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Do We NEED a “Stoned” Nation?

Nobody Reports

I must admit, I was surprised to hear Roger Stone, a longtime friend of President Trump, lobbying to make marijuana legal in all fifty states.

While most of the United States now seems to support medicinal use, (including me) for those people suffering from late stages of cancer, or other chronic conditions, when the normal drugs for these conditions are so high, I think it’s a different matter when it comes to making it legal as recreational use.

I don’t know how many people use marijuana, but I suspect it’s more than we think. The baby boomers grew up on the stuff, and most of MY friends never stopped smoking. I try not to judge, but frankly, I think it’s sad.

FIRST: You really don’t know what’s in it.

On the other hand, too many drug gangs are getting rich off selling the stuff. Then again, legalize it, and they will just sell some other drug.

Last week, I was sitting next to two people on the plane back from Arizona, who supported making it legal. The lady on my left, said she used pills, which didn’t contain the THC, and it helped her deal with her hips and feet problems. The guy on my right, said he was all for legalization.

I suggested that it causes brain damage in the long run, and is just as dangerous as cigarettes. I thought it funny…how long did we hear about the danger of cigarettes causing cancer? Why is NOBODY bringing up this obvious fact?

She got so angry at my opinion, she didn’t talk to me the rest of the flight.

So, here’s some reported facts about marijuana that I got from various sites. And let me say, I don’t think users should be jailed for smoking pot.  Unless of course, they drive high or sell to kids.

Aside from the discomfort that goes with sore throats and chest colds, it has been found that smoking one joint gives as much exposure to cancer-producing chemicals as smoking four to five cigarettes.

The mental consequences of marijuana use are equally severe. Marijuana smokers have poorer memories and mental aptitude than do non-users.

Recent studies on young adults that smoke marijuana, found abnormalities in the brain related to emotion, motivation and decision-making.

Alcohol is eliminated from the body in a few hours, but THC stays in the body for weeks, possibly months, depending on the length and intensity of usage.

THC damages the immune system. Alcohol does not.
• Short-term memory problems
• Severe anxiety, including fear that one is being watched or followed (paranoia)
• Very strange behavior, seeing, hearing or smelling things that aren’t there, not being able to tell imagination from reality (psychosis)
• Panic
• Hallucinations
• Loss of sense of personal identity
• Lowered reaction time
• Increased heart rate (risk of heart attack)
• Increased risk of stroke
• Problems with coordination (impairing safe driving or playing sports)
• Sexual problems (for males)
• Up to seven times more likely to contract sexually transmitted infections
than non-users (for females)

• Decline in IQ (up to 8 points if prolonged use started in adolescent age)
• Poor school performance and higher chance of dropping out
• Impaired thinking and ability to learn and perform complex tasks
• Lower life satisfaction
• Addiction (about 9% of adults and 17% of people who started smoking as teens)
• Potential development of opiate abuse
• Relationship problems, intimate partner violence
• Antisocial behavior including stealing money or lying
• Financial difficulties
• Increased welfare dependence
• Greater chances of being unemployed or not getting good jobs.33

Studies show that the mental functions of people who have smoked a lot of marijuana tend to be diminished. The THC in cannabis disrupts nerve cells in the brain, affecting memory.

Driving under the influence of cannabis is associated with a 92% increased risk of vehicular crashes. Important is the fact that such driving was associated with a 110% increase in fatal crashes.

• AAA reported that in the U.S. cannabis-involved fatalities increased from 8% in 2013
to 17% in 2014.
• In Colorado, marijuana use increased significantly starting in 2009, and a study found that the proportion of drivers in fatal car crashes in Colorado testing positive for marijuana had risen from 5.9% in 2009 to 10% in 2011.
• In the state of Washington, fatal driving accidents have risen 122% between 2010 and 2014.
• In California, the percentage of drivers testing positive for marijuana that were involved in fatal car crashes rose from 9% in 2005 to 16.5% in 2014.

So, there you go. Marijuana is just as damaging as alcohol, if done every day. Since I was a musician, (and did NOT do any drugs) I played in bands where drug use was common. And I saw, that over time, the guys became almost like zombies… completely laid back. They really didn’t think about much of anything at all. In other words…duh.

Do we need a ‘stoned’ nation? Do you think certain leaders would be all for it?

You know what I think.

Roger: Are you planning on marketing some fine weed soon?

Nobody Wonders.


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Good for You Ohio! You Got This One Right.

Nobody Knows

The rich elites have found a new cash cow, and the loss in Ohio yesterday was a clear and present shout from the people of Ohio, who obviously have not lost their brains to those criminal Mexican cartels in their mists, and voted down the measure to make Marijuana legal–despite that heart wrenching videos made to make people run out and vote…for the cause of the children.

The ‘progressives’ see it another way:

What’s so bad about filling your lung with smoke so that future Obamacare patients will need even MORE of that wonderful stuff to dull their pain when they are dying of lung cancer and their chemo is being rejected? You could save just ONE child’s life.  And what’s so bad about the millions of dollars that the state will make off the tax revenue, thereby giving the politicians lots more cash to funnel back into the democratic vouchers? You could save just one child’s life. And what’s so bad about not filling up our jail with drug addicts? Let them sit around and get stoned at home, where they will buy more pizza! Food stamps! Doughnuts! McDonalds could sure use the money right now, right? Think of what a boost it will give the fast food services business!

Put the icing on the cake, they might be too stoned to go vote on election day 2016.

But, they weren’t stoned yesterday, because by two to one, it was outvoted, and NOT because Iowans don’t want to get stoned…oh no…according to some poll, they like the idea, just not the fact that rich people will jump in and make a lot of money with monopolies, not the local farmer. Rich people like retired NBA Oscar Robertson:

Ohio voted Tuesday against legalizing recreational and medical marijuana via an amendment to the state’s constitution, shooting down a proposal to grant a small number of wealthy investors sole permission to operate commercial marijuana farms. 

The designated farms were backed by a number of notable Ohioans, including one-time boy band star Nick Lachey, fashion designer Nanette Lepore and retired NBA player Oscar Robertson.

Frankly, I was proud of them for not falling for that heart wrenching ad they put out about the people who had to move to Colorado to save their child, who was suffering over 100 seizures and day, and when he started being treated with marijuana, it was cut down to ten. Common sense says, so, pass a law that says children like this kid can have it sent to them from Colorado, with a doctor’s prescription. How hard could that be?

In America, 2017,  it does NOT make money, therefore, it’s not gonna happen.

So, you got this one right Ohio, now…PLEASE…don’t mess up the next one.

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“Ferry…Cross to Cuba…Will Always Take Me There…The Land I love”

Nobody Knows

Here we are, another weekly jump down the rabbit hole of ignorance again…probably due, (if you had listened to our “President” Obama) from too much Cinco De Mayo tequila. But…this Cinco De Mayo will be one to remember, because Obama just gave permission for Cubans to get on nice American boats and come to Miami!Cuban Ferry

For the first time in five decades, the U.S. is allowing ferry service between Florida and Cuba.

At least four companies said they were notified Tuesday of approvals by the U.S. Treasury and Commerce departments, the first since Washington imposed a trade embargo on Cuba.

Most of the people will be allowed to pack bags up to 200 pounds…which means…that’s room for a lot of drugs, and even more room for Cuban Cigars for the ‘bro’s’ to roll their marijuana joints in. Leave it to our government to create ways for more drugs to get into the country. To which Liza Smerling would say: “Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.”


And speaking of drugs….

Michael Brown’s best buddy, who was going to help Michael roll those cigars they stole in Ferguson that unhappy morning, will certainly mourn even more…from the loss of his friend. A friend who did not live to see the flooding of Cuban Cigars onto the American market and who will not be around to partake in his favorite pastime..Dorian Johnson

And speaking of Dorian Johnson (Michael Brown’s little buddy) he is suing Ferguson for damages:

Dorian Johnson contends in his lawsuit filed last week that Officer Darren Wilson initiated the confrontation that ended in Brown’s Aug. 9 death. Johnson says Wilson used excessive force and “acted with deliberate indifference or reckless disregard” for Johnson’s rights.

Due to the latest riots, Dorian obviously got mad at the fact that black people all over the country were allowed to walk in the middle of the street whenever they felt like it. Heck, they even stopped freeways and traffic and all he did was walk down the middle of the street!

So, it dawned on him…”Hey! How come I was arrested!”

Dorian, wants his money…from those racist cops who did him wrong.

And speaking of raciest:

We keep hearing from Obama that minority men are being persecuted in our country…but here’s the facts:racist facts

“RACIST” FACT: Despite making up just 13% of the population, blacks commit around half of homicides in the United States.

“RACIST” FACT: Blacks commit eight times more crimes against whites than vice-versa.

“RACIST” FACT: Between 1999 and 2011, 2,151 WHITES died as a result of being shot by police compared to 1,130 BLACKS.

“RACIST” FACT: In 2013, black criminals carried out 38% of murders, compared to 31.1% for whites, despite the fact that there are five times more white people in the U.S.

Because of Wilson’s racism, Governor Nixon of Missouri announced that a $5 million federal granted to provide jobs and jobs training to thousands of low income and minority residents of Ferguson.—–Who will turn around and use it, to buy Cuban cigars to roll their Cuban marijuana in..

And speaking of Marijuana

Willie Nelson has just admitted that he got stoned on the roof of the White House during the Carter administration.Willie Nelson two

Days after a brief jail stint in the Bahamas for marijuana possession, Willie Nelson was invited to the White House by Jimmy Carter who thanked the country superstar for his campaign support.

Following a dinner in which the president spoke of his days as a peanut farmer and the singer talked of raising pigs, Nelson says that a “White House insider” invited him to the roof to look at Washington at night — and brought out a joint.

“Marijuana has never betrayed me. Unlike booze, it had never made me nasty or violent. Unlike cocaine, it never sped me up or fired up my ego.”

So there you go….Willie and President have a lot in common…they both did all the same drugs. Castro and Obama

Nobody Knows how many of our Presidents, got stoned and high in the White House. I’m not sure we want to know.

Next thing you know…Castro and Obama will be lighting up a few Cuban maharishi boogies on the roof of the White House to celebrate the final push of America into the Hispanic fascist oblivion.

Maybe that’s why the White House security is such a joke…Nobody Wonders…but Nobody Knows.

Ferry…..Give me Mercy…and Always Take me There…to the Land I love….”

(Tell me Willie Nelson wasn’t inspired by Herman and the Hermits.) Sing it Willie….

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Pass the Ginkgo, I Think I’m Going to Pass Out.

Nobody WinsPuzzled faces one

“I would like to get rid of the homophobes, sexists, and racists in our audience. I know they’re out there and it really bothers me.” ― Kurt Cobain

(Good thing he doesn’t have to be bothered about it anymore.)

On the Daily Kos site today, I found an article trying to tell America that all those vitamins and supplements on the shelves at Walgreens and Walmarts are really just garbage. Placebos. Ginkgo Biloba especially. According to many, they do nothing and the government should get after them. They LIE on their labels. Food 2

I guess it takes one to know one.

The news that a New York state attorney general’s investigation found that the overwhelming majority of so-called “nutritional supplements” sold by some of the biggest retailers in the nation contained none of the actual ingredient they were supposed to be “supplementing” once again raises the question: Is the health supplement marketplace America’s most crooked industry?

You have to laugh at this: America’s most crooked industry?

The current White House holds that positions, and how dare you challenge it.

Shall we compare it to the food industry? Haven’t we been told that our soil was depleted ions ago, and so Monsanto personally genetically altered every seed, corn plant, tomato, lettuce, rice, wheat, and just about everything we eat?

How about those cows and chickens? Do you think Americans are fat because they are overloaded on hormones that are pumped into our meat in order to make them grow faster?

And do they really FILTER those hormones out of the water that everyone is passing out after eating those cows and chickens? So you eat estrogen and drink it too?FDA

How about Fluoride? That’s a poison that some manufacturer had a byproduct, wanted a place to dump it, so the “government” said, well..dump it in the water!

And what’s all this stuff doing to our thyroids?

Hey, did vitamins make us a fat nation? Did that Ginkgo Biloba you take cause you to crave another Big Mac? How about when we found out Subway was putting plastic in the bread?

I can take any Ginkgo and it really helps. No kidding. Without it, halfway through even Moonlight Sonata I go blank. Sure, there might be some that are not what they say…so don’t buy them. It’s pretty simple. If it doesn’t work for you, then go to another brand. That’s the free market. Nobody has ever died from taken a vitamin C tablet.

You know who has the honor of being the most crooked industry in America?

Our government. They are being pressured by the big pharmaceuticals to put their big booted foot down on vitamins and supplements….you can’t patent natural herbs.

Not yet. They want to ‘regulate’ it all, just like the internet. Sen. Orrin Hatch, has been the industry’s champion in exempting themselves from FDA regulation

In other words, they want to CONTROL the money, and give the monopoly advantages to all their friends in the pharmaceutical

But nobodies always come through. Here’s a few responses to the article:

I Don’t Recall Ginko Destroying 25% of Humanity’s

Bill Clinton and Orrin Hatch for that 1994 law that altered federal requirements applicable to supplements and allowed such things as toxic ephedra to be on the market as a supplement ….

(It’s okay if it’s toxic. Our light bulbs are toxic. I’m starting to see a pattern here…hold me back.)

Powdered rice, beans, peas and wild carrots stuffed inside of a pretty red gelatin capsule would be a welcome change to the slop I’ve been working down my intestinal tract.

No kidding. Think about it. They have two whole isles filled with cereals’ and worthless snacks in every grocery store in the country.

Do you really think what they say is IN all that stuff is really there?

Nobody Wins when they try to take away my Ginkgo Biloba. I beginning to think they don’t WANT us to think.

On the other hand, maybe I’m… overdosing on biloba nonsense.

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Johnny Depp— Singlehandly Ressurecting Viewership of Awards Shows

Nobody’s Opinion

If not for Johnny Depp’s little drunken (or stoned, or both?) performance at this Awards show last week, nobody would have known what the award show was…because nobody watched it.

What was it again?

Who cares? My Nobody self is about Award-Show burned out. I’d rather watch Bill Whittle rants on YouTube, or caterpillars mate.

But, Johnny’s obvious funny rant, got me to thinking about the latest scientific research—-smokers 1

NEWSFLASH!: Smoking even a small dose of Panama Red, can dribble your brain. Shrink it, postpone it… your frontal lobe deflates, and yes, you might think you’ve discovered the universe in that slice of pizza you are holding in your hand, but everyone around you thinks you’re pretty much a dork.

The scientists concur:

The researchers found a lower IQ in those who smoked the drug as well as a smaller orbitofrontal cortex, a part of the brain associated with addiction and decision making. (See picture)

By all accounts, we can assume that Johnny Depp won’t be ask to join Mensa anytime soon.

“This data certainly confirms what others have reported with regard to changes in brain structure. When we consider the findings of the Gilman … study with our own and other investigations of marijuana use, it’s clear that further investigation is warranted, specifically for individuals in emerging adulthood, as exposure during a period of developmental vulnerability may result in neurophysiologic changes which may have long-term implications.”

As for adolescents: “Don’t do it early–prior to age 16. That’s what our data suggests, that regular use of marijuana prior to age 16 is associated with greater difficulty of tasks requiring judgment, planning and inhibitory function as well as changes in brain function and white matter microstructure relative to those who start later.”

What advice. It’s okay to ruin your brain, just wait until your sixteen. Did you get that? (How old is Obama in that pictures?)

So..what does this say about all the adults getting high in Colorado? And why do so many people get stoned when it makes them…stupid?smoker 3

Okay. I know…we all know your metabolism plays a big part in whether you can handle drugs OR alcohol in great quantities…one man’s ceiling is another man’s night by the toilet bowl–but I grew up in the rock and roll Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrick experience too, where even if you didn’t do drugs, you could get stoned just sitting in the audience at their concerts, because trust me, it’s a weird feeling to be the only straight person among 10,000 stoned, really high… people.

And if any of my former friends are reading this blog, please forgive me for NOT being able to get drugged stoned-up drunk with the group all those concert going nights.

Please believe me, you were all very entertaining, and I thank you for NOT leaving me in the parking lot, and for trying to accept me for what I really must have been to you: totally…boring.

So, now you, the readers know. I may say “let’s all get stoned and drink” but the truth is: I can’t. I was the one who really DIDN’T inhale( And that’s why I know Bill Clinton did) …but I pretended to by making a sucking sounds and a funny face. (I learned that from watching my friends take looooooog tokes.)

And in case you haven’t guessed: because I was sober while most of my friends were either drunk or stoned, I made a few observations of my own, because as we all know: you can learn a lot by watching drunk and stoned people.

Mainly: Don’t ever get that drunk or stoned.

The research stopped short of another important question I think we should all ask: Are you better getting drunk or stoned? (Or in Johnny’s case, maybe both.)

Not according to my local Mayor, who once got on the radio and told EVERYONE that he considered smoking dope harmless, and definitely not as dangerous as alcohol. There was a Mexican restaurant right in front of the police station that always had two or three Vipers parked in front next to the Dollar Store, which lead me to highly suspect WHY my mayor would promote getting stoned on the radio.

But…I’m sure I’m considered a terrorist by my local police, so I will say no more.drunk 2

Despite the many deaths caused by alcoholics getting behind the wheel, when it comes to hurting yourself—-My advice? Get drunk if you want—- Just don’t drive.

Some of the most brilliant men to ever walk the earth were drunkards. History is full of them. Their lapse of brain functions was always during the time they were inebriated…the next morning, when they sobered up…their IQ was still there. Their liver’s may go someday, but they still can think—-UNLIKE your usual pothead…whose is just happy to think he’s really got the world figured out, when in reality, his brain is usually thinking about his next meal, and next score.

Not too many potheads win Nobel Prizes, although, some of them do win Presidential elections.

I have watched people pass out on the floor from being drunk, but to me that’s not as scary as the person who smokes every day and loses the ability to make coherent sentences. They can walk…but they don’t think much.

The drunk, WILL come back to the bar the next night. The stoner, will just stay home, and eat…..just about everything.

Drunks are more fun. Unless of course, they drive. Or they are mean. And then we get into the “Yeah man, drunks beat up women, people who are stoned NEVER hurt anybody?”

And that brings me to the next thought: Some people actually can do anything: drink all night, smoke, and drop acid, and it doesn’t seem to affect them at all.

How do you tell if they have lost their frontal lobes?

Easy. If you know someone who does drugs and then is on a health food diet, that’s your clue.

Health food doesn’t raise your I.Q., and to think that it will even out all that partying shows you that maybe the IQ was low to begin with.

And on that note, I have to say, I really enjoyed Johnny Depp’s drunken speech.

I’ll take a drunken speech over a political one any day of the week. The people who put on these shows haven’t figured out the reason people aren’t watching these shows anymore is because of the liberal movies stars saying things like “GUNS KILL!”

Hollywood also haven’t figured out that drugs kill. So does alcohol. So–if your kids saw Johnny’s Depp’s performance and asked you what was wrong with him?

Just tell them, “He lives in France. That’s how they talk over there. ” Especially IF—-they are under 16.


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Nobody’s Perfect: Charlo Greene VS Afghan Soldiers

Nobody’s Perfect

This week, we had several Nobodies in America who just couldn’t stand their job anymore, but the way they quit deserves at least a few lines on this Nobody’s not so famous page:

Numero Uno;

She pretty, she’s a cool dresser, she’s ever so articulate, but Charlo Greene, just did the report of her life on marijuana, and then…quit:

Charlo Greene was a reporter for KTVA-TV in Anchorage, Alaska. That is until Sunday night when she quit on live TV by uttering an obscenity and walking off camera.

Obviously, Charlo was more than a bit high herself when she just quit on live TV, and who doesn’t think that she was already making much more money than she could ever make as some measly token reporter? Selling pot is the biggest new market since White Lighting hit the streets of Chicago.

Can we expect more stoned reporters quitting their jobs?

YOU BET! You know Shark Tank? Let’s have a reality show of quitters! Better yet, a realty show of stoners! Afgan soldiers

Hey, I’d watch it. 🙂

Numero Dos:

What do you do when you don’t want to train to be a soldier in Afghan anymore? You go to the mall with your American military comrades and then say, “Hey, we’ve got to hit the hole.” (They are used to holes) and THEN instead—head for Canada.

Yes! Canada is right next door to Afghanistan! No?

Three Afghan soldiers, who went missing while in Massachusetts for military training, have been found trying to cross the border into Canada, a Defense Department official said Monday.

“I can confirm that the Canadians have them,” the official said.

The Afghan officers were reported missing late Saturday after a trip to a shopping mall in Hyannis, Mass., about 20 miles from Joint Base Cape Cod, where they were involved in a training exercise.

Earlier this month, two Afghan police officers disappeared from a Drug Enforcement Administration training program in Quantico, Va., and were found several days later in that area.

They did a Bergdorf! Aftgn soldiers two

Even in my little home town we train Iraq soldiers. Not sure if they are still here, because they didn’t tell us we were paying to have Muslims trained by our police force in the FIRST place.

So you tell me…who wins the “I quit” Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week? There is a proper way to quit a job, is there not?

Was it MS Charlo, who evidently just got a job as a reporter so that she could promote her new company?

Or was it those sweet Afghan soldiers, who just wanted to get into America and go find the local strip bars and move to Canada so they wouldn’t have to actually fight in their own country?Obama angry

Who wins?

The STUPID idiot in the Pentagon (Okay,White House) who think bringing Muslims into the United States to train on our dime, where they can escape and maybe even someday blow up a few cities here win.  Can this be any more idiotic? Or even treasonous?

Don’t get me started.

Who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award?

That corrupted, plutocracy of morons who call themselves the United States Government. (And since we live in a dictatorship, that means Obama.)

The ONLY thing they have perfected is disaster.

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Nobody Knows the Power of Invincible Ignorance

Nobody Knows

A great part of mankind…are unavoidably given over to invincible ignorance. –John Locke

What a week it was–The latest Obama blunder is being splashed all over the world, and Nobody Knows where it’s all going to end. Nobody Knows why Susan Rice, went on all the Sunday talk shows to say that Bowe Bergdahl was captured on the field of battle, when men that were in his troop, would like to see him tried and shot for being a deserter. After all, men lost their own lives looking for him. Obama trade

Susan Rice must do a mean Happy Hour on the Good Ship Lollipop.

Nobody Knows if Bowe the dancer was actually helping the Taliban set just the right bombs to blow up American soldiers, but circumstantial evidence seems to point in that direction. And Nobody Knows if, as reported by WND, the American soldiers were ordered to shoot him on sight if they found him, and if that’s so, then Obama truly DID save his life. Not from the Taliban, but from our own soldiers. In the meantime’s, Obama stands by his decision to release the worst of the worst terrorists, out of Guantanamo, and by his own admission, they could try to kill us all again.

Thanks Mr. President.

The movie is coming soon…

Nobody Knows what the President was smoking when he made this deal, but it wasn’t grown in Colorado,

And speaking of smoking—

Nobody knows exactly WHEN marijuana is going to be legal in all of Obama’s 57 states. The radio is filled now with how overdue legalization is. The marketing potentials are endless! Marijuana could be put into everything! Food, pizza, cupcakes, morning cereal, soda,…our water…making all these Obama scandals much easier to deal with—.and one guy has an even more enticing idea;

Marijuana coffee:

Washington state based Mirth Provisions plans to release a cannabis-infused cold-brew coffee called “Legal,” as the new product will only be available in markets where marijuana is legal.

Creator Adam Stites told My Northwest that each  bottle will contain about 20 milligrams of THC, enough to create “an alert, creative, high,” but not too much as to make it an unpleasant experience, “especially for people who are just getting into marijuana.”

I can’t wait to get my alert, creative, high, can you?

And speaking of alert creative highs..

Alexander “Sasha” Shulgin, the chemist, pharmacologist and author known for popularising the drug MDMA and creating and synthesizing hundreds of psychoactive drugs, has died aged 88.Alexander Shulgin, pharmacologist and chemist known for his creation of new psychoactive chemicals, ..

Shulgin, dubbed the ‘Godfather of Ecstasy’, died at his home in California after being diagnosed with liver cancer.

Shulgin not only explored and created drugs for college boys to dope their favorite freshman, he published online, over 800 pages on how to make those drugs online..for free, giving a whole new meaning to ‘date rape.’

According to Psychedelic Frontier, Shulgin once estimated he had tripped on psychedelic drugs 4,000 times during his life –roughly once a week for more than 50 years.

Nobody Knows, but Nobody Wonders if Shulgin hung out with Bowe’s Dad.

And speaking of ecstasy….

Nobody Knows that now, the global elites are saying that infidelity is due to …global warming.infidelity

(Honey, it’s not MY fault, she was just so…HOT! It’s those damn carbon emissions!)

When asking people who cheated on their spouses, what was the cause, the survey SAID!

Survey respondents also reported they’re more likely to sneak a little on the side in hot weather than in cold. That makes sense — after all, which would you say is sexier, a steamy Miami day or a polar vortex?

Which means in this insane world where nobody seems to know anything, especially Obama and his whole cabinet, we can blame just about everything on global warming.

And that includes Obama’s low IQ.

And why government workers get bonus when people die.

Nobody Knows the actual power of invincible ignorance, but we are finding out, John Locke was right.

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Nobody Knows About the Days of Our American Lives

Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows it, but I do wonder…Did Soap Opera’s die because real life news became more of a weekly soap opera to watch? Last week the daily news was filled with suspense: Was Obama playing golf while Putin mocked him by flying jets over our ships? (well, yes.) Will there be another standoff on the Bundy Ranch? (probably) Will Detroit get global warming subsidies from Obama, because of its record snowfall (it’s possible, but not sure yet) Will Eric Holder have another racist breakdown? (Hopefully) ….Laura and Luke

I don’t know about you, but the suspense of the daily news, is much more enticing than even when Luke and Laura got married on General Hospital, and THAT was one exciting day! And speaking of hospitals…

Nobody Knows why the latest report on how marijuana changes your brain didn’t come out BEFORE they legalized it in Colorado:

 A small study of casual marijuana smokers has turned up evidence of changes in the brain, a possible sign of trouble ahead, researchers say. “What we think we are seeing here is a very early indication of what becomes a problem later on with prolonged use,” things like lack of focus and impaired judgment, said Dr. Hans Breiter, a study author.

Yes, anybody who has friends that have used marijuana daily can tell you for sure: Do NOT ask them to mow your lawn. It’s also not known if the reason why most liberals are so brain-damaged— is because they smoked more dope in their youth than conservatives. As an example, all we have to do is look at brain damage in the White House.

And speaking of brain damage…

obama smoking

Nobody Knows that they are finding out that young kids who spend their time playing kiddy games on the IPAD are having problems using their hands. Not to mention, they are becoming addicted the them. (see below) The study found out that the kids can’t do much at all with their fingers but wipe. They have no dexterity in their fingers, not doing the normal things that kids do like build with blocks.

But…think—- what finger motion is done every single day by everyone on the planet? You swipe your credit card. Nobody Knows if the vast globalization of future consumers is being programmed to spend money from a young age, but I don’t think anyone even thinks that marketing guru’s would even wish that on young kids. (Haaaa…of course they would!)





In others areas of suspense..Obama and abortion

Nobody Knows whose bright idea it was to put into the tax code that you could take off your abortion, and your birth control pills, and your vasectomy. (Kathleen? Holder?) And Nobody Knows how you can claim a deduction for these things since the government is paying for them anyway, not you? Anybody figure that one out? AND…as an extra bonus, if you commit a murder, you can deduct your legal expenses. (Even if the state supplies it? ) Can taxes get more confusing?

According to Donald Rumsfeld, they can..

Yes. Here’s a letter he wrote the return

Nobody Knows that I am so glad Donald wrote that letter because, I think when the IRS comes to audit all the good patriotic people, all we have to do is show them Rumsfeld letter, and plead the fifth. (That was a really, peachy keen letter Mr. Rumsfeld, thanks!)

Come back next week for more DAYS OF OUR American LIVES…and why we have no clue about any of them.



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Nobody’s Perfect: Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Nobody’s Perfect:

Too bad, I thought. I really liked that actor…Phillip Seynour Hoffman. Twister would not have been as fun a movie without his electrifying portrayal of a crazy, adrenaline addicted maniac weatherman, who loved the excitement of tornadoes. Twister is one of my favorite movies.Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Phillip Seynour Hoffman died Superbowl Sunday, from a heroin overdose. They found 50 bags of heroin in his house.

Out here in normal America, nobody is shocked. And it got me to thinking about Hollywood…and how, once upon a time, I went there to make my mark…to seek fame and fortune.

Want to know why so many Hollywood stars die of drug overdoses?

When I was 24–I had just broke up with a boyfriend, and decided, (against my family’s wishes), to go to Hollywood and get a job as a drummer and try for fame and fortune.  I had an invitation to stay for free at a young, well-connected producer’s house, which was not far from the Hollywood strip.

It was exciting….at first.  L.A. was about as far from the hills of Missouri as you can get…and I tagged along with the producer and met his friends, who all had money, mostly because they were kids of Hollywood money. Kids of stars. Kids whose parents and grandparents had worked for MGM, Paramount, Disney,  and were household names— Kids who had never in their life worked a normal job. They had nothing to do but run around and hang out.

Pretty nice life.

And you know what these people talked about constantly? Drugs. Cocaine. And cars. And Rodeo Drive. I could not imagine for the life of me a more boring existence. I was there a month, and did not hear one mature or intelligent thought come out of one well-fed mouth. I pretended I was …just quiet. I just observed…and watched, and was totally shocked at the culture difference between their world and mine.

While these young men and women had houses with swimming pools, the most expensive cars and lots of money— ALL they wanted to do was get high.Cocaine

Within a few days, I learned to hate L.A, the concrete beneath my feet, and the idiots who lived there. I came back home, disillusioned about the high price I would have to pay for fame. If I wanted to get famous, I had to hang out with the right people and stick that crap up my nose?

Sweet Jesus.  I could not WAIT to leave.

Hollywood had fallen for Hanoi Jane. (Whose best buddy is now in the White House) The old-time movie stars, who were simply alcoholics, had kids who got into cocaine, simply because. They’ve got the money, and it’s cool.

And trust me: they are bored, with no clue about how to make themselves feel good, because they never had to work. Being someone’s famous kid, is just not enough to make yourself feel good about …who YOU are. These kids are deprived of the chance to grow into mature adults. And then, they become addicts.

I don’t know how, or WHO flooded the United States with drugs during Vietnam, but I’ve heard military people say, the war in Vietnam was all about our government making money off of the drugs. I’ve also read it was part of the “communist ” plan to destroy America from within.

Take your pick.  What matters is that drugs have killed millions, per hour, per diem, per–ever. Janis Joplin

The long list of people who have died from drugs in Hollywood knows no end does it? We watched John Belushi,  Jim Morrison, Jimi Henrick, Janis Joplin, Corey Monteith, and Heath Ledger kill themselves. Robert Downey Jr. evidently was saved by his friend Mel Gibson, who himself is an alcoholic. We can only wait and watch for the many who will surely die in the future.

How the Beatles survived is anybody’s guess.

Justin Beiber seems to want to be the next James Dean.

You have to wonder why people who have the world going for them…kill themselves with drugs.

Just WHO is getting these people hooked?

Our own President came out recently and said that marijuana causes no more harm than alcohol. Just the fact, that we elected a President who admitted to be a BIGTIME drug user before he ran for office, shows you just how far we have come in excepting drugs into our lives.

Yes, Obama was one of those rich kids…bored. But cool.obama smoking

Nobody has said before, Nobody Thinks Obama still does cocaine. I had a doctor tell me once, cocaine is the one drug that nobody can quit. Add to that the pharmaceutical companies pouring out drugs even for babies, and we are a drugged-up society.

Looking back–I’m so glad I did not choose to pay the price for success in Hollywood. I like to think I had a good chance at being a star: I could sing, dance, play drums, keyboards, guitar… But…if hanging out with the ‘right’ people was the price I had to pay, let’s just say, I lacked the ambition.

And I tell myself daily, as I shop at the Dollar Store…I did not grab my fame and fortune when I could have but, Nobody’s Perfect—especially me.

Phillip joins the long list of misplaced souls….

From Drudge:

Some have expressed surprise that Hoffman, who seemed so calm and erudite in public was a drug addict, yet this shows an ignorance of how socially acceptable drug taking is in the film industry. While it would be ridiculous to say everyone is doing it – that’s far from the truth – it’s become so socially accepted that it’s no surprise to hear about anyone who does.

And now, the next time I see the movie, Twister, I will say, “God, I can’t believe he’s dead.”

R.I.P. Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I must admit, you did something that I could have never have done. You paid the highest price there is: for…Hollywood perfection. The world…will miss you.

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Nobody’s Perfect: Rep. Trey Radel VS Jermaine Lloyd

Nobody’s Perfect:

Cocaine. The rich get a little money, and they just can’t seem to help themselves—- They love to do cocaine. Obama did so much cocaine throughout his life, his sweat is being collected by his buddy Mr. Love and being sold on e-bay for over a $1000 dollars a drop. (Just kidding, his poll numbers are going down. His sweat has dropped in value.)

And last week, we had Rob Ford, who had so much coke flowing through his blood, he was knocking over old ladies.

So this week, on our Nobody’s Perfect list of losers, we have a somebody (a politician) vs. a nobody. (not sure what this guy does) The world is filling up with somebody’s and nobody’s and comparing the two is always educational, don’t you think?rep cocaine

Let’s start with the politician first: Rep. Trey Radel,  simply because he’s from a city that is close to my old home town of Naples, Florida:

(Newser) – A freshman Republican in the House now has much bigger worries than a re-election campaign. Rep. Trey Radel, who represents Florida’s Fort Myers area, has been charged with misdemeanor cocaine possession in DC, reports Politico. The Miami Herald describes Radel as a “libertarian-leaning” Republican in line with the Tea Party and says the 37-year-old might have caught a break by getting busted in Washington: He would have faced felony charges in Florida. His maximum penalty in DC would be 180 days in jail and a $1,000 fine if convicted.

Right! He got busted in D.C., where, as far as we know, half the city is on crack! They sure act like it. He has a wife and a son, and I’m sure two very proud parents somewhere in Ft. Myers wondering how this could have happened.

And then there’s the nobody: Jermaine Lloyd, who was busted because he was running around naked with a turban on his head.

From the Augusta Chronicle:

Deputies had to use force Sunday to subdue a naked man wearing only high heels and a turban after spotting him hiding behind a tree trying to put on pink women’s panties and pantyhose.

The bag he dropped had cocaine and marijuana in it, but it’s the pink panties, high heels,  and the turban that make this man so special. Jerome has taken diversity to a whole new level.Jermaine Lloyd

So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect award for the week? Aha! My first tendency is to give the award to Jerome, because Trey was just cokin…not running around naked with a Turban on his head.

On the other hand, Trey is being paid to represent the good people of Ft. Meyers. As a tax-paying citizen of Lee Country, I’m offended that my representative is hanging out with the people in Washington.

Unlike the motto of Las Vagas: What happens in Washington, doesn’t stay in Washington. In fact, it usually ruins the whole country. He should know that.

So, Congratulations Trey! You win, the Nobody’s Perfect award for the week, for basically not knowing that Obama is out to get anyone who is associated with the Tea Party. Everyone else is allowed to do cocaine…just not you. Trey is already being audited as we speak.

(Just kidding, I have no idea.) But I’d like to add him to the list of other moronic politicians: Funny Dog

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It’s a Government Crack Conspiracy Rob!

Nobody Knows–

—just why Rob Ford did NOT claim that the video of him smoking crack was a government conspiracy? After all…it worked for Mayor Barry. It worked so well, the public went back to the polls and reelected him as the crack-smoking lovable Mayor of Washington D.C.!

What does that tell you about D.C.? (Politicians must do a LOT of cocaine)

Being as I’m ‘unemployed’ right now…according to the government that doesn’t count me, I had the TV on all day. Every cable news station had us all waiting…for hours and hours, and then a few MORE hours, for the exciting news that another douche-bag politician was caught on tape doing something illegal, and he was expected to speak about his admitted drug use.

But…Rob Ford, the great mayor of Toronto, had a plan, one that politicians use all the time, and that is: Make the world wait. It builds up anticipation and makes you appear important, because all the world is waiting…you must be a great man, why, even the President of the United States would not have gotten a whole day’s attention…

I call it: The Miley Cyrus TWERK YOU plan. When you have no talent to speak of, and get caught grossing people out…MILK the MOMENT! TWERK THEM ALL! Bob Ford

And then, the great Rob, (Who obviously smokes a LOT more weed) said this:

“I was elected to do a job and that’s exactly what I’m going to continue doing,” Ford said. “On Oct. 27 of 2014, I want the people of this great city to decide whether they want Rob Ford to be their mayor” (Notice how he speaks of himself in the third person? As if…he’s not even there?)

Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine,” Ford told reporters earlier outside his office. “There have been times when I’ve been in a drunken stupor. That’s why I want to see the tape. I want everyone in the city to see this tape. I don’t even recall there being a tape or video. I want to see the state that I was in.”

Darn. I was waiting for him to say that some tea party person that had mistakenly been admitted into the country…actually got him drunk, handed him a pipe, and then took out the video. Or even better yet, someone deep in the Canadian government wanted to shame him. DARN.

And then, I read this:

On Tuesday, Ford’s brother, Doug, criticized Police Chief Bill Blair for saying he was “disappointed” in the mayor after police recovered the tape last week. Doug Ford called the chief’s comments “inappropriate” and “biased” and said Blair should step aside.

“We have the most political police chief we have ever seen,” said Doug Ford, an influential city councilor. “The police chief believes he’s the judge, the jury and the executioner.”

Gee…I’m so glad that Rob’s brother Doug was paying attention to the government officials who are doing their best to damn poor Rob Ford.

Nobody Knows, nor can fathom, why all the world’s politicians would fit more easily in East St. Louis than high office, and how they keep getting “elected.”

And Nobody Knows why the American press spent the whole damn day patiently waiting for Rob to show up. And Nobody Wonders if someday we will see a video replay of Marion and Rob together, smoking the great government crack conspiracy together in a hotel room in Rio, where they can claim that it was a right-wing conspiracy initiated by Castro, who is really dead.

As the great Mulder once said—“The truth is out there.” And I for one, can’t wait to see it.The truth

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Nobody’s Perfect: Man-Grown Weed VS Man-Made Weed

Nobody’s Perfect:

This week, we have a battle between man-made marijuana, and man-grown one

Let’s start with the man-grown Locoweed, which caused a fire:

Crews are continuing to make progress on the two-week-old wildfire that has scorched 222,777 acres in and around Yosemite National Park.

More than 5,000 firefighters are battling the blaze, which has so far cost $60 million in state and federal funds, said U.S. Forest Service spokesman Trevor Augustino.

Cal Fire spokesman Daniel Berlant issued the good news early on Labor Day, adding that the Rim Fire has now charred 235,841 acres, or 368 square miles – more than seven times the size of San Francisco. (We) highly suspect that it might be some sort of illicit grove, marijuana grow-type thing.”    His comments come at the 6:24 minute mark of a 20-minute briefing, and he underscores there is no official cause, just that it’s “highly suspect.”fires two

When they say it’s “highly suspect” that means that California has had fires set by illegal Mexican drug lords for years now. (Don’t tell John McCain) There was a big one in Santa Barbara County in 2009, that burned 75,000 acres. That fire started in the cooking area of the pot farm, and even Arnold the Terminator couldn’t catch the illegal’s, who no doubt, just moved into Colorado where stink-weed has now been legalized which is the perfect introduction for our second Nobody’s Perfect contestant—–

That slot goes to a man-made reefer called Black Mamba!

Spice,” “K2″ or “Black Mamba” are the names of a drug that is a form of synthetic marijuana. The drug is distributed in little packets. It can be 800 times more potent than THC the chemical in marijuana that makes you high.spice

Police believe that a bad batch of the synthetic drug is being spread around and has left more than 60 people in area emergency rooms. Several of those are on life support.

At University Hospital those hospitalized for using the drug are having seizures. Many are in comas and several are on life support.

So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect award for this week?

The illegal pot growing drug lords…it was NOT a hard decision.

Frankly, I don’t care about the idiots who smoked Black Mamba and are lying somewhere in a coma because they were stupid enough to smoke that crap…people die of bad drugs every day, It’s an individual risk they take on their own. coma

BUT…putting our National Sequoias in jeopardy? Trees that have grown for thousands of years, (and whom I have NOT SEEN yet!) have been threatened because some dipstick illegal drug runners want to get rich by coming into OUR country and screwing up OUR national forests so that they don’t have to try to bring it across the border?! Nobody ever talks about all the animals they have killed off, and homes and lives they have destroyed.

All illegal marijuana growers that cause fires anywhere in America should be rounded up and put in a solitary jail cells with a pound  of Black Mamba, rolling papers, and boxes of Mama Leoni’s pizza.

On the door there should be a permanent signs that reads: No resuscitation.growers one

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Nobody’s Perfect: Jesse Jackson Jr. VS the Meth Brothers

Nobody’s Perfect:

Jesse Jackson Jr. VS the Meth Brothers.

It’s not easy being green, or being the child of one of the most talented extortionist to ever walk in the halls of Congress, and Jesse Jackson Jr. in on the hot seat for not being a slick as his old man. He got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Jesse Jackson Jr.’s father says the ex-congressman is under “tight medical supervision” after being charged with misusing campaign funds.Jesse Jackson Jr.

“He is struggling with the highs and lows of his bipolar disorder,” Jackson Sr., the civil rights leader, told the Chicago Tribune in a statement.

The younger Jackson was formally charged Friday with misusing $750,000 in campaign funds. Federal documents show Jackson bought memorabilia that once belonged to Michael Jackson, Bruce Lee, Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. He is also charged with using the funds to buy children’s furniture and a gold-plated men’s Rolex watch.

It’s got to be depressing to know you just don’t have the same talent at stealing and hiding money as your old man. I’d be depressed too, if someone had found out that what I thought was Michael Jackson’s glove had really belonged to Al Jolson.

Jesse is facing jail time, but right now, I’m sure his father is advising him to shut up, and swear to be sick. “This is a storm; within time, storms pass over,” he said.

Leave it to Dad to come to the rescue. JJ & Bill

And then we have two brothers, who won the lottery and had a blast spending the money…

Two brothers who were celebrating a $75,000 winning lottery ticket by purchasing marijuana and meth accidentally blew up their house on Friday, said Sgt. Bruce Watts of the Wichita Police Department.meth lab two

The explosion sent one of the brothers – a 27-year-old – to the hospital, where he remains in serious but stable condition with second-degree burns on his hands, arms and chest.

The other brother was sent to jail, Watts said.

I’m not sure who wins the Nobody’s Perfect award this week, Jesse, or the two morons who blew up their house…but I’m sentimental. I think the two meth addicts had a disadvantage. They probably a fatherless childhood, unlike Jesse who HAD a dad, and all he had to do was watch the guy…and learn.

In the words of Bob Dylan, he was just “One too many mornings and a thousand miles behind.”dumb and dumber

Jesse can only hope that he meets the two meth brothers someday in the same prison. Who knows WHAT they would do for a Rolex?

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Potus Gold

Nobody Wins–

When foreigners make fun of our dope smoking ‘President.” The one thing that really bugged me when I was reading about Obama’s teenage years of dope smokin; was that Volkswagon Bus. It was THE stoner logo of the 1960’s…but Obama’s dope smoking Chom gang was way past that time. What? Was Hawaii in some kind of time warp?

If you saw anyone who had that Volkswagen van, you knew right away that Cheech and Chong were their favorite movies, and they pretty much had no teeth.

So, you have to ask yourself–how did Obama go from being a really big drug addict (remember, he also went on to the harder drugs like cocaine) to become President of the United States? Is it any wonder he thought the concentration camps in Poland were …Polish?

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