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History, War, and Keeping Us All in Line


Nobody Remembers

Something is just not right, I was thinking about this all day. I can’t put my finger on it, but I’ve been listening to all the news coming from all sides today, about the pilot from Jordan ain being set on fire by ISIS, and it’s really creepy. It’s just a gut feeling. For instance…

Most of the week, everybody has been talking about the Jordanian being burned alive by Isis. Glenn Beck posted the video. So I watched it. And while I was watching it, it was almost like a movie. Well edited …as if made in the West by some movie producer. The shot where you see all the soldiers, faces masked, and then the guy lights the fire with a big torch, and stands SOOOOOO far away…. It was just so well done. Unlike the last video of the beheadings, which were not exactly Hollywood. I’m not saying it was not real…just really well staged.

And then, the reaction of Jordan’s King Abudullah. He quoted Clint Eastwood of all people, what timing, especially while his movie Sniper is going full blast around the world.burned

In “Unforgiven,” a gun slinging Eastwood vows retribution on two cowboys who disfigured a prostitute. When discussing his plans for vengeance, Eastwood’s characters says: “Any man I see out there, I’m going to kill him. Any son of a b—h takes a shot at me, I’m not only going to kill him, I’m going to kill his wife and all his friends and burn his damn house down.”

King Abudullah mentions he is going to run out of bullets, and Obama just gave him another $400 million so, once again…who’s really running this show?

We learned that an Isis camp was destroyed today by Jordan today in retaliations—80 were killed along with a general. and it’s ALMOST like we did it, because our pilots are helping them out of course.

But it’s FOX that has me concerned. The hot babes at FOX are gearing us up for more war…boots on the ground. Almost jingoistic. It’s just creepy. And since Americans care so much, they kept saying “This is the video that might just do it.” And then in the next breath they say, “But they need our help.”

Everybody knows, Obama is tight with the Muslims, and he doesn’t want war…he dismisses every beheading and conflict with a rewritten history lesson. (Christians are just as guilty as the white slave owners in America)  And not because of America, but because he hates America.

Still, creepy.

I watched this video just by chance tonight, mostly because the very first statement by President Kennedy made me think. If you continue to watch the whole thing, you might start getting upset because they point out that 9/11 was orchestrated. Which most conservatives say that’s hogwash. But, we could have won that war easily, but for some reason, we keep losing…because of our Presidents and their handpicked advisors. Their mistakes are huge.


And even I, thought of how MANY times I’ve heard the people on FOX berate all “truthers” with a stinging vengeance of hatred.

You are NEVER to believe that your own government would ever knowingly do such a thing. Well…history is full of men that do such things, and there’s always a first.

Obama is proof of that. Oligarthy

Rush Limbaugh use to do the VERY same tactic with Independents. He would put them all down as stupid. He has changed his tuned because more people claim to be Independent in America now than at any other time in our history.  And that’s the GOOD news. Rush had to…shut up.

Don’t get me wrong, you KNOW how I feel about Obama if you read me, but….this video does point out…a truth you cannot deny…and Kennedy, Eisenhower, both were trying to tell us.

Ron Paul was trying to tell us too. There are a few men at the top who control it all…and they just had cocktails at Davos.

Anyway, I have a doctor’s appointment today, so I leave the video for you to ponder if you have the time. … and well. I will say no more.

By the way, I watched the first four parts. When it got to Hillary, I turned it off. I have seen too much of her as it is. It not your usual conspiracy theory tape, it backs it all up,

with blatant evidence.

And if you choose to ignore it, then pick up your cellphone and say “HI” to the NSA.


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Nobody’s Fool: Pat Condell

Nobody’s Fool

Pat Condell is one of my MOST favorite nobodies. He’s clear, to the point, and always right.

Today at a prayer meeting at the White House, Obama had to blame the Christians for the crusades.

The real question is, how can so many Western leaders be so utterly stupid, as to let the Muslims flood their countries?

Anyway, we will never knew why that is, but what we don’t know Pat is going to tell us for sure. He is beyond amazing.


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Pass the Ginkgo, I Think I’m Going to Pass Out.

Nobody WinsPuzzled faces one

“I would like to get rid of the homophobes, sexists, and racists in our audience. I know they’re out there and it really bothers me.” ― Kurt Cobain

(Good thing he doesn’t have to be bothered about it anymore.)

On the Daily Kos site today, I found an article trying to tell America that all those vitamins and supplements on the shelves at Walgreens and Walmarts are really just garbage. Placebos. Ginkgo Biloba especially. According to many, they do nothing and the government should get after them. They LIE on their labels. Food 2

I guess it takes one to know one.

The news that a New York state attorney general’s investigation found that the overwhelming majority of so-called “nutritional supplements” sold by some of the biggest retailers in the nation contained none of the actual ingredient they were supposed to be “supplementing” once again raises the question: Is the health supplement marketplace America’s most crooked industry?

You have to laugh at this: America’s most crooked industry?

The current White House holds that positions, and how dare you challenge it.

Shall we compare it to the food industry? Haven’t we been told that our soil was depleted ions ago, and so Monsanto personally genetically altered every seed, corn plant, tomato, lettuce, rice, wheat, and just about everything we eat?

How about those cows and chickens? Do you think Americans are fat because they are overloaded on hormones that are pumped into our meat in order to make them grow faster?

And do they really FILTER those hormones out of the water that everyone is passing out after eating those cows and chickens? So you eat estrogen and drink it too?FDA

How about Fluoride? That’s a poison that some manufacturer had a byproduct, wanted a place to dump it, so the “government” said, well..dump it in the water!

And what’s all this stuff doing to our thyroids?

Hey, did vitamins make us a fat nation? Did that Ginkgo Biloba you take cause you to crave another Big Mac? How about when we found out Subway was putting plastic in the bread?

I can take any Ginkgo and it really helps. No kidding. Without it, halfway through even Moonlight Sonata I go blank. Sure, there might be some that are not what they say…so don’t buy them. It’s pretty simple. If it doesn’t work for you, then go to another brand. That’s the free market. Nobody has ever died from taken a vitamin C tablet.

You know who has the honor of being the most crooked industry in America?

Our government. They are being pressured by the big pharmaceuticals to put their big booted foot down on vitamins and supplements….you can’t patent natural herbs.

Not yet. They want to ‘regulate’ it all, just like the internet. Sen. Orrin Hatch, has been the industry’s champion in exempting themselves from FDA regulation

In other words, they want to CONTROL the money, and give the monopoly advantages to all their friends in the pharmaceutical

But nobodies always come through. Here’s a few responses to the article:

I Don’t Recall Ginko Destroying 25% of Humanity’s

Bill Clinton and Orrin Hatch for that 1994 law that altered federal requirements applicable to supplements and allowed such things as toxic ephedra to be on the market as a supplement ….

(It’s okay if it’s toxic. Our light bulbs are toxic. I’m starting to see a pattern here…hold me back.)

Powdered rice, beans, peas and wild carrots stuffed inside of a pretty red gelatin capsule would be a welcome change to the slop I’ve been working down my intestinal tract.

No kidding. Think about it. They have two whole isles filled with cereals’ and worthless snacks in every grocery store in the country.

Do you really think what they say is IN all that stuff is really there?

Nobody Wins when they try to take away my Ginkgo Biloba. I beginning to think they don’t WANT us to think.

On the other hand, maybe I’m… overdosing on biloba nonsense.

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