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Sorry. I won’t be anymore posting this weekend— my dear parakeet Molly is dying as we speak. “HE” (I thought when he was a baby it was a she) has been with me for 15 years.

Molly has a tumor almost as big as him on his belly, and the fight has been a long one…six months. To witness the bravery in such a tiny life, is overwhelming me with emotion.

Silly as it may sound to most of you, I am overwhelmed with sorrow. His song, his little kisses, his life, have been with me in joy every day.

I’ll be posting on Monday, my usual Nobody Opinion.

Thanks so much for continuing to stop by my little blog.

My Sweet Molly

My Sweet Molly



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Did This Pilot REALLY Do This? Wow.

Nobody Flashes

O.K. all you pilots out there, is this a real video, or is this fake?

It looks real to me, but even if it isn’t, it’s fun to watch.


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