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Nobody’s Fool: Joel Osteen

Nobody’s Fool

I was washing dishes last Sunday when I heard this sermon on my TV. My husband came into the kitchen and said, “Hey, turn that off.”

He’s not one for sermons…it’s not that he doesn’t believe in God, sermons are just not his thing.

“DON’T YOU DARE!” I yelled so loudly, “He’s talking to ME.” He backed down and said, “Oh..okay.” LOL. He went back to his video game.

I thought Joel was saying some of the most profound wisdom that I had heard in a long time.

It’s easy to see why this man fills the room.

Joel Osteen is Nobody’s Fool. And this week, he sent a message to me. One that I just needed to hear again. And I’m sure I’m not the only one.

When a speaker makes you feel that he is talking to you personally, well, that’s a talent from God few of us have.

God bless this man. I think I’ll turn him on more often.

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Ah…to be Two Again.

Nobody Flashes

Never mind his great memory, I want some of that fantastic energy!

This kid is so cute…just enjoy.


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We Can Be Sure: This was NOT Nancy Pelosi as a Child.

Nobody Flashes

To have a child, or not to have.

That may be the question for many women…and if it is: Do NOT watch this video.


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Happiness….Is Babies and Puppies

Nobody Flashes

A  reminder of what’s important…it’s not Nancy Pelosi.

Babies and puppies. God sure knows how to make us all feel all happy inside.(Well, me anyway.)


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How Many Birds Did the Liberals Kill in Australia? Nobody Knows

Nobody Flashes

The democrats are SO vicious these last two years, sometimes I just like to get away and watch, animals.

I think, in that proclivity, I’m joined by billions around the planet.

As you know, I’m a big bird fan. Besides dogs…elephants and birds make my day. I’m a sucker for both.

But birds, REALLY fascinate me. I love the sound of birds in the morning, AND the evening. I’m just an audio person I guess.

For instance: I have a young parakeet, who started sleeping in the same spot every night. And when I go to cover up the cage, it doesn’t matter where she is in the big cage, when I say “Go get in your spot.” she has to climb through the other birds, who will peck at her just because, but she will go every which way to get to her spot, for which she gets rewarded with just a verbal “I’m so proud of you!” from me. No food. And I often wondered how she knew I was telling her that. She figured it out on her own.

Trivia fact: Thomas Edison’s wife had a fake tree full of dead birds she had stuffed after she found them dead, and placed on a small display tree on her porch for her own enjoyment. This was in their home in Ft. Myers, Florida. I thought that was so weird. It was not far away from Tom’s phonograph which had his teeth marks on it. He had to put his teeth on the record player in order to hear it.

That’s how deaf he was. He once said he found being deaf an advantage because you could always pretend you didn’t hear what people said: Even though he knew. Came in handy during business meetings, he said.

Anyway, if you like birds and like to watch them do funny things…enjoy.

Tomorrow we go back to the insanity of humans.

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God Bless Mrs Jingles

Nobody Flashes

I’m not sure when it started, but this morning, I finally caught my Mrs. Jingles. Mrs. Jingles is a mouse that comes out every night while I’m typing my posts.

Just like Mr. Jingles in the movie THE GREEN MILE, I’ve had a mouse in my computer room for over a month now. I’ve lived in this house for over 40 years, and once had squirrels in the attic, and in the walls, but never any problems with mice.

But, last year, we had to get a new roof put on, and it took over three days…and now, we have mice. Not a lot mind you, but once in, they multiply. And THIS LAST WEEK, I have had one very determined mouse, who is a female, because she’s already had one litter, and I’ve discovered her nest, and pretty much caught all the babies, but I cannot catch her.

Mrs. Jingles is VERY smart.

In fact, one night, I had the trap right near my foot, and she looked up at me, went into the trap, got the dog food, came out, and went back behind the furniture.

I should have offered her a cup of tea.

My husband and I have gone around about the mice. He wants to kill them. And I just can’t. I catch them, and release them, because, they really are just so adorably cute. Besides, if you poison them, good luck finding the body. And the smell…

We do NOT need to go there.

RATS, I hate. Mice on the other hand, remind me of the gerbils that my son used to have when he was kid. I think I played with them more than he did. I would put them in Christmas paper tubes, and watch them run all over my feet…okay. It was too much fun.

I was NOT a kid.


So, I got some very humane traps. They go in, the door shuts, and the next day we release them into the woods somewhere. And they look up at me with those big brown eyes like, “WHAT? You aren’t going to eat me are you?” 

Really.. I’d make a terrible scientist.

But LAST night, I was ready to lose it. She was in a drawer, scratching, scratching— busy, busy, busy…no doubt I was sure, making a new nest. And she was making quite a bit of noise. I knew it would be impossible to stop her, because the minute you open the drawer, she’s gone.

Last night I put out my finest trap: and put in it three pistachio’s. Mice LOVE them.

This morning…my husband came into the room and said, “This one’s a fat MotherF*$%&er.” I was so relieved. BUT…sad in a way. As I type tonight, I almost miss her running out to get her little bit of dog food.

Truly, I find it amazing that one of God’s tiniest creatures takes so much care making a nest for her babies. Ms. Jingles collected trash from all the trash cans, and today, while I was cleaning out her nest, and thanking the lord she didn’t have her babies before we caught her, I can’t help but wonder: How can a mama mouse be so caring about the nest she is making for her babies and so many human women don’t even WANT to build the nest.

They don’t even want the child. Not mama mouse. She is determined to make that nest the BEST in the world.

It’s a mystery that puts some women well below the tiny little mouse.

I Hope tonight she’s found a nice place to make her nest and she’s not too cold…and… she doesn’t get eaten and her babies live, and…

Okay. Now I’m getting silly.

One good thing: My neighbor and I BOTH had roofs put on by illegals at the same time. But SHE got…snakes.

So I was the lucky one. She got snakes. I got mice. It’s Sunday, and God is good.




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Nobody Flashes a Fireside Chat

Nobody Flashes

I just happened upon this video tonight. I must admit, I really hadn’t heard of him before. He calls his video’s of wisdom and opinions: Prager U.

He’s a fellow thinker. Not much of that going around these days.

I was interested in the subject because this is going on in my own family, and I could not figure out why.

But, being as it’s Sunday, and he very much likes the wisdom in the Bible, I thought maybe some of my readers would enjoy this man.

Heck, most of you probably already know him.

Anyway, enjoy. 🙂

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Time: Nobody Explains

Nobody Reports

Here’s a headline I was axious to read:

Physics Offers Explanation To Why Time Flies As We Get Older

I have often wondered why the older you get, the more times seems to fly past, and here’s what the scientists have come up with:

Days seemed to last longer in your youth because the young mind receives more images during one day than the same mind in old age.”

As we mature, the nerves and neurons in our brains also mature, growing in size and complexity. Consequently, new neural signals (memories), are faced with a longer path to travel than when we were young. Our nerves also deteriorate as we age, slowing down the flow of electrical signals throughout our minds.

So, because older people are processing far fewer images within a given amount of time than they used to in their youth, it feels like time is passing at a faster rate.

Okay. Not sure I buy this explanation.

When you first read it, you go …what? First off, there IS no change scientifically in the concept of time itself, what has changed is what one DOES with one’s time. Notice, these guys blame it on the mature brain not processing images as fast.

To me, that would make the day go much longer not shorter.

When you’re a kid, time means nothing. You are busy thinking about nothing but the grass, the trees, eating, the small of the rain, your friend. Cartoons. Chocolate cake. The dog. The fact that your brother sat on top of you and slapped your face while he laughed.

You have no worries, no bother…you can just wander around and run around, explore…tie or not tie your shoe. Time is endless.

When you are older, with ALL the responsibilities in one day, like cell phones, work, dealing with morons, dealing with kids, husbands, friends, driving in rush hour, email, disturbing news programs, yard work…you realize that your time WILL be up soon. You realize you don’t HAVE enough time. Everything is controlled. And that includes your time.

Frankly I need at least 100 more years to get all I need to do done. And so, the time goes fast, too fast. WAY too fast.

If anything, we have MORE images going into our head. We are STUFFED with images…what the heck do these scientists think 4 hours of 2 second commercials on every channel are doing to us?

Somehow, I don’t think it’s because I’m not seeing enough images in my brain. Who sees more images? A child watching an ant crawl up a log for 20 minutes, or an adult on a computer?

You also, have been through so many season and months in life, that you naturally anticipate the beginning and the ending much more succinctly then when you were a kid. You KNOW that you will have to rake the leaves, and clean out the gutter.

If an uncle dies, the kid goes, “Well, okay. Can I go outside now?” They have no concept of that either.

True Story about Time: When I was four, my mother bought me a toy clock. It was plastic, and I was to sit every day for twenty minutes (No kidding, I even remember what she said.) and learn how to tell time by it. I was smart enough to know that my mother had a motive in this, and to ME it was to control me.

No WAY was that going to happen.

I sat there every day, every hour, and REFUSED to learn how to tell time. She finally gave up.

I think it was written in my rebel DNA…to rebel against the ultimate control: TIME

And so, I manage to never learn to tell time until I got into college. You might find this hard to believe but, most anyone can manage to get anywhere on time without having to look at a clock. Kids lives are so controlled there’s no need for a watch.

The bell rings, you go to another class. No problem. It gets dark, you go home. Easy.

Until…college. It was my first semester in college and I was walking to my next class, when a really cute boy ran up to me and ask, “What time is it?”

Yep. You guessed it. I had a watch on. (LOL) Come on. I didn’t want anybody to KNOW I couldn’t tell time.

“I don’t know.” I said. As I looked at my watch.

“Oh sure.” He said in a snobby way. He looked at my working watch and ran off, disgusted.

It was at that moment that it dawned on me. Gee…he was cute. I don’t want that to happen again.

Yes, it was the interest in the opposite sex that made me learn how to read a clock. It took me all of ten minutes to figure it out.

That’s a true story, I kid you not. Looking back, I suppose it proved something but don’t ask me what. Maybe that I was the only fool on the planet who refused to learn how to tell time.

I was just stubborn. Saw NO need whatsoever to bother myself with such trivia.

So, my theory of time is: It’s what you do with time, NOT your brain getting older that makes you think time is slipping away.

Nobody can now report…with confidence, that these scientists probably also believe the world will end in 10 years.

And if you go by their theory, they are just not getting enough images.

Maybe they should get off their cell phones and be a kid again.

Go sit in the sand and blow bubbles, boys….. Your long day will come back.

And if you REALLY want to make the day longer….watch the impeachment. Stare at Shifty for a few hours. That will be so much torture that…

The day won’t be able to end soon enough.

And you will realize that you will NEVER get that time back ever again. If we could sue the democrats for wasting our time, we’d all be rich.

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Babies Communicate Better than Politicians.

Nobody Flashes

Deep in the basement of the Capital, very serious conversations are going on about just HOW to impeach a President.

Well…okay. Actually, these twins make a lot more sense.

Sue me. My female hormones can’t resist the fun of chattering newborns. See if you can tell the females from the males.

Even at that age, it’s pretty easy.

Really. This gender nonsense is a total absurdity. Anybody who has been around babies OR animals for that matter, sees the differences right away. It’s like night and day.

Even in birds. Or turtles. You CAN tell.

Can you believe we live in a society that is trying to deny the very fundamentals of nature?

Hard to believe it, but the liberals are dead set on transforming every thing known to man.

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Turn off the TV.

Nobody Flashes

I was on burnout yesterday from so much political crap on our TV.

The news is so nasty and full of the worst of human nature, watching all the politicians beat up the President for no reason whatsoever, and the movie stars making one disaster film after another, filled with gloom and doom, nothing happy anywhere to watch OR read. I don’t even want to SEE “The Joker.” The fact that Robert Dinero is in it is reason enough.

Is it any wonder that so many people find joy in their pets? These pups remind me that happiness can be found in the simpliest things. (But really, poor mom.)


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A brief Moment of Wonder….

Nobody Flashes

After all the insane and ongoing relentless insanity in the news…I tend to look for the simple things on this planet that touches my heart.

Like this.

I love birds. And these two are special. I was at a bird store today and a lady was cuddling a baby bird in her arms and he was making noises and I asked her if he was sick and she said, “No, he’s just a baby. I’m bonding with him.”

Anyway…I thought she was sweet to show such compassion.

Enjoy a brief moment from the madness.

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Nobody Flashes the Usefullness of Genuis

Nobody Flashes.

How many of these people have effected humanity really?

How many of these people are liberal vegetarians?

I’ll take the genius of our President any day of the week.

It’s not what you know, it’s what you DO with what you know.

Being the best Chess player in the world, in my Nobody Opinion, does not make you the smartest. Notice that guy is number one.

All it does is prove you’ve spent hours learning the game of chess.


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The Cardinal

Nobody Flashes

My son went to see his friend today. For two years this good friend has been fighting prostrate cancer, and has hours to live. All the golf buddies got together to say their final goodbyes, at the hospice where he was living.

Eric was a young man, with two kids and a wife. They didn’t want to wake him since he was on his last sleep, my son said. …he might die tonight. He might die in a few days.

But there is nothing more to do, the cancer has spread all over his body. And I am glad my son got to at least say his goodbyes.

I remember this young man when he and my son played video games for hours after high school. My son would beat him every single time, and Eric would get SO mad. It was almost funny, but after the game, it was buds as usual.

Funny isn’t it, how you tend to stay in touch with your best friends from school. You go out into life, but those buddies from school…somehow they know you better than anyone, and accept you as you are.

My best friend from high school died from brain cancer when she was 47. I remember going into hospice to say my goodbyes and I told her, as she lay in bed, almost hairless, to send me a sign. She just smiled.

She died two days later.

And the strangest thing happened: She did. She DID send me a sign.

I was in a local flower shop the next day ordering a big red wreath to be sent to the funeral parlor. Shelly, my friend, was a big Cardinals baseball fan. Even when she moved out to L.A., she stayed true to the Cardinals.

While I was talking to the two ladies in the shop, a mother and her daughter, the daughter started screaming. A bird had flown in from the back door of the shop which was left open as it was a summer’s day. The bird flew all the way into the front of the shop, and then landed on the floor.

Sorry, but I kept telling the women that it was “Just a bird…it’s okay…it can’t hurt you.” And I went over and yes, you guessed it, it was a red cardinal. I put my hand on the floor and that bird, and you may not believe this, but that bird climbed onto the palm of my hand.

“Look! Isn’t he beautiful!” I slowly walked over to the register counter where the two ladies were standing, and showed them the cardinal. He just sat, so very still. We marveled at the fact that he just sat there in my hand, and then I said, “I’m going to take him back out the back door.”

When I got him outside, I went to the nearest tree and tried hard to get him to climb up on a branch. But that bird wouldn’t budge. And then it dawned on me: This was SHELLY…saying goodbye to me. It would be just her sense of humor. It would be just like her to NOT get off my hand. There I was, talking to this bird saying, “Shelly, I can’t take you home…mom’s in the car waiting for me…I mean, don’t you live around here?”

I know. You HAVE to know this is a true story because who would admit such a thing? Woman talks to bird.

Then I tried to put the little guy on the ground. It took a while but I finally got him to go onto the grass.

When I got back to the parking lot, where my mom was waiting for me in the car, I told her about it, and then stared worrying…Hey, maybe the bird had been shocked! What if a cat came and ate him sitting here on that ground!

I hurried back to the spot where I had left the bird, and the cardinal, was gone. And I was sad, because to me, it was Shelly and I truly would never see her again.

When I got to the funeral, to my surprise, my BIG red wreath was at the head of her casket. Her father had put it there.

I told my son this story in the hopes that he would know that spirits can come back as ‘signs’. The people who we love and who love us, sometimes actually do try to contact us in some way, to let us know they are still here. They STILL love us.

Nobody understand the universe really, and where our “souls” go when we die.

So many lives are cut short. And so, I think it’s only human nature to believe that the spirit lives on. Humanity has believed that since before the Egyptians. Indians believed in signs.

And I do too. Life after death? Why not? Energy goes somewhere right?

I just think, you have to believe in your own heart that the sign you are seeing, is really that. Impossible as it may seem.

Many people will think it was just a coincidence that a cardinal flew into a flower shop that day. I don’t.

I think it was Shelly saying goodbye, in a very happy way.

And I hope, that the good man Eric will send my son a ‘sign’,

I pray that my son remembers my story in his time of grief, and wants to live his life, and remember, his good friend and all the great times they had. And I bet, if you asked, there are thousands of people with stories just like this.

Right? Right.

God, is always there. You just have to look for him.

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Oh…In the Evening…



Nobody Flashes

Last night, I was trying to come up with something to write about this Sunday.

So, I got in my old hot tub, where I like to think, which is located right outside the back door. I am so tired of everybody attacking Trump and America for everything.

And yes, I’m TIRED of writing about gloomy stuff.

My hut tub sits underneath a big gum tree, whose branches hover over it. Not far away, is it’s ‘child’ which has almost grown as big as it mother. It sits four, you can lay down in it, and the feet jets are probably my favorite part. Many of the newer models don’t have those powerful jets for your feet.

It’s broken down a lot over the years, but somehow we manage to duck tape it back together.

I love my old hot tub.

Everybody has a place to ‘mediate’, relax, and this old hot tub is mine. I can just stop thinking when I get into it.

The jets are very strong, and the water rolls over your body, you can look in the waves like Nostradamus and be mesmerized. It messages whatever part is killing you at the moment, which at my current age, happens to be a sore knee.

I started thinking about all my worries last night: Will we have enough money to retire on and still help my son with his money worries? Will the country make it through the vast hatred of the left, and the enemies of the Bush family, with ALL the past presidents making horrible remarks…what kind of future will the children of America have? If I die, who will take care of my birds? Will I ever find the time to do everything I want to do around the house?

You know, the usual worries.

And then, I looked up. There are no leaves on my ‘mother’ tree right now. (I call her mom) So the stars hung on her limbs like a Christmas tree twinkling. The moon was bright, and not quite full yet, in fact it looked kind of goofy.

My back yard lite up with small solar lamps, of all shapes and colors, because the sun was out today.

Here I was worrying, and yet…I realized as I laid back and took in all the beauty of the stars, through the trees, how lucky I was to even be alive, to be able to SEE the sky, to SEE the stars, and to even feel the loneliness of the unknown and the scare of a future no one can control.

I’ve always thought, there really is no church to match the beauty of nature. I can look at a branch of a tree and see God. Love God. Wonder about God.

And to feel the life, the spirit of just knowing there is another day tomorrow, and God willing, another night in spring, where I can sit in my little hot tub gaze, at the moon, and realize, the rest of the world is looking at it too.

I felt, very rich.

I read Michael Jackson adopted daughter tried to commit suicide. Rich, beyond belief, and yet, so alone.

What’s that Beatle song? “Aw…look at all the lonely people.” Eleanor Rigby.

And then I thought of this song. If you’ve never heard it, put on some earphones and really LISTEN to the words.

They’re beautiful.

I loved it when it first came out. And I love it still.

These words, tonight, are just perfect.

For what is worth more in life? Than the ones you love.

And an old familiar tree, and an old familier moon, to know.

And there’s always hope, that good will triumph over evil.


Now, if we can only get everyone to look at the same moon, at the same time….

(Okay, stop while I’m ahead.)

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