is getting a check from the government? And why do the elites keep telling us that machines will take over most all of the service jobs? Are the long lines just getting us all prepared for what the big companies actually want?

A workforce of mostly machines? Machines that won’t report fraud, scam, or what’s really in that McDonald’s hamburger? They want you to be forced to use your cell phone to order your lunch so that not only they will know what you eat for lunch everyday by having that record, the machines will have it all prepared, and won’t it just be a wonderful world? And maybe, there will come a day when your cell phone will only allow you to order certain items off the menu.

There’s a reason Bill Gates bought up all the farmland, and put in $50 million to develop machines to cultivate the soy or whatever he will be giving the masses. If were up to him, we would eat our own pee and poop. Go ahead, watch the video where he actually endorses it.

Who knows? Solent Green might be McDonalds new future.

And how would we even know what’s in those Big Macs?

So, I’m with the Great Scot and Rand Paul. Why don’t they want us to keep eating meat? Is it the same reason they want us all to get stoned? It’s been known that homo sapiens developed their bigger brains when THEY STARTED EATING MEAT! Veggies are good for you, but watch out, your toenails will fall out.

Maybe like the lions, we are meant to eat meat. Except, you can be sure that the rich will have plenty of fresh meat for their nightly meals. I don’t know about you, but if you watch the video below you might want to stock up on fresh meat. Clearly, they plan to make us all rice eaters. I’ve watched whole cities being cut down, whole towns being destroyed, why not our food?

So, do YOU think the elites are scared of us? I’m not sure. I think they are much too egotistical to believe that anyone would hurt them. Only some other elite.

As Rand Paul said: They can’t arrest all of us. If we would all just stop going to McDonalds, maybe they might…keep making those hamburgers with REAL meat. And go back to giving the young kids a first time job.

Great Scot. I hope he’s right. Someday soon, a cow might be worth more than gold.

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Nobody Flashes The British War on Christianity

Nobody Flashes;

Every week I get these fascinating emails from a group called the American Intelligence Media. According to these people, it’s actually the British elites who cause a lot of what’s happened around the globe.

Believe it or not…but I do find their meticulous research amazing.

I copied one of their newsletters here: It’s Sunday, after all.

New post on American Intelligence MediaTHE BRITISH WAR ON CHRISTIANITYby Our SpiritCONTRIBUTING WRITERS | OPINION | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | AUG. 25, 2021, UPDATED SEP. 02, 2021 | PDF | HTTPS://TINYURL.COM/EAMA2HURFig. 1—Socialist, Communist MP Philip Whitwell Wilson (1875-1956), Pilgrims SocietyEmpire Press Union, Foreign Press Correspondents Association, London Daily NewsThe New York Times, Y.M.C.A., Salvation Army, CFR, Bolshevism, Maoism, Fascism, Institute of Pacific Relations (IPR), United Nations.P. Whitwell Wilson Biography: Son of a Bible publisher; socialist resident, Toynbee Hall; disciple, W.T. Stead “Government by Journalism;” co-founder, Pilgrims Society; coach, Vladimir Lenin; member of Parliament, St. Pancras South (1906-1910); co-organizer, First Imperial Press Conference 1909; co-founder, Empire Press Union, MI6, MI5, GC&CS now GCHQ; president, Association of Foreign Press Correspondents; editor, London Daily NewsNew York Times; handler & publicist, Salvation Army, Y.M.C.A.; co-founder, communist Institute of Pacific Affairs (IPR); co-founder, United Nations; likely handler for Intrepid, WWII double agent.Britannia has fallen and is an enemy of Truth; she is dragging America down with her.When we write “British,” we mean self-anointed British elitists, not the British peoplePhilip Whitwell Wilson: the “Christian” socialist Pilgrims Society journalist viper pope of the British Empire new world order—probably did more to eviscerate Christianity with his forked tongue than any other influencer in the 20th centuryAnglophiles want debauched aristocracy for themselves, and socialism / communism for you; 1776 only slowed them down.America must dissemble every institution overrun by Britannia’s demons before they totally consume us too.Without a Christian moral rudder, the American ship of state will sink (paraphrasing John Adams).British bankers were overtaken centuries ago by an addiction to abuse of their fellow human beings through slavery, sodomy, rape and pedophilia; this has not stopped or even slowed, it has only changed its veneer.Faithful Christians have been their only counter, so they cajoled many Christian clery into socialism, who followed blindly in exchange for notoriety, accolades, dinner party invitations, sexual favors and haughty resumes.One heretofore unknown actor in this tragedy is Phil Whitwell Wilson, son of a London Bible publisher turned socialist advocate of the “social gospel” to replace the Christian Church; his double-knighted Hope Simpson family conspired with him to set Palestine’s policy, form the League of Nations and the United Nations.P. Whitwell Wilson’s socialist influence spans Bolshevism, communism, Salvation Army, Y.M.C.A., Vladimir Lenin, journalism, spying, propaganda, human and drug trafficking, money laundering, United Nations, “Five Eyes”—whatever it took to destroy Christian opposition. BRITISH WAR ON CHRISTIANITYFig. 2Gabriel, McKibben. (Aug. 26, 2021). The British War on Christianity. AmerIcan Intelligence Media, Americans for Innovation. (Raw *.mp4 video file).FORGET CHINA – THE INVISIBLE ENEMY IS HIDING BEHIND THEMFig. 3Gabriel, McKibben. (Aug. 26, 2021). The British War on Christianity – AFTER SHOW. American Intelligence Media, Americans for Innovation. (Raw *.mp4 video file).(Aug. 24, 2021)Honest people see it. America is unraveling morally.Empathy has faded. 65 millions innocent babies have been murdered and are being dismembered for profit. TV now openly promotes family-species-destroying sexuality. Banks and mutual funds are funding endless wars to feed human trafficking in fresh refugee meat. Too many “churches” and NGOs play along. Propaganda false flags fool the unsuspecting. Fake news. Suffering children are mere propaganda sound bites. NGOs speak peace but foment war. Spies smuggle drugs, launder money and blackmail politicians. Bankers tip judges and bureaucrats, then blackmail them. The mockingbird press lies. Other churches hide behind the Johnson Amendment excuse for not becoming a moral voice against this depravity.America was founded as a Christian country, intentionally. Founder John Adams emphasized this to the Massachusetts Militia on Oct. 11, 1798 in Quincy (south of Boston):In the same speech, Adams, a Congregationalist Christian and son of a deacon, said that no government is capable of contending with human passions [if they are] “unbridled by morality and Religion.” His hearers knew that he was referring to Christian morality and religion.In other words, John Adams said that the American Constitution needs Christianity to function.We struggled about using our negative headline about the British. It confronts 200 years of propaganda and brainwashing about our “special relationship.”We found ourselves wading through a lifetime of pro-British propaganda in our heads trying to convince us we were wrong. However, the facts are what they are, as you will read below.Americans did not always think Britain was special.We used to think the British monarch was a tyrant. Truth is, he/she was then and still is. We are not referring to the British people or British Christians, but rather their tyrannical government that turned demonic many centuries ago—the moment they made slavery (black, brown, white and yellow) an integral part of their economy and lifestyle, that continues to this day.The difference now is that in 1909 at the First Imperial Press Conference, the British Pilgrims Society seized control of intelligence, propaganda and the ability to fund fake wars by “creating” and “guiding” public opinion . . .. . . like a dog on a leash.With intelligence and propaganda well in hand, by 1915 Britain began pumping pro-British stories into America and suppress all others (paid for by Andrews Carnegie, J.P. Morgan and John D. Rockefeller—and their mentor, Lord Rothschild, back in London through the Empire Press Union, today called BBC, Reuters and Associated Press). See also “J.P. Morgan Controls Major Newspaper Editorial Policy.”Over this last 100 years, that has worked. Netflix has always been totally Anglophile, as is NBC (Peacock, MSNBC, CNBC), ABC, CBS, CNN, NPR, PBS, BBC, New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, L.A. Times, etc. They’re all sycophantic British propaganda mouthpieces. Take note of how many British accents now flood our airwaves. They are vastly over represented for a country the size of Ohio and population of California + Texas.In fact, it was not until the end of World War II that Anglo-American agents of the British Pilgrims Society had so infiltrated American communications infrastructure, the U.S. Navy and State Department that the current British takeover was set in motion.This is not to say that Congress did not push back. They did. But that push back is now virtually gone.For example:In 1935, Congress challenged the 1919 dictatorial actions of former deputy Navy secretary Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Pilgrims Society order to merge British Marconi Wireless technology into the American communications infrastructure to form Radio Communications of America (RCA) with AT&T, Westinghouse, General Electric (GE), Western Electric, United Fruit Company (Central and South America). Marconi Wireless was already a global monopoly controlled by the British Admiralty and Post Office. Thousands of patents were confiscated in this Roosevelt order, setting the pattern for future wholesale theft and weaponization of patents when the Pilgrims wanted them to maintain their corporate monopolies.In 1940, Rep. Jacob Thorkelson Disclosures (MT 1st 1939-41) challenged the infiltration of the British Pilgrims Society into every phase of American government, media and commerce.Lillian Scott Troy. (Feb. 17, 24, 1912). The 24-step Pilgrims Society Corporatist Imperial Federation Strategy to Return America to British Rule, with preamble by Hon. Dr. Lt. Commander Jacob. Thorkelson, MN, 1940. The San Francisco Leader, GPO, George Mason.Fig. 4—Lillian Scott Troy was a courageous American suffragette and investigative journalist living in London ca. 1900-1918. On Nov. 13, 1919, Ms. Troy was deported from the United Kingdom—two days after WWI ended—because she dug too deeply into the corruption of British and American Pilgrims Society. Ms. Troy was the perennial target of Pilgrim propaganda attacks and smears in both the U.S. and British press. She focused her investigations on the evident corruption and treason of Andrew Carnegie, J. P. Morgan and the Anglo-American (British) Pilgrims Society, that she (and many at the time) saw as undermining the sovereignty of the American Republic. Their voices have largely been silenced by the mockingbird Pilgrims Society-controlled world press, until now.Thorkelson preserved the brave 1912 investigative journalism of Ms. Lillian Scott Troy who was investigating Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan and the Anglo-American interlocking bank and corporate directorates.From 1914-50, Congress consistently challenged the interlocking directorates of multi-national corporations that were monopolizing commerce and industry through the globalist banks of the British Pilgrims Society. (Congressional Records: 1917193919401955). For example: Feb. 09, 1917 (PDF, p. 54):”In March 1915, the J.P. Morgan interests, the steel, ship-building, and [gun]powder interests, and their subsidiary organizations, got together 12 men high up in the newspaper world . . . They found it was only necessary to purchase the control of 25 of the greatests papers” which they did.”Notably, each time the Congressional investigations into the corrupt and treasonous “Interlocking Relationships” were gathering steam that might lead to indictments, a war broke out, magically, some where in the world.THESE PEOPLE START WARS TO HIDE THEIR DEMONIC ACTIVITYFor example, while the Mead Committee 538-pg. REPORT OF THE FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION ON INTERLOCKING DIRECTORATES was literally at the Government Printing Office being printed and set for release on Jun. 30, 1950, the (U.N.-directed) Korean War started on Jun. 25, 1950—five days earlier—where nearly 5 million souls died so these interlocking companies could avoid Congressional accountability, profit and consolidate British U.N. power.Fig. 5James M. Mead, Chairman. (Jun. 30, 1950). Report on Interlocking Directorates, p. 22. U.S Federal Trade Commission.Note: Whenever one sees American “J.P. Morgan” one must think British “Lord N.M. Rothschild” (Nathan Mayer), his mentor and Pilgrims Society controller. British Prime Minister Lord Rosebery married Hannah Rothschild and inherited the N.M. Rothschild banking fortune in 1890 when Hannah died at 39 years old of typhoid fever. Typhoid was then the subject of intense Burroughs Wellcome experimentation as a British bioweapon using Wellcome biolabs housed on the Lord Pirbright estate—the current home of The Pirbright Institute, holder of the Coronavirus patent).Fig. 5aHenry S. Wellcome. (ca. Jun. 1909). THE EVOLUTION OF JOURNALISM ETCETERA, Souvenir of the INTERNATIONAL PRESS CONFERENCE, LONDON, 1909, Hon. President Lord Burnham (Sir Edward Levy-Lawson, Baron, The Daily Telegraph), 371 pgs., PDF p. 236. Burroughs Wellcome (now GlaxoSmithKline – GSK).Also in 1890 (coincidence?), J.P. Morgan’s father, Junius Spencer Morgan, died on Apr. 08, 1890 in an alleged car accident in Monte Carlo. Magically, the world’s two leading banking tycoons died in the same year and propelled soon-to-be British lord privy counsellor president and prime minister Lord Rosebery, and J.P. Morgan into the control of British and American banking for the Society of the Elect cum Round Table cum Pilgrims Society.Rosebery, a notorious non-Jew homosexual, was allied closely with homosexual J.P. Morgan, and homosexuals W.T. Stead and Cecil Rhodes’ Society of the Elect, Round Table, and co-founded the Pilgrims Society in 1902. A maternal Rothschild, Lord Pirbright (Baron Henry de Worms), was minister of trade and the colonies who worked in lockstep with Rhodes and the British South Africa Company. He also organized the theft of Nikolai Tesla’s wireless telegraphy inventions using a Churchill, homosexual MP Charles F.G. Masterman (later director of the British War Propaganda Bureau–Wellington House, 1914-16). The interlocking homosexual Rothschild relationships who controlled/control Britain are unmistakable.PILGRIMS COMMUNIST INFILTRATION AT THE STATE DEPARTMENT AND U.N. PROVEN YEARS BEFORE THE MCCARTHY HEARINGSWhy have these meticulous proofs been ignored by our history lessons, excoriated as “conspiracy theories.” Have our reasoning faculties been turned into mush by incessant, well-researched Tavistock Institute (London) brain washing techniques? Yes, unequivocally.In 1950, the McCarran Senate Judiciary Committee challenged the infiltration of communist influences through the Institute of Pacific Relations (IPR) that was, guided by British Chatham House (an agency staffed with known communists from the London School of Economics, MI6), creating State Department policy and had organized the United Nations in 1946.The Senate Judiciary Comittee convened the McCarran Committee to investigate the communist infiltration of the U.N. and State Department as directed by British Chatham House, sometimes called the British Council of the IPR, and also called the Royal Institute of International Affairs.Several watershed moments in this agenda were:The establishment of the United Nations in San Francisco on Oct. 24, 1945 by American communists at the State Department—the entire event was organized by the Institute of Pacific Relations (IPR) that was secretly directed by British Chatham House (the Pilgrims Society) out of London using State Department shills, all hiding inside the Y.M.C.A.;The establishment of intelligence sharing in 1946 among British and American spy agencies now called “Five Eyes” (in parallel with the establishment of the C.I.A. in 1947)—not even American policy makers were to be told about the existence of Five Eyes; euphamistically called the “special relationship;” andThe funding of the Marshall Plan by these IPR communist State Department forces at the U.N. along with William J. Donovan, Office of Strategic Services (OSS) imminently to become the C.I.A. run by British MI6 via the “special relationship.”AMERICAN CHRISTIANS GAVE UP THE FIGHT IN THE FACE OF FABIAN “NUDGING”At some point, Christians in America gave up the fight against this immoral British onslaught. We’ve wondered when this happened. The answer is that it happened gradually, in true Fabian form.The Fabian socialists of the 1880’s in London developed a strategy sometimes called “incrementalism” or “nudging.” Cecil Rhodes and the Pilgrims Society adopted it. In contrast to calling for violent socialist revolutions, the Fabians called for gradual takeovers where socialist ideas are introduced into a society in drips, like Chinese water torture. Drip. Drip. Drip.Another key element in this new approach to a newly-minted socialist Christianity was sodomy (Brit. buggery), rape and pedophilia.British slavers knew from hundreds of years of practice that an absolute requirement to maintain a slave economy was to emasculate their men, rape their women and traffick their children.Besides keeping slaves poor, British slavers institutionalized sodomy (buggery) and raped the slave women. These practices were modernized inside the Y.M.C.A. and Salvation Army as a way to control their new white and yellow slaves. By placing these dehumanizing practices under the name “Christian,” Christianity was further diminished as a moral force.TEMPTED, BLACKMAILED INTO SILENCE AND ACQUIESCENCEWhen one adds unlimited funding from the Rothschilds and Barclays Banks, and the sexual pleasures dangled in front of Christian leaders, it is understandable how quickly these British and American banking demons were able to subdue the one belief system that had opposed and would continue to oppose their immorality.Whitwell and his Pilgrims Society conspirators knew all about the biblical Mark of the Beast – 666. They knew real Christians opposed and would continue to oppose any attempt to form a one-world order British corporatist empire. Therefore, it was imperative in the Rhodes 200-year plan that Christianity must be destroyed, or at least neutralized and silenced as a moral counter-force.P. Whitwell Wilson graduated from Cambridge University and moved into Toynbee Hall ca. 1989—the first socialist settlement movement community closely affiliated with the Salvation Army. This was at the time privy councilor Cecil Rhodes was establishing the British South Africa Company and London-trained “Salvationists” were being shipped to colonize South Africa to replace the blacks and Boers during the 1st and 2nd Boer Wars.Rhodes’ Society of the Elect viewed “Salvationists” as paramilitary soldiers in their idyllic socialist corporatist state funded by N.M. Rothschild and Lord Pirbright—a Rothschild by blood, Lord Rosebery—a Rothschild by inheritance, and J.P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, Vanderbilts—Rothschilds by grooming.The primary Pilgrims “Society of the Elect” spiritual strategist and journalist, W.T. Stead, certainly saw Wilson as a god send to his “Government by Journalism” theory for having journalism control populations instead of legislatures. Stead and Alfred Milner introduced Wilson to a young Vladimir Lenin at Toynbee Hall.Wilson was a uniquely gifted writer. Stead no doubt saw Wilson’s intimate knowledge of the Bible and the Church as vital to the socialist propaganda cause.P. Whitwell Wilson’s mother, Anne Bagster, was a renowned Bible publisher—Bagster & Sons. In 1816, the company was the first to publish an annotated “polyglot” Bible. They broke the Crown’s monopoly on Bible printing by including annotations and cross references.In 1821, the Bagsters published an “octaglot” edition of the Book of Common Prayer (in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, ancient Greek, modern Greek, and Latin). In 1828, they published a cross-reference Bible containing six languages. In 1841, they published the six most important English versions of the New Testament combined together, being those of Wycliffe (1380), Tyndale (1534), Cranmer (1539), the Genevan (1557), the Anglo-Rhemish (1582), and the authorized King James (1611), together with the Scholz Greek text, and a valuable historical account of the English translations. Another noteworthy publication was the large-scale “Bible of every land” supplying specimens of over 270 different languages and versions.In short, P. Whitwell Wilson was raised in a family steeped in Christianity and Christian theology and praxis.However, the P. Whitwell Wilson side of the family was equally steeped in the aristocracy. His grandfather, John Jowitt Wilson (1809-1875), was alderman and mayor for the Borough and County of Westmoreland and (barony of) Kendal that dated from Roman times.John Jowitt Wilson (Dec. 22, 1809, m. Apr. 12, 1832, d. 1875) married Hannah Maria Whitwell (1810-Feb. 16, 1875). One of their sons, Isaac Whitwell Wilson, was born in Jan. 13, 1833 and died Mar. 4, 1881 at age 48. Issac Wilson was a judge (“J.P.” justice of the peace) in Kendal. Isaac married Anne Bagster, daughter of Jonathan Bagster, Bagster & Sons Bible publishing family.PHILIP WHITWELL WILSON ancestry records:
Birth confirmation, U.S. WWI Draft
1901 UK Census
1911 UK Census1919 U.S. NY Ship Travel Manifest1925 New York Census1930 U.S. Federal Census.
1936 Binghamton, N.Y.In 1881, when son Philip Whitwell Wilson was six years old, his father Issac died. As a result, P. Whitwell Wilson was raised by his well-known Bagster Bible publishing mother, Anne Whitwell Wilson (née Bagster).P. Whitwell Wilson’s  sister, Mary Whitwell Wilson (1883-Jun. 10, 1947), married (Sir) James Hope Simpson, Esq. (Nov. 4, 1864–m. ca. 1890–Oct. 06, 1924). Simpson was the brother of Sir John Hope Simpson, general manager of the Bank of Liverpool, Ltd. (now Barclays Bank, key beneficiary of the Rothschild slaver-owner buyout in 1836 and chief funder of the Y.M.C.A. in 1844).Fig. 8Y.M.C.A. Liverpool Central UK. (1917). Annual Report. YMCA Archives.Source: James was a long-time president/trustee/chairman of the Y.M.C.A. Liverpool (Central ca. 18931924 31 yrs.). Sir James’ brother Sir John was intimately involved with the British War Cabinet in the establishment and promotion of the League of Nations.Sir James became Britain’s chief banker pitchman after WWI to get American resources and get America to join the League of Nations.Notably, Wikipedia does not mention: (1) Sir James Hope Simpson’s marriage to Mary Whitwell Wilson, (2) that Sir John Hope Simpson, promoter of refugee programs for the League of Nations and U.N., was Sir James’ four-year younger brother, (3) Sir James’ 31-year trustee/chairman/presidency of the Y.M.C.A. Liverpool Central, (4) that MP Philip Whitwell Wilson was his brother-in-law, and co-founder of the Pilgrims Society, Empire Press Union, MI6, MI5 and GC&CS now GCHQ, Institute of Pacific Relations, Y.M.C.A. International strategist, co-founder of the United Nations. These ommisions border on criminal censorship.Fig. 9—(Sir) James Hope Simpson, Esq.; Chairman; Y.M.C.A. Liverpool Central (1893-1924—31 yrs.); attorney, banker, Bank of Liverpool; primary financial advisor, League of Nations, PDF p. 86. Annual Reports; Brother of Sir John Hope SimpsonPhoto: Nov. 16, 1896.Sir James and Sir John Hope Simpson are brothers-in-law of Philip Whitwell Wilson via Mary Whitwell Wilson who married James and became Lady Mary W. Hope Simpson in 1917.Truth is, the Y.M.C.A. Liverpool was a major supplier of white and yellow slave labor to the global shipping Pilgrims Society companies. Sir James as the Y’s chairman and banker to many shipping companies, was just watching over his slave labor pipeline. He was eventually knighted for his treachery in 1917.In 1923, Sir John became a League of Nation expert on refugees.In 1931, Sir John became director-general of the National Flood Relief Commission for the government of the Republic of China.In 1938-39, Sir John produced two reports in 1938-1939 for Chatham House (Institute of Pacific Relations, British Council) on refugees.Fig. 10—Sir John Hope Simpson(1868-1961); Brother of Sir James Hope Simpson. In addition to his League of Nations and United Nations refugee manipulation re. Palestine, Sir John used the Y.M.C.A. to press the British Pilgrims Society hegemony globally, hiding behind a fake Christianity through the Y.M.C.A.Sir John gives away his jingoism and non-Christian vocabulary:For example, in 1910 Sir John published a 15-page instruction manual for the Y.M.C.A. titled “The Layman Abroad.” The pamphlet exudes British jingoism and a fake Christianity with phrases like refering to a church staff person as a “professional agent of the Church.” In the opening paragraph he talks awkwardly about “the cause of Christianity in the East or in Africa.” No real Christian would say that. He refers to a fellow missionary as a “fellow-exile” who should start reading and exercise (at the Y.M.C.A.) so as not to be lonely when away from the “pleasures” of England. He promotes the Y.M.C.A. as a “provision for the British layman abroad” and a gathering place for men of “his own race.” He refers to Y.M.C.A. missions as a “secular calling.” Photo: NPR UK. Reproduced for educational purposes only. Fair Use relied upon..In 1931, Sir John became director-general of the National Flood Relief Commission for the government of the Republic of China.In 1938-39, Sir John produced two reports in 1938-1939 for Chatham House (Institute of Pacific Relations, British Council) on refugees.Sir John was a notorious British Zionist, who allied with Sir Alfred Mond, Pilgrims Society co-founder; president of Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI), to monopolize the gunpowder industry with Alfred Nobel. In 1994, ICI created AstraZeneca.In 1930, Sir John prepared a Memorandum on Immigration to Israel for the British Mandate.In 1947, Sir John helped prepare a report for the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine.Contextual Note: In 1979, British Pilgrims Society leader Lord Mark Malloch-Brown continued the curiously intense globalist interest in refugees when he became a chief of field operations for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR),  Thailand Field Operations for Cambodian Refugees (Camps SaKhao-I-Dang). Then, Malloch-Brown became a UNHCR deputy chief; received a Nobel Prize for this work; then in 1991, he co-founded the International Crisis Group (ICG) with George Soros. Malloch-Brown is the current chairman of the election rigging voting machine company SGO Smartmatic in London. Smartmatic licenses its OpTech election ballot scanning software to Dominion, ES&S, Hart InterCivic, Diebold, Sequoia, Scytl and Paragon Group.If you start thinking of refugees as walking human meat lockers for cheap slave labor and organ harvesting, then you start to understand this disingenuous concern for their welfare. Also in 1995, Privy Councilor Sir Geoffrey Pattie (former CEO of RCA, Marconi Plc, sold to British Aerospace) took over control of the British patent office.Lord Mark Malloch-Brown implements Stalin’s (Britain’s) communist form of elections via Dominion, Smartmatic, Optech, Dominion, Sequoia, Hart InterCivic, ES&S, Scytl, Paragon GroupFig. 12Boris Bazhanov (Борис Бажанов). (1992). The Memoirs of Stalin’s Former Secretary (Воспоминания бывшего секретаря Сталина), electronic version: A. Panfilov (А. Панфилов), p. 67, ¶1, ISBN 5-86442-004-2, PDF pp. 35-36, 145 pgs. World Word (Всемирное слово), St. Petersburg.P. Whitwell Wilson evidently knew the Bible—like few young Cambridge students in history.His Bagster family Bible publishing activity would have been arduous and peopled with theologians from every denomination and jurisdiction in Christendom, clerics, preachers, linguists, archeologists, translators, librarians, historians, curators, explorers, museums, archivists, antiquarians, academics, educators, politicians, editors, binders, printers, advertisers and writers, not to mention financiers.The discussions and debates that a young Philip W. Wilson would have over heard were meaty, lively, scholarly and went on for months and years.This writer knows this first hand, having played small parts in the publishing of an annotated study Bible in the U.S. and one in Estonia. In short, the level of editorial criticism in Bible publishing must be intense in order to be credible. Bagsters’ books were widely acclaimed because they were no doubt as accurate as possible in the day.Having been steeped in Christian traditions, P. Whitwell Wilson would certainly been exposed to the best and worst of the Christian world—exposed to both its saints and its scoundrels.In the same way an unscrupulous lawyer can exploit the weaknesses of the legal system for personal gain, P. Whitwell Wilson was uniquely positioned to use his publishing platforms at the Pilgrims Society, London Daily News, Y.M.C.A., Institute of Pacific Relations (Chatham House), Salvation Army, The New York Times and the United Nations to take down Christianity with Fabian-inspired incrementalism.PILGRIMS SOCIETY, FABIANISM, SETTLEMENT MOVEMENT, VLADIMIR LENIN, BOLSHEVISM, RUSKIN, SALVATION ARMY, CECIL RHODES, SOCIETY OF THE ELECT, TOYNBEE HALLFirst, P. Whitwell Wilson was attracted to the first Ruskin settlement movement house at Toynbee Hall. It was modeled on the common-property and “social gospel” concepts of the redirected Salvation Army in 1890. At Toynbee Hall, the young Cambridge student Wilson was schooled in the virtues of dialectic materialism by an anti-Christian Bolshevik Russian émigré named Vladimir Lenin ca. 1900.Within a few years, 1902-1912. Philip Whitwell Wilson hosted Lenin in his home while Lenin was attending the 3rd Congress of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party conference.Philip Whitwell Wilson disclosed that by 1902, he was being schooled by Vladimir Lenin himself in Bolshevism at Toynbee Hall, the community of the “settlement movement” started by John Ruskin. The socialist Fabian Society movement essentially emerged from Ruskin. Lord Alfred Milner and the members of Rhodes’ Society of the Elect (including George and Bramwell Williams, Salvation Army founders) were early proponents of Ruskin’s socialist philosophy.Fig. 13—RIGHT REV. HENRY CODMAN POTTER, b. 1834, d. 1908; trustee, Columbia University (1903-1908); lionized in the American and British press as a quinessential American anglophile; Co-founder, honorary secretary, Pilgrims Society (1903-07); proponent of the “social Gospel” (e.g., John Ruskin – Victorian commun-ism, liberation theology); Bishop of the Episcopal (Anglican) diocese on New York (1883-1908); too many awarded doctorates of divinity, laws, arts from Oxford (Oxon.), Cambridge (Cantab.), St. Andrews, Yale, Harvard, Bishops, Union, Trinity, Brown, Kenyon, South, Columbia to be actually earned (evident Pilgrims cardboard cut out); spouses Eliza Rogers Rogers (m. 1858, d. 1901), Elizabeth Scriven (m. 1902); President, Kenyon College (1862); five daughters, one son. Photo Source: The Pilgrims Society; Other Sources: The Columbian, Columbia University; Pittsburgh Daily Post, pp. 1,4. Jul. 22, 1908.1902 was the same year that the raging 2nd Boer War stopped suddenly after the premature death of Cecil Rhodes, Queen Victoria had died, and the perpetrators rushed home from South Africa to found the Pilgrims Society.Concurrently, the first president of the Pilgrims Society of the United States (1903-07), Bishop Henry Codman Potter, Columbia University Trustee, was busy filling journals, pulpits, bulletins, newspapers, magazines, speeches and textbooks with his rapacious legitimization of the W.T. Stead’s necromantic “social gospel” desecration of Christianity.PILGRIMS SOCIETY, FIRST IMPERIAL PRESS CONFERENCE, 1909, EMPIRE PRESS UNION (REUTERS, AP), MI6, MI5, GC&CS NOW GCHQSecond, Philip Whitwell Wilson was a Parliamentary sponsor of the Pilgrims Society-organized First Imperial Press Conference, 1909 between Jun. 06-28, 1909. His co-conspirators were Lord Burnham, president (Daily Telegraph, owner); Lord Northcliffe (Daily Mail, owner); (Sir) Harry Brittain, honorary secretary). (Sir) Harry Wellcome, Burroughs Wellcome (now GlaxoSmithKline). Wellcome Trust bankrolled the entire event (and is now the largest private pharmaceutical foundation on the planet).The Conference established the Empire Press Union (Reuters, Associated Press) as the sole voice of global British Empire policy that could be broadcast in minutes by undersea cable and the emerging British Wireless monopoly fronted by Marconi (stolen from Nikola Tesla). In other words, they established the one-world communications system in 1909. This sytem has different brand names today (British Telecom, Orange, Marconi, AT&T, RCA, NBC, CBS, BBC, Cable & Wireless, Deutsche Telecom, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc.), but it all rolls back up to the British Admiralty and Home Office directed by the Pilgrims Society.Within a month following the Conference (Jun. 5-28, 1909), Prime Minister H.H. Asquith (Carrie Johnson’s illegitimate baby grand daddy) moved Parliament to found MI6, MI5 and GC&CS now GCHQ with newspapermen from the Conference to be Britain’s first spies who would create and disseminate British Pilgrims propaganda from London. These spies include newspapermen from The New York TimesWashington PostChicago TribuneBoston Globe, Daily Telegraph, London Times, Daily Mail, London Observer and Los Angeles Times, including P. Whitwell Wilson.LONDON DAILY NEWSTHE NEW YORK TIMES, WILSON’S MOVE TO NEW YORK, PILGRIMS SOCIETY, ENGLISH-SPEAKING UNION, AMERICAN BUREAU OF FOREIGN CORRESPONDENTS, CHATHAM HOUSE, RCA, NBC, BBC, COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS, INSTITUTE OF PACIFIC RELATIONS, MARSHALL PLAN, WORLD BANK, IMF, BANK FOR INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS, UNITED NATIONS, FIVE EYES, MI6Whitewell Wilson emgirated to the United States in 1917 with his American wife and three British-born children, just months after his friend and protégé, Vladimir Lenin, had taken over Russia and established the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.) in the Bolshevik Revolution.Wilson then went on a tear of publishing books and articles and giving speeches to cajole the Christian world to implement the “social gospel” of brotherhood and peace and forsake Christ’s penultimate call to eternal salvation of one’s soul.Here are just some of his writings, but with them you can take the measure of the man:Liberty and religion: a reply to certain bishops (1906)The Christ We Forget (1917)By This Sign Conquer (1918)Two Ancient Red Cross Tales (1918)The Church We Forget (1919)The Barnetts of Toynbee Hall (1919)After-the-War Religion in England (1919)The Vision We Forget (1921)The Crisis in the Anglican Church (1925)Divorce and the Church (1927)A Benevolent Incendiary (1932)For Honest Capitalism (1933)Deans, Dogmas, and the Deity (1934)General Evangeline Booth of the Salvation Army (1935)Four Evangelists of the Twentieth Century (1948)Concurrently, Whitwell Wilson’s communist collaborator, Lord Burnham, owner of Daily Telegraph, co-founder of Pilgrims Society, chairman of the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909, president of the Empire Press Union, toured the United States on behalf of the Empire Press Union and the British Pilgrims Society.British editor to be honored during visit (Jan. 01, 1923) (Lord Burnham speaking at the Pilgrims Society and English-speaking Union)Press responsibility as Lord Burnham sees it (Jan. 20, 1923) (Speech the Association of Foreign Press Correspondents where Philip Whitwell Wilson was president)Foreign writers hosts to Lord Burnham (Jan. 27, 1923) (Association of Foreign Press Correspondents where Philip Whitwell Wilson was president)Burnham favors Anglo-American press junta (Jan. 27, 1923) (identifies Empire Press Union, Imperial Press Conference, 1923, English-speaking Union, International Press Congress of the World, Associated Press, Banker’s Club (NY), Pilgrims Society)VISCOUNT BURNHAM: PRESS EDITORS “GUIDE” PUBLIC OPINION (Mar. 03, 1923) (In 1909, Sir Edward Grey, Lord Burnham’s collaborator in the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909—A Parliament of the Press, said at the Conference that the Press is ”the greatest force in forming public opinion.”In 1924-1925, Philip Whitwell Wilson began publishing a 3-page article every month for a year in Association Men during the run up to the Y.M.C.A.-organized Institute of Pacific Relations (IPR) Jun. 30-Jul. 14, 1925.The articles were not normal non-profit subjects, but evident geopolitical posturing for the Pilgrims geopolitical priority to implement communism in all the countries of the British Empire (incl. China), America, Japan and Russia.Fig. 14—P. W. Wilson, Philip Whitwell Wilson, P.W. Wilson. (Oct. 01, 1924). An Ambassador of Faith [Julio Navarro Monzo], pp. 55-56, 85. YMCA.Important Note: This piece was written the same month as the Y.M.C.A.-sponsored Institute of Pacific Relations was convened (Jun. 30-Jul. 14, 1925). Hindsight shows that we are reading the trial organizational structure for the coming United Nations in a reorganizing Y.M.C.A. International, evidently run by Philip Whitwell Wilson..Note Philip Whitwell Wilson’s race-baiting. And. just so you don’t miss it, his “One Hundred Percent Chinese” propaganda piece was published in preparation for the founding of the communist Institute of Pacific Relations (IPR) in Jun. 30-Jul. 14, 1925 and the bringing forward their freshly-groomed Mao Tse-tung to rule China for the British Pilgrims. Also note that Stanford University president Ray Lyman Wilbur is assisting, as is notorious Fabian socialist and British Chatham House policy director H. Duncan Hall.Eugenics and depopulation were on Whitwell Wilson’s Pilgrims Society agenda.An Ambassador of Faith (Oct. 1924)Christian in Service, And Statesman (Nov. 1924)A Rich Man and The Kingdom (Dec. 1924)One Hundred Percent Chinese (Jan. 1925)American and the New Crusade (Feb. 1925)The Christ We Forget, Lenin and Russia, Abraham Lincoln, Central Y.M.C.A., Philadelphia Inquirer (Feb. 14, 1925)That Baffling Race Question (Mar. 1925)The Negro (Apr. 1925)A General of the Gavel (Jul. 1925) *** NOTE: Whitwell Wilson shows here that the Y.M.C.A.’s worldwide organization was the trial run for the organization of the United Nations in 1945… founded in communism. ***From Jun. 30 to Jul. 14, 1925, the Y.M.C.A. founded “The Institute of Pacific Relations” (IPR)—the most well-planned geopolitical “adventure” “experiment” “peace” conference of all times. They even organized a “Permanent Organization Committee” before they met for the first time (p. 3)! No conspiracy here.Y.M.C.A. China reported the founding of the Institute of Pacific Relations, and a new Y.M.C.A. socialist agenda. (Dec. 1925) (announced implementation of a new socialist approach to Christianity at odds with Christendom and as only perfectly manifest in the Y.M.C.A.)First trans-oceanic “radio picture” sent from a Pilgrims Society dinner in London to New York. (May 01, 1926).David Sarnoff, Pilgrims Society, RCA, Marconi Wireless, published dystopic predictions of radio frequency and biological weapons (Jul. 18, 1926)Klaus Schwab’s parents Eugen Schwab (Nazi-U.S. nuclear technology, Escher Wyss & Co.) and Jewess Emma Gisela Tekelius (née Kilian) married in Karlstruhe, Baden, Germany (Oct. 02, 1926).Fig. 15—Editor. (Sep. 28, 1927). P. WHITWELL WILSON [Age 52] to speak, MAYOR TO ATTEND DINNER, Town’s Chief Executive Will be Guest at Annual Y.M.C.A. Fall Banquet, p. 5. The Montclair Times (New Jersey)..Philip Whitwell Wilson spoke to annual Y.M.C.A. dinner, promoted “The Christ We Forget” etc. (Socialism) (Sep. 28, 1927)In 1924-25, P. Whitwell Wilson published a string of articles in Association Men—the primary organ of the Y.M.C.A.— supporting the formation of the Institute of Pacific Relations (IPR) on Jun. 30-Jul. 14, 1925, Honolulu HI. The IPR formed the United Nations in 1946 and was declared a communist organization by the Senate McCarran Committee in 1952.These three-page Y.M.C.A. articles included (notice Wilson’s race-baiting deftly done):An Ambassador of Faith (Oct. 1924)A Christian in Service, and Statesman” (Nov. 1924)A Rich Man and the Kingdom” (Dec. 1924)One Hundred Per Cent Chinese (Jan. 1925)America and the New Crusade” (Feb. 1925)That Baffling Race Question” (Mar. 1925)The Negro” (Apr. 1925)A General of the Gavel (Jul. 1925) *** NOTE: Whitwell Wilson shows here that the Y.M.C.A.’s worldwide organization was the trial run for the organization of the United Nations in 1945… founded in communism. ***In The Negro, P. Whitwell Wilson included a captioned photo of a then 27-year-old actor and Gospel music singer named Paul Robeson (p. 345, b. 1898, d. 1976—read Wikipedia’s 40-pages of Robeson’s communist biographical propaganda).In 1915, Robeson had been a two-time consensus all American football player at Rutgers as well as a Columbia Law attorney evidently interlocked with the British Pilgrims Society, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and William J. Donovan—the future head of the OSS and titular founder of the C.I.A. and “Five Eyes” spy agencies in the U.S. and the British Commonwealth.With support from communist Frederick Vanderbilt Field (great great grandson of Cornelius Vanderbilt, one of founder-funders of Y.M.C.A. New York, 1852),  Robeson founded the Council on African Affairs (C.A.A., 1937) that was interlocked with the Institute of Pacific Relations (IPR, founded 1925), the Y.M.C.A. and British Chatham House.IPR principals were the founders of the United Nations in 1946. Robeson was identified as a communist in the McCarran Senate hearings.Robeson toured extensively in the U.S.S.R. including being nationally televised.After Robeson, no other American Gospel group ever performed on national Soviet television again, until that is, the contemporary Gospel music group Living Sound performed on Jul. 23, 1981 produced by acclaimed Evgeny Ginzburg.Living Sound members remember Soviet host officials asking about Robeson, who was the only prominent American Gospel singer they had ever heard of (since Gospel music had been previously forbidden by Soviet anti-Christian policy). None of Living Sound’s 20-something musicians had heard of Robeson, and none were aware of his communist politics.Social networking inventor Michael McKibben was the European Director of Living Sound and organized these unprecedented Gospel music visits starting in the late 1970’s.Some say “The Singing Revolution” in the Baltics in the late 1980’s was inspired by Living Sound’s earlier musical work organized by McKibben and brave Soviet Christians—some who spent time in prisons and labor camps as a result.CONCLUSION & CALL TO ACTIONOur modern culture, for good or ill, is the outcome, the fruit, of this secret British Pilgrims Society world domination plan set in motion at the beginning of the 20th century.The British and their American sycophants have gotten away with it primarily because of the Chatham House rule and hiding their activity behind “State Secrets” and “national security.”For example, the existence of the “Five Eyes” (Mar. 05, 1946) control of the C.I.A., NSA and FBI by British MI-6 was only first disclosed in 2010. Up until this time the genesis of the modern control of global intelligence inside British Empire newspapers (1909-) was not known, and the histories falsified.Fig. 16TOP SECRET (Mar. 05, 1946). BRITISH-U.S. COMMUNICATION INTELLIGENCE AGREEMENT, NSA DocID 3678942, Ser. XILH, Box 47, TSC release approved Apr. 08, 2010, Executive Order 12958 et seq., p. 7, Sec. 5(a). NSA..THE HISTORY OF THE LAST 150 YEARS WE WERE TAUGHT HAS ALL BEEN BRITISH PROPAGANDAIn other words, history education in our lifetimes has all been British newspaper propaganda to keep us in the dark, while these demons play out their agenda for world control, culminating in current “The Great Reset.”It is no coincidence that during this same time period, the influence of Christians in civil discourse has faltered.This research has uncovered another major reason for this in the intentional neutering of Christian influence: the fabrication of the “social gospel.” This bred all the -isms (Salvationism, fascism, communism, Bolshevism, Fabianism, Marxism, Leninism, Stalinism, Maoism).The world’s bankers, chiefly N.M. Rothschild and his demon spawn including Barclays, J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie and Cornelius Vanderbilt funded parachurch organizations and NGOs who, like a cackle of hyenas, picked off Christians and their leaders, one by one.Note: Of late, Internet trolls are dragging out fanciful stories about the French Paysuer family as supposedly dwarfing Rothschild wealth. Ask for verification, evidence, not just hearsay. We cannot find any. It is evident to our researchers that this is a propaganda blind alley.BRITISH PILGRIMS SOCIETY ATTEMPTS TO DESTROY CHRISTIANITYRemember this Apr. 06, 1966 Time magazine cover? What publisher would be so rude as to print such a cover unless he was intentionally working to demean faith in God and humiliate Christians?Henry Luce III (1925-2005), Time-Life London bureau chief and Time vice-president and Rockefeller protégé was willing.In 1997, Henry Luce became the president of the Pilgrims Society of the United States until his death in 2005—recent history!We must remind you that the first president of the Pilgrims Society in New York was Bishop Henry Codman Potter (PDF), a Columbia University trustee, who promoted the “social gospel” concurrently with W.T. Stead, Philip Whitwell Wilson and the British Pilgrims who fomented fascism, communism and socialism.BRITISH PILGRIMS AND THEIR AMERICAN SYCOPHANTS BELIEVE CHRISTIANITY MUST BE DESTROYED AS A MORAL COUNTERFORCEThe Time cover shown above was part of a conscious British Pilgrims Society’s demonic plan to destroy Christianity as a moral adversary.During this same time they were heavily financing the Salvation Army, Y.M.C.A., Y.W.C.A., Volunteers of America and Boy Scouts to grow generations of sexual perverts. Who needs Jeffrey Epstein when one has the Pilgrims Society’s global four million-person paramilitary “social gospel” global operation?How many Christian leaders have been/are compromised by these demonic tactics? How many ministers think they are homosexual because they were systematically buggered as youth at Y.M.C.A. camps?After Y.M.C.A. New York was founded in 1852 by J.P. Morgan, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and Elihu Root (all co-founders of the Pilgrims Society in 1902), they had a well-publicized explosion of pornographic materials at their well-appointed, Pilgrims-financed facilities, replete with sleeping rooms and nude swimming. A long time recording secretary was L. Bolton Bangs (PDF), who made his career as a highly published genito-eurologist. The mind doesn’t have to wander too far to see the objective here—to destroy the chastity of young men and women and enslave them to sex addictions.Christians are forgiving people. They generally give others the benefit of the doubt and try to believe the best in others. This ethic has been exploited to the nth degree by the demons and specters who run the British Pilgrims Society and their protector: the British Crown.Jesus warned:“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thistles? Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Therefore by their fruits you will know them. Matthew 7:15-20 (NKJV).The “social gospel” was devised by demons to eviscerate Christianity as a moral and spiritual counterforce to the British Empire’s satanic bent toward total world control. The outgrowths in socialism, communism and fascism are just different colored lipstick on the pigs.The Johnson Amendment silenced our pulpits. Forget about the tax benefits. Start preaching the truth and stop avoiding political discussions. Politics are part of life.These subjects need to be worked out in the crucible of Faith, not in the devil’s caldron of secrets and lies.He makes his messengers winds, his ministers a flaming fire. Psalm 104:4 (NIV).THE GOLDEN RULEChristians, wake from your slumber. Start engaging! Humanity needs you. Help lead us to our high calling in Christ Jesus.The Golden Rule:
“Do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.” (Matthew 7:12) NIV.It really is that simple, and that profound.Our Spirit | September 3, 2021 at 7:09 pm | Categories: Anonymous Patriots | URL: to no longer receive posts from American Intelligence Media.
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George W. Bush: Plantation Owner Looking for the Tree Picking Illegal.

Nobody Wonders

How this man keeps up his VERY FAKE “I’m just a humble Texas American Cowboy who loves America and all the people that come here. ” B,S.? I can barely watch this act of pure American crap. I remember back when I was so awestruck by the man after what we went through with Clinton, and how happy I was that he became President.

I’m older than that now. And wiser.

That’s how GOOD America is at selling you their politicians. Mr. Skull and Bones. Mr. “I am so not raciest that I voted for Condoleezza Rice instead of Trump, and Michelle Obama loves me! Especially after I gave her a breath mint!”

Wow. What a great guy you are George, all in” for those poor people all over the world who want into our country.” Never mind the poverty, the disease, the drugs, the socialist, the terrorist, YOUR heart is in the right place. You SAY you don’t want to get rid of the borders, but there you are, promoting your book on how we should “LET THEM ALL IN!”

This nobody hasn’t forgotten your North American Treaty with Mexico and Canada. Getting those countries ready for your shipping of American manufacturing into their countries. And let’s not forget how you bailed out all your Wall Street Friends with Taxpayer’s money. How you kept the war going on overseas so that you could “SAVE THE GIRLS.” Or whatever sounded good and kind at the moment. Playing on the good nature of Americans. All our men suffered greatly because your war…was a forever war.

You are SUCH a liar.

Bend over America, George W. can’t stop putting his face on every TV., and having the audacity to say Trump wanted his name everywhere.

God, I can hardly stand listening to him any more.

But he does it well. He’s got that “ah shucks, I’m just a old guy.” act down. It helped get him elected, and he still—just this week I heard him complain that he couldn’t find ANYBODY in America to cut his trees on his ranch. Poor baby. Most of America has lost their jobs, but he can’t find anyone to cut his trees?

Come on. He puts the American worker down whenever he can.

Here he complains about who is going to do all the roofs?

Those poor oligarchs. Don’t you feel sorry for them? Whose going to cut the lawns of all the rich people is we don’t let them in?

What a con job. What a farce.

Either he honestly believes that Americans are lazy people and will not do hard work, or he is a bonifide oligarth who thinks labor should be cheap. There is NO doubt that American men would do the work if paid well. But, as President, it was George W. Bush and his Daddy who helped pass the NAFTA, and globalization program which pulled ALL the money to the top. You and I both know, if George wanted to PAY a decent wage to Americans to cut down his frigging trees, he could. He’s just not an American. He’s a “globalist” and everyone is a Nativist. Whatever THAT means.

George is an oligarch. And a racist. AND as much as Obama, he is helping destroy America.

What he is saying is that those poor people in South America will do very hard work, for just pennies on the dollar. Which is GREAT for the ‘service’ economy that George W. help created.

Flooding the country with poor Hispanics is NO different than the plantation owners bringing in the black slaves to pick the cotton.

Plantation owners and Oligarchs wanted the same thing: Cheap labor.

But unlike in the old days, the illegals are getting the reparations, they want the votes.

Which is why the plantation owners wanted the blacks to vote.

George W. Bush can’t stand Trump, and we all know why.

Sorry. I had to get this rant out. Bush’s friends, and there are many….are the deep state.

And NO book that George sells of his immigrants to make us all feel like Americans should have to give up their borders for all immigrants, is going to work.

It’s the NWO plan to flood all the West with immigrants, in order to bring about the World Government.

And George Bush is just doing his part.

He proudly admitted in an interview that he had not driven his own car since 1997.

Yeah. Ride em’ cowboy. Why don’t you take your limo down to the border and pick up some cheap labor, and quit complaining about Trump and his supporters?

Why don’t you take your OWN advice and go paint your dog, and quit destroying our country, George?

You’ve done enough.

To me, your nothing more than a very rich plantation owner, pushing for more cheap labor. Your wars have done more damage than we will every know.

You want…slaves. Just like China has…and…and…and…

A big historical place in history as a great man.

Good luck with that George. You might get the historians to write synchophantic books of awe and wonder…

But the patriotic American…WE…will remember.

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Nobody’s Fool: Two this week!

Nobody’s Fool

I thought both these rants were worth posting…so much happened today that I SHOULD have mentioned our President holding three fabulous rallies in Pennsylvania, where the people were ecstatic to be there. He did this before, and it’s working again, proving he is at the top of his game.

Also, arranging for the ceremony of a conservative woman justice to be put on the Supreme court on HILLARY CLINTON’s BIRTHDAY was just the icing on the cake of a very special day.

Happy Birthday Hillary!

While the democrat’s only excuse for Joe Biden’s big criminal crime family being exposed…is RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA— THESE two men make wonderful speeches to the masses.

Enjoy! I sure did.

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Brainwashing? Or Entertainment?

Nobody’s Opinion

I know Monday’s post is usually about the current stuff that is going on, but I’m sorry…how did the World GET to the point when it got so messed up? I can barely even watch the news anymore. It’s mostly lies.

For those of us who are older, we wonder what IS going to happen this year. And here’s the thing that maybe only a blind woman might notice, and trust me, right now I feel like the blind woman who is seeing the absolute PLANNED madness of a free society that nobody else seems to see but me. If the founders were alive, they’d see it in an instant. Back in their time, they only had books and life to educate them.

Today, the average person is at the Mercy of the video. The FACEBOOK meaningless selfies.

It’s not just our dumbed down school system, that we have to blame for our kids becoming lame sheep to the elites— it’s Hollywood.

Hollywood has mastered the “New World” agenda.

This weekend, due to being shut down AGAIN, and with crime going up in this democratic neighborhood of North St. Louis, my husband and I did some binge watching on Netflick. We are almost finished with the brilliantly written and exceptionally acted series called: IN THE DARK.

I won’t go into the storyline…but I do noticed ALL the liberal themes are literally pounded into you inside the script, and you end up being sympathetic to the characters.

No, you end up loving the characters. And that’s the fear.

For instance, there is a LOT, I mean a lot of sex scenes. And more GAY sex scenes than not. Lots of kissing. Lots of love, and this is where Hollywood is brilliant: the gay characters they use to portray the gay are always the most kind, gentle, and wonderful people.

There are JUST as many mean gay people as there are good one. Jeffery Dahmer being a great example. Remember…they NEVER, EVER mentioned at all Jeffery’s Dahmer’s gayness as much of anything.

But I digress.

Then I counted, so far, 14 bathroom scenes. The actors spend more than half their times in the bathroom.  Maybe only two or three puke scenes. LOTS of drinking.

Also, everybody smokes grass, and the main theme is amazing. Drugs are common. Drugs are good.

There is the black and white marriage, and adoption. There is the fact that a black dirty cop kills a really good black young teenager, even though he sells drugs. Because you see, the message you get is everybody is poor, and so, selling drugs is just what people do…that doesn’t make them bad. Cops turn bad because they can’t pay their medical bills….you get the drift.

And what really bothers me is that the message is…it’s okay if you are into drugs, sex, drinking, and lying. It’s the way of the world and we must pity the people who do it, because it’s just the way things are.

And here’s the kicker: IF it’s the way things are, it’s NOT because 7 billion people on the planet wanted to be downsized into sex starved, homosexual, mean, lying, selfish, drunks.

It’s because Hollywood has made that all seem so…acceptable.

Hollywood made the Mafia look like a normal world in America. Tony Soprano was loved in many households.

While everyone thinks the it’s what the people WANT to see, I disagree. The ‘everyone’ is a victim theme is pushed throughout our everyday media. The bleeding heart story is one we all can relate to, and forgive. Forgive that drug pusher. Forgive that liar. The blind hero is mean, but she has a reason.

She hurts inside. But what about me? I hurt inside because I KNOW the mass brainwashing going on. They truly ARE fundamentally changing the way people think. And on purpose. And most people, enjoy the story, and because of the emotion it evicts, is willing to accept just about anything.

And because of that, freedoms are being lost. The freedom to have your own opinion…is lost. You can’t say, “Hey, how about an uplifting story on the GOODNESS of mankind? We have to wait for Hallmark at Christmas..

Just this morning I was signing onto Windows and they put up different pictures for you to LIKE or not.  In the middle of the sign in window was THIS message:

If you are educating yourself on the current state of racial justice and equity for the Black community…go here.  

EDUCATING? I don’t need to be “educated’ on the current state of racial injustice. I don’t see it anywhere, unless it’s blacks shooting blacks all over the country on a Saturday night. Or a politician blaming white people for being so….racist.

Tonight I was sitting in a grocery store parking lot. A huge 70,000 van pulled up in front of my old 2004 car. A black family got out. I see this all over my neighborhood.  The blacks here have big money. In fact, I think if you knew the truth, there are more middle class black families than white in the United States. They won’t mention that little fact, will they?

The only injustice I see in that statement and the last ten years, is the injustice that whites, and mostly the older whites on social security who have lost their jobs to China, are being put up against the high cost of living.

Next week, we are being ask to give illegals free medical care when we vote.

Disguised as being “For you hospitals!”

That’s tomorrows blog. Tonight, I wonder, how far they have come…to ‘fundamentally’ change, the world.

Yep. Blindness is to be pitied. But tonight, I wonder, just how MANY are going to vote.

How many…people are IN THE DARK? And  how many of them will GO and vote?

We, shall see.

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Nobody Says: Follow the Money

Nobody’s Opinion

Love, peace, unity, and tolerance have been preached by all the politicians and leftist radicals since the 1960’s, if you are over 60, you remember. What we actually have gotten from these people is: war, riots, hatred, destruction, and now, the first coup d’état in American History. —Completely ignored of course

What IS the state of our union?

Pretty crappy. Dangerous. Stressful, and for most of us, bewildering.

Every patriotic American whose is older REMEMBERS the history that was taught to them long ago, and therefore we feel like we  are living in some kind of Dante Hellhole, complete with the witchy cackles of Hillary Clinton, and the demonic faces of Schumer, Strzok, and Wray.

Which brings us to our never-ending war against President Trump and his band of deplorable Americans.

It’s called a ‘culture’ war which is really, all about…as usual, the money. Money. Those who are in power, GET the money. They’ve spent it all…and they need more, to protect themselves from being prosecuted. It’s basically that simple. And if destroying America is how THEY get their money and KEEP their money, so be it.

Even in the war between the states the Confederates loved their country, not so now. Most of the soldiers killed in the civil war fought for their homes, where they lived. Most of the soldiers did NOT own slaves. Clearly, times have changed. The white liberals fighting now…are they fighting for their homes? Their land? Do they even KNOW what they are fighting for?

Free everything?

While noble mantras come out of every liberal speech, in the end, that old mantra repeated by someone long ago, this Nobody Thinks that it usual comes down to FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Let’s look at everything from that FOLLOW THE MONEY standpoint, shall we?

The Economy: If you read the history of money, you find that the rich have gotten richer. Richer than anyone can even imagine. Greed. It’s as old as history itself. And then, Trump became President and STOPPED that elite gravy chain.

After credit cards were invented, a new world of “Investment trading” was put on steroids. The rich always get the first dib’s on the stocks…and THEY have the money to invest, without starving if they lose in the market. It’s rigged.

The banks control all the ups and downs of the market, and since the rich actually HAVE the money to invest and triple their investments, the little guy, who maybe only has a 401K, can lose it all in an instant, as in 2008, when President George W. Bush decided that the little guy would bail out the rich people who caused the disaster (ON purpose this nobody thinks) The rich got richer, America started on it’s way down. Little banks were put out of business…and now, with the virus, they get another boost! More little businesses closing leaving the big international companies in a virtual world monopoly.

The future belongs to them.

Much like Google. Apple. Microsoft. Whoever invents this vaccine will be the richest man in the universe. Bill Gates wants that title. In the meantime, while everybody is being forced to stay home, WE THE PEOPLE are buying Microsoft computers for the kids, and for ourselves SINCE we can go on lockdown at any moment.

THAT’s power. THAT’s Money. THAT’s…tyranny. And Bill Gates does it all in the name of philanthropy.

Right sure. Take me out to the ball game to forget. Wait.

There will BE no more baseball, concerts, schools, gatherings…you will not be allowed to do anything without permission soon.

Don’t worry, we’ll put your picture in the stands! For a price.

WAR & CHINA: Why did China release the virus into the world? MONEY! And who was the cash cow for China: HONG KONG! They truly are smart. Destroy the world’s economy by not letting anybody work but those BIG companies who all make their products…are you ready for it…IN CHINA!

Which is why all America’s big companies are on board…and the sports people, it’s all about the China market which means…MONEY!

You can thank Paul Ryan for China’s power. He gave them that power when he let them into the markets of the U.N. Thanks Paul. Gotta love ya.

Immigration: Basically…slave labor. Where once blacks were imported from Africa, now the rich demand their slave labor from South America. This brings all wages down in America. The past four Presidents helped send our jobs overseas And Paul Ryan sealed the golden calf for China by giving them high status.

President George W. Bush got us going with that. He signed the Open Borders treaty with Mexico and Canada, (North American Treaty) and all four of our past Presidents were on board with it. MONEY! It’s a global thing you know, and the global markets were opened to the Wal-Mart, McDonalds…etc.

And one last item: WAR. Why did George W. Bush get us into that damn war? MONEY! MONEY! MONEY! Why do we get into ANY war?

MONEY. War is money.

And what do they do when the people’s money run out and heads into a depression?

WAR! Which makes you wonder when war with China will become the new talking point.

You cannot tell me that President George W. Bush did NOT know that the war in Afghanistan would break us. It destroyed Russia. George knew it TOO. He’s not that stupid. He was downsizing us on purpose. IF he had another reason, too bad he didn’t tell us.

And then there’s the little secret NOBODY talks about: Why do so many women get abortions?
Well, besides the fact that the communist wanted to destroy the family, in order for Hillary’s communist village to take over, in the words of Gollum James Carvey….“It’s the economy, stupid.”

ABORTION: Why do so many women get abortions? Because, now that there are more single women than married couples, single women have to bear the brunt of the cost of raising a child. That means, she won’t be able to dress nice, have an iPhone, or every be able to afford child care, unless of course she marries a rich man. And marrying a rich man is more like winning the lottery. Now, it costs almost $500,000 to raise one child…at least to those women who are not on welfare. It’s not that women don’t want children, it’s the cost that’s frightening. Many students go to their death beds with student loan debt.

I’ve heard so much talk about the cost of this and that, but the politicians just give money out like it’s water, which devalues our dollar, and puts our children living in boarded up destroyed inner cities, and the rest of us watching BLM eating steak dinners, while we eat veggie burgers.

The Deep State has basically sold our country to the highest bidder.

Fauci, Gates, China, the last four Presidents…all…it’s all about the money.

They will TELL you they care.

But what they really care about is…THE MONEY.

Better save your silver and gold, and HIDE it like Jesse James did, because they will come for that too someday. They did it once before.

Can President Trump SAVE us?


Yes. With God’s intervention.

I sure hope he turns up soon. And I hope, the tea party reappears and tears off their masks, and says “deep state, GO TO HELL!”

If BLM can do it, so can we.



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Nobody Flashes: Another Important Message

Nobody Flashes

The women in my neighborhood was talking about the “Mark of the Beast” today. All go to church, and all swear that the Bible predicted the fact that someday we would all have to have “the mark of the beast” to do anything: buy food, work, have children, etc..

I said, and I truly believe this, that here in Missouri, you cannot now go into any store without a mask on. In other words, you cannot buy food or clothing or groceries, without the mask. It may not be a mark on our foreheads, but it IS a mark nontheless…just our face.

Is this not a test of control to get us all use to having to ‘obey’ in order to even trade or buy food? You can’t say this it to protect the merchants, because nobody can sue them for the flu…or this. They say it’s to “protect” others.

I think it’s more about control. After this, the mandated vaccination will happen. Like Spiro says, the mandates will come from your local politicians.

President Trump doesn’t have to make it mandatory, your local politicians will.

We are on the verge of a deep state tyrannical takeover. I thought this video was important enough to show it now.

Because we ALL need to know, what’s happening, and what’s coming. And it seems, they’ve scared enough of us to comply.

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Forcing The Hand of a Global Police State….Pretty Easy.

Nobody’s Opinion

UPDATE: Still working on my ‘problem’ and realized that it might take some time. In the meantime, between listening to the songbirds outside my window and disgustingly changing just about every channel on cable, I will try to work around the problem.

Get creative so to speak.

But, while watching this Immutable war on America, I came across a piece on the real facts of police violence against the black community.

Here’s some facts from a good article that proves it’s all a bunch of baloney.

Every year, American police officers have about 370 million contacts with civilians. Most of the time nothing happens, but 12 to 13 million times a year, the police make an arrest. How often does this lead to the death of an unarmed black person? We know the number thanks to a detailed Washington Post database of every killing by the police. What is your guess as to the number of unarmed blacks killed by the police every year? One hundred? Three hundred? Last year, the figure was nine.

Every year, about one quarter of them are black. This is about twice their share of the population, which is 13 percent. Is this proof of police racism? No. The more likely explanation is that blacks are more likely than whites to act in violent, aggressive ways that give the police no choice but to shoot them. In 2018, the most recent year for which we have statistics, blacks accounted for 37 percent of all arrests for violent crimes, 54 percent of all arrests for robbery, and 53 percent of arrests for murder. 

It’s true that when they are arrested for the same crimes, whites are more likely to have charges dropped, and if convicted, more likely to get lesser sentences. Is this proof of systemic bias? No. It’s because blacks are more likely to have prior convictions, to have an open case against them, to have been out on parole when arrested, etc.

 Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Philando Castile, and now, George Floyd were all resisting arrest when they died. It is safe to say that if they had followed officer commands, they would not have died.

But the solution is to investigate the officer, charge him if there are grounds to do so, and punish him if he is guilty. The solution is not to demonstrate and riot against police racism, when there is hardly any evidence of any kind of system-wide bias. There may be some bad apples, but the system is working as it should: In the overwhelming majority of cases, police deal with criminals properly, without regard to race.


It’s pretty obvious that George Floyd’s death was jumped on by the globalist to bring about ‘fundamental’ change that Obama had been talking about. Also, have you noticed? The subject has NOW turned to the cries for dismantling and defining the police, and that goes right along with Obama’s dream of having a ‘citizens” police force…probably filled with democrats out to get those evil raciest white people who have been making them ‘suffer’ for so many years.

Nobody Wonders if this moment to ‘defund our police’ is just a continuation of what Obama could NOT accomplish during his eight years of Obama rule.

Remember this?


After that speech, Obama didn’t mention his ‘force’ very much, but it seems Antifa is just as well funded all over the world…and to dismantle the police, seems to be one of the globalists true dreams.

To what end, who knows? Anyway…the BLM, ANTIFA, and the thousands of marchers all over the world have been convinced with repeated and relentless propaganda, that they are being held down and discriminated against by President Trump, and the men in Blue.

Will this movement succeed in destroying police forces everywhere?

Nobody Knows. But, I do believe if just a few more cops are killed, (Like they were during Obama’s reign of racial terror) the cops have the advantage.

And one more NOTE: The democrats held BACK the police, and have allowed the regular people to throw rocks, names, and abuse them all, and the politicians did this on purpuse to try to force Trump to bring in the military, so that THEY could claims he was a dictator and brining in the military was dangerous.

See how they do this?



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Nobody Flashes Other Nobody’s Comments

Nobody Flashes:

Tonight I’m just handing it over to comments I found on the various blogs. Watching our politicians of all our cities let the thugs burn and steal…is evil and depressing to anyone who loves freedom and America.

Needless to say, if the ‘protesters’ come out into the suburbs, many of those older people have guns, and WILL use them.

The media is trying to say that’s it’s the white nationalists that are causing all this pain.  Oh Right. They are trying to ignite a civil war between the white and the blacks.

The whites have never taken the ‘race war’ bait that Obama tried to ignite.

Below is a video of a guy who fearlessly walked up to a man and grabbed his gun.

Below that, is some comments from the nobody peanut gallery, who make more sense than any CNN reporter.

And below that…the vicious beating of a woman who is just trying to protect her business.

Everybody be safe.


COMMENT: This savagery has nothing to do with that armed robbing , convicted felon, that had a weak heart and died during a lawful arrest, it has only one goal. Protect the deep state which includes Obama and Killary. This strategically planned act of treason by the democrats and their expendable circus animals will take up the rest of the summer and allows Biden to avoid any more embarrassment. How quickly we forget about Hunter, Obama, Hillary, Comey, Strozk, and the rest of the treasonous bastards. How convenient to literally not skip a day from corona virus is killing us all to BLM and Antifa destroying billions nationwide. Do not kid yourself and think this has anything to do with police brutality. Blacks devour each other every day year round at a rate that is unheard of and not a word said by anyone black or the democratic sociopaths.
This is a smoke screen and a scare tactic. This sealed the deal on mail in voting. The media is the enemy of our country.

COMMENT:  fahgettaboudit 2.0  Commenter Bob • 5 hours ago • edited

Real Patriots are battling the radical Left as it tries to weaponize the Coronavirus to force its extreme agenda on US !
Like using the Coronavirus as an excuse to increase absentee ballot voting, ‘remote virtual voting’ and ballot harvesting, which of course increases the chances of voter fraud because it breaks the chain of custody !!
And there is so much evidence of this, but the left choses to ignore it !
In the 2018 election, about 42.4 million ballots were mailed to registered voters. Of those mailed, more than one million were undeliverable, more than 430,000 were rejected, and nearly 10.5 million went missing.
The 2016 election showed similar discrepancies. That year, about 41.6 million ballots were mailed to registered voters. Of those mailed, more than 568,000 were undeliverable, nearly 320,000 were rejected, and close to six million went missing !
Putting the election in the hands of the United States Postal Service would be a catastrophe ! In 2018 and 2016, there were 16 million missing and misdirected ballots !
In the last election, Los Angeles had 112% voter registration !
Did the MSM report any of that ??!….NOPE !
They continually PooPoo the idea that any election fraud occurs in America !
When a party becomes filled with Reactionary,…EMOTIONALLY INCONTINENT people, who are all trying to be the one with the loudest megaphones, IT BECOMES nearly impossible to make wise decisions or speak rationally !
However, if they’ve shown us anything, after 4 years of Trump………their agenda moving forward is still the same…..
Impeach the president
Open all U.S. borders
Abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
More job-killing regulations.
Endless, nonstop investigations into President Donald Trump’s administration !
This is what Chucky and Nancy, along with their leftist cohorts are offering America TODAY !

COMMENT:  Who Made You Pope?  Commenter Bob • 2 hours ago

Yep, unlike all those Democrat city mayors showin’ right now (and for the past forever) how good they are at this mayorin’ stuff!

And like how this and Socialist China virus deaths and nursing home management is showin’ how good Liberals are at this governin’ stuff.

And what, America corrects the “mistake” of electing a president who finally stood up to this same China and created the best economy ever, by replacing him with (your Southern accent dig made me think of this) the 77 year old spitting image of the kid in the dueling banjos scene from ‘Deliverance’, but unlike that brilliant kid (unless you count nepotism, plagiarism, fabricationism or molesting little girls and women), having no talent whatsoever?

COMMENT: hawkins455054  HWGood • 3 hours ago

Hillary will be picked at the last minute for his VP, a week or 2 before the election so Trump has no time to debate either one, then if Slow Joe gets elected he will be call Unfit by the Democrats and step down, (part of the plan, and he is in it, slow Joe does not want a position of reasponsibility, he likes skating by) and then Bingo! Hillary is President! and she will give Slow Joe a State Dept seat so he can continue his back room deals with China and protect his kid and the others from the DOJ.

COMMENT: Sam Weiss • an hour ago

The riots serve a dual purpose of testing the revolutionary cadres and ensuring that black voters will hate the Democratic mayors and governors who send police and the national guard to suppress them, ensuring they will stay home and not vote for Biden, giving justification to charges that Trump “stole” the election through voter suppression and a trigger for the uprising.

COMMENT: Maus  Guest • 15 hours ago

In Chicago, an open church a couple of weeks ago aroused a response of 20+ police cars, cops in riot gear and several score tow-trucks to remove the “illegally parked” vehicles of the people exercising their First Amendment rights of worship and free assembly.

Two weeks later, rioters are in the streets, looting, burning and attacking people, including cops, and the Bug-Eyed Mayor of Shiraq, does NOTHING.

COMMENT: StreetWize  SWAMPxYANKEE • 15 hours ago

At this point, if they want to destroy their home cities, let them sit. Burn the damn city down. Just don’t come asking for hard working Americans’ tax dollars to rebuild. They can figure that out on their own.

COMMENT: Joe Landers • 15 hours ago

Pritzker says it’s time to take action on racial inequality. Yikes man, what was the eight years of Barack Obama all about? What did the man do? Chicago has been led by democrats for decades. What have they been doing? These democrat politicians are shameless.

Enough of the stealing trillions of federal taxpayer dollars to endlessly bail out Blue cities/states. They want to do things the criminal way, let them pay for it.


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WAR: Liars, And Weapons of Destruction

Nobody’s Opinion

“We have outstripped principal capitalist countries as regards technique of production and rate of industrial development. That is very good, but it is not enough. We must outstrip them economically as well. And we must do it in the next ten of fifteen years.” …Joseph Stalin.

Make no mistake. Every politicain (and that includes Pelosi and Obama) knows the surest way to defeat an enemy is to destroy their economy.

That’s exactly what is happening right now. And it’s not just China that is at war with us.

It’s the democrats, And the tech giants, who already work FOR China. After all, Zuckerberg is working with China, but refuses to work with our military.

That’s no conspiracy. That just plain wrong.

I was watching an HBO special tonight called: The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley. In short, about a woman named Elizabeth Holmes, who said she invented a machine that could be put in all the Walgreen stores, and with just a small prick of your finger, you blood could be put into a small box machine and your blood would be tested for just about everything known to medicine.

Wonderful! Pay a small amount instead of the HUNDREDS you have to pay for a yearly test and you will know everything. She just had the idea. And put her name on the patents, but I have a feeling somebody else engineered that little machine.

Elizabeth got big money to invest in her company, until she was hailed as the youngest women billionaire at 4.8 billion. All I can guess is that she just batted her big blue eyes. Are men REALLY that gullible I thought?

Except, her machine didn’t work. And the Walgreens employees were drawing blood out of your arm, and that blood was sent out to labs. Nothing was done by that machine. No pin prick of the finger like she advertised.

It was just all just a façade.

So, how could one woman fool the whole world? With secrecy, and lies.

Elizabeth had friends all over the ‘progressive’ map.  Kissinger, Bill Clinton, and Obama for starters. The elite lawyer David Bois protected her. In case you don’t watch the documentary, Bois represented Al Gore, Harvey Weinstein, and he went after the people in her lab that were saying that it was all a fraud. He’d get along well with Robert Mueller.

But a few brave people, who worked in the lab exposed the fraud. (You have to watch the movie.)

When caught, she bold faced- lied to everyone and said her machine worked.

Elizabeth named her machine Edison. Great. But Edison’s light actually DID work. Big difference.

Elizabeth would look wide eyed at the cameras, almost hypnotizing whomever glanced into her eyes,  and her image was one of a female genius Steve Jobs.

Did she know her machine didn’t work? Yep. But she lied about it.

How can someone look at the camera and lie? We see it every single day on our TV’s.

There was one important part of the movie that really set a nerve with me. One man, who had investigated the young entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley, came up with the theory that if a person believes in her “cause” then lying is okay. BECAUSE her vision of the future and how she or he is going to help the whole world is more important than anything else, the ends justifies the means.

I would put Zuckerface, Gates and his wife, and Google into this same category. In their minds, they are redesigning the world, one in which they think everyone should accept.

Now…why would ALL these powerful people promote this woman I thought?

Nobody Thinks: She was being used to collect information. Blood information. For the elites. They need as much DNA samples as they can possibly gather in order to use that info to invent bio weapons designed to…do exactly what the coronavirus is doing.

Targeting the old, and the sick. And who knows how long this research has been going on in China.

The psychiatrist said that these people come to the investors with all these great sounding graphs. And they work. Fauci’s graphs destroyed our great economy, and they were all wrong.

Dr. Fauci, just like Elizabeth was a star.

NOW, the real reason I think that Elizabeth was either working with the elites or just being their puppets was because they picked her. I think the top elites that run the world search for these people, then promote the hell out of them. I think Bill Clinton was picked. So was Obama.

BUT…here’s what they didn’t mention in the film: Elizabeth’s ties to China.

Elizabeth had studied at Stanford, and she spoke. Mandurian. She actually interned at the Genome Institute in Singapore. Well, toast my tootsies, another China lover. And she studied on genetics. Hmmmm..

Anybody see a connection here?

Dr. Fauci, who FUNDED the lab on which the virus came forth along with the WHO and Bill GATES…came on the scene with his computer models of death and destruction, and they were all wrong. Both Gates and Dr. Fauci predicted this pandemic. If they were truly innocent, then they wouldn’t be funding the very lab this virus came out of now would they?

President Trump went along. After all, it was pretty obvious that China released a bio-weapon that actually HELPED the plans of the globalists to kick their plans for global marking of every single person on the planet to full fruition.

READ HERE…it faster than me trying to explain it.

What I’m saying is the plans to release a virus into the world, in order to destroy America and make the New World Order come into fruition, has been planned for years.

In the meantime, we have put up with three solid years of blatant unforgivable lying for way too long.

They TRIED to get rid of Trump with weaponizing the FBI, CIA, DOJ, and the media.

It didn’t work.

So the great global attack on not only our economy but the world’s was released.

Come on Joyanna, that’s absurd.

Well, tell yourself that, when you pass by the next baseball stadium and watch it become, some kind of government center for the homeless. Tell yourself that when you are forced to work with a mask on. Tell yourself that when you are no longer allowed to go anywhere without PROOF that you don’t have the virus.

And we have a BUTTLOAD of global liars.

Go watch the video. It shows just how liars can be made into superstars.

And right now, there are just too $&% many of them.

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