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Dave Barry is one of America’s National treasures. And so…without his permission, I am going to copy a portion of a column that I read before breakfast.not again

Nobody tell him.

It’s from a column called “The Rules” and to set up the excerpt, it was about the various rules our leaders in Washington make that baffle us all. He made the point that President Reagan in a direct quote after bombing Khadafy said, “We weren’t out to kill anybody.”

We have large military airplanes fly over there, and drop bombs all over his immediate vicinity: but we weren’t trying to kill him. You want to know why? I’ll tell you why. The Rules.

That’s right. It runs out that we have this law, signed in 1976 by Gerald Ford, who coincidentally also pardoned Richard M. Nixon, under which it is illegal for our government to assassinate foreign leaders. So we can’t just hire a couple of experienced persons named Vito for 100 grand to sneak over there one night in dark clothing and fill up Moammar’s various breathing apertures with plumbers’ putty. No, that would be breaking a rule. So what we do is spend several hundred million dollars to crank up the entire Sixth Fleet and have planes fly over from as far away as England, not to mention that we lose a couple of airmen, to achieve the purpose of NOT killing Moammar Khadafy. We did kill various other random Libyans, but that is OK under the Rules. Gerald Ford signed nothing to protect them. “

I wonder how Mr. Barry would talk about the fact that we spend TRILLIONS of dollars after being attacked by bin Laden, only to have the next President spend another trillion taking us out, only to decide that we need to spend another trillion to go back, and even after bin Laden is dead? Add to that the fact that we are trillions in debt.

And on top of that, we send men over there and tell them the new rule: Don’t shoot your enemy unless he shoots you first! Ha ha ha.

So, hopefully Mr. Barry will forgive me for posting his copyrighted ‘stuff” and if he gets mad, I’ll just have to bake him another pumpkin pie.


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