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Nobody’s Perfect: Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Nobody’s Perfect:

Too bad, I thought. I really liked that actor…Phillip Seynour Hoffman. Twister would not have been as fun a movie without his electrifying portrayal of a crazy, adrenaline addicted maniac weatherman, who loved the excitement of tornadoes. Twister is one of my favorite movies.Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Phillip Seynour Hoffman died Superbowl Sunday, from a heroin overdose. They found 50 bags of heroin in his house.

Out here in normal America, nobody is shocked. And it got me to thinking about Hollywood…and how, once upon a time, I went there to make my mark…to seek fame and fortune.

Want to know why so many Hollywood stars die of drug overdoses?

When I was 24–I had just broke up with a boyfriend, and decided, (against my family’s wishes), to go to Hollywood and get a job as a drummer and try for fame and fortune.  I had an invitation to stay for free at a young, well-connected producer’s house, which was not far from the Hollywood strip.

It was exciting….at first.  L.A. was about as far from the hills of Missouri as you can get…and I tagged along with the producer and met his friends, who all had money, mostly because they were kids of Hollywood money. Kids of stars. Kids whose parents and grandparents had worked for MGM, Paramount, Disney,  and were household names— Kids who had never in their life worked a normal job. They had nothing to do but run around and hang out.

Pretty nice life.

And you know what these people talked about constantly? Drugs. Cocaine. And cars. And Rodeo Drive. I could not imagine for the life of me a more boring existence. I was there a month, and did not hear one mature or intelligent thought come out of one well-fed mouth. I pretended I was …just quiet. I just observed…and watched, and was totally shocked at the culture difference between their world and mine.

While these young men and women had houses with swimming pools, the most expensive cars and lots of money— ALL they wanted to do was get high.Cocaine

Within a few days, I learned to hate L.A, the concrete beneath my feet, and the idiots who lived there. I came back home, disillusioned about the high price I would have to pay for fame. If I wanted to get famous, I had to hang out with the right people and stick that crap up my nose?

Sweet Jesus.  I could not WAIT to leave.

Hollywood had fallen for Hanoi Jane. (Whose best buddy is now in the White House) The old-time movie stars, who were simply alcoholics, had kids who got into cocaine, simply because. They’ve got the money, and it’s cool.

And trust me: they are bored, with no clue about how to make themselves feel good, because they never had to work. Being someone’s famous kid, is just not enough to make yourself feel good about …who YOU are. These kids are deprived of the chance to grow into mature adults. And then, they become addicts.

I don’t know how, or WHO flooded the United States with drugs during Vietnam, but I’ve heard military people say, the war in Vietnam was all about our government making money off of the drugs. I’ve also read it was part of the “communist ” plan to destroy America from within.

Take your pick.  What matters is that drugs have killed millions, per hour, per diem, per–ever. Janis Joplin

The long list of people who have died from drugs in Hollywood knows no end does it? We watched John Belushi,  Jim Morrison, Jimi Henrick, Janis Joplin, Corey Monteith, and Heath Ledger kill themselves. Robert Downey Jr. evidently was saved by his friend Mel Gibson, who himself is an alcoholic. We can only wait and watch for the many who will surely die in the future.

How the Beatles survived is anybody’s guess.

Justin Beiber seems to want to be the next James Dean.

You have to wonder why people who have the world going for them…kill themselves with drugs.

Just WHO is getting these people hooked?

Our own President came out recently and said that marijuana causes no more harm than alcohol. Just the fact, that we elected a President who admitted to be a BIGTIME drug user before he ran for office, shows you just how far we have come in excepting drugs into our lives.

Yes, Obama was one of those rich kids…bored. But cool.obama smoking

Nobody has said before, Nobody Thinks Obama still does cocaine. I had a doctor tell me once, cocaine is the one drug that nobody can quit. Add to that the pharmaceutical companies pouring out drugs even for babies, and we are a drugged-up society.

Looking back–I’m so glad I did not choose to pay the price for success in Hollywood. I like to think I had a good chance at being a star: I could sing, dance, play drums, keyboards, guitar… But…if hanging out with the ‘right’ people was the price I had to pay, let’s just say, I lacked the ambition.

And I tell myself daily, as I shop at the Dollar Store…I did not grab my fame and fortune when I could have but, Nobody’s Perfect—especially me.

Phillip joins the long list of misplaced souls….

From Drudge:

Some have expressed surprise that Hoffman, who seemed so calm and erudite in public was a drug addict, yet this shows an ignorance of how socially acceptable drug taking is in the film industry. While it would be ridiculous to say everyone is doing it – that’s far from the truth – it’s become so socially accepted that it’s no surprise to hear about anyone who does.

And now, the next time I see the movie, Twister, I will say, “God, I can’t believe he’s dead.”

R.I.P. Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I must admit, you did something that I could have never have done. You paid the highest price there is: for…Hollywood perfection. The world…will miss you.

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Nobody’s Email: Facebook Has Conservatives?

Nobody Gets Email

A friend of mine spends a lot of time on Facebook….something that I do not do. So I told her to send me any political stuff she might see…and tonight…I found these in my mailbox. Wow. And I thought only liberals were on Facebook…who knew?


(Thanks to Kris)

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