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Here’s a headline I was axious to read:

Physics Offers Explanation To Why Time Flies As We Get Older

I have often wondered why the older you get, the more times seems to fly past, and here’s what the scientists have come up with:

Days seemed to last longer in your youth because the young mind receives more images during one day than the same mind in old age.”

As we mature, the nerves and neurons in our brains also mature, growing in size and complexity. Consequently, new neural signals (memories), are faced with a longer path to travel than when we were young. Our nerves also deteriorate as we age, slowing down the flow of electrical signals throughout our minds.

So, because older people are processing far fewer images within a given amount of time than they used to in their youth, it feels like time is passing at a faster rate.

Okay. Not sure I buy this explanation.

When you first read it, you go …what? First off, there IS no change scientifically in the concept of time itself, what has changed is what one DOES with one’s time. Notice, these guys blame it on the mature brain not processing images as fast.

To me, that would make the day go much longer not shorter.

When you’re a kid, time means nothing. You are busy thinking about nothing but the grass, the trees, eating, the small of the rain, your friend. Cartoons. Chocolate cake. The dog. The fact that your brother sat on top of you and slapped your face while he laughed.

You have no worries, no bother…you can just wander around and run around, explore…tie or not tie your shoe. Time is endless.

When you are older, with ALL the responsibilities in one day, like cell phones, work, dealing with morons, dealing with kids, husbands, friends, driving in rush hour, email, disturbing news programs, yard work…you realize that your time WILL be up soon. You realize you don’t HAVE enough time. Everything is controlled. And that includes your time.

Frankly I need at least 100 more years to get all I need to do done. And so, the time goes fast, too fast. WAY too fast.

If anything, we have MORE images going into our head. We are STUFFED with images…what the heck do these scientists think 4 hours of 2 second commercials on every channel are doing to us?

Somehow, I don’t think it’s because I’m not seeing enough images in my brain. Who sees more images? A child watching an ant crawl up a log for 20 minutes, or an adult on a computer?

You also, have been through so many season and months in life, that you naturally anticipate the beginning and the ending much more succinctly then when you were a kid. You KNOW that you will have to rake the leaves, and clean out the gutter.

If an uncle dies, the kid goes, “Well, okay. Can I go outside now?” They have no concept of that either.

True Story about Time: When I was four, my mother bought me a toy clock. It was plastic, and I was to sit every day for twenty minutes (No kidding, I even remember what she said.) and learn how to tell time by it. I was smart enough to know that my mother had a motive in this, and to ME it was to control me.

No WAY was that going to happen.

I sat there every day, every hour, and REFUSED to learn how to tell time. She finally gave up.

I think it was written in my rebel DNA…to rebel against the ultimate control: TIME

And so, I manage to never learn to tell time until I got into college. You might find this hard to believe but, most anyone can manage to get anywhere on time without having to look at a clock. Kids lives are so controlled there’s no need for a watch.

The bell rings, you go to another class. No problem. It gets dark, you go home. Easy.

Until…college. It was my first semester in college and I was walking to my next class, when a really cute boy ran up to me and ask, “What time is it?”

Yep. You guessed it. I had a watch on. (LOL) Come on. I didn’t want anybody to KNOW I couldn’t tell time.

“I don’t know.” I said. As I looked at my watch.

“Oh sure.” He said in a snobby way. He looked at my working watch and ran off, disgusted.

It was at that moment that it dawned on me. Gee…he was cute. I don’t want that to happen again.

Yes, it was the interest in the opposite sex that made me learn how to read a clock. It took me all of ten minutes to figure it out.

That’s a true story, I kid you not. Looking back, I suppose it proved something but don’t ask me what. Maybe that I was the only fool on the planet who refused to learn how to tell time.

I was just stubborn. Saw NO need whatsoever to bother myself with such trivia.

So, my theory of time is: It’s what you do with time, NOT your brain getting older that makes you think time is slipping away.

Nobody can now report…with confidence, that these scientists probably also believe the world will end in 10 years.

And if you go by their theory, they are just not getting enough images.

Maybe they should get off their cell phones and be a kid again.

Go sit in the sand and blow bubbles, boys….. Your long day will come back.

And if you REALLY want to make the day longer….watch the impeachment. Stare at Shifty for a few hours. That will be so much torture that…

The day won’t be able to end soon enough.

And you will realize that you will NEVER get that time back ever again. If we could sue the democrats for wasting our time, we’d all be rich.

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