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The “Impeachment” Game of Thrones

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Gee…forget the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ or “Bachelorette”—Every single channel is promoting the new contest called, “Who Can Find the Biggest Impeachment Crime on The President!”

It’s getting to be ridiculous. That takes up 94 percent of the news, the other 5 percent is DACA and the Australian Fires. It’s as if nothing else in the world matters but trashing Trump, praising the poor mistreated illegals, and climate change. The heat from the fires in California has suddenly jumped to Australia, took a hard turn to Siberia, and ended up in the cornfields of Kansas.

The political deep state agenda…goes on no matter what station you turn on.

Every single pundit is putting on their ‘serious crime committed there” face—And if you didn’t know better, you’d have to wonder too. Well, what crime WILL they find?

None of course. But best assured all the usual clowns like Maxine Waters, Nadler, and Shifty himself, will pontificate the most horrendous accusations ever thrown at anybody. The Republicans will get…a few moments of talk, but honestly, who’s going to watch this crap? Didn’t we see enough congressional farces these last three years?

I’d RATHER read some more of Peter Schweizer’s words…like these from his book,

Throw Them All Out…

Crony capitalism unites these politicians with a certain class of businessmen who act as political entrepreneurs. They make their money from government subsidies, guaranteed loans, grants, and set-asides. They seek to steer the ship of state into profitable seas. Twenty first century privateers, they pursue wealth though political pull rather than by producing new products or services. In addition to these political entrepreneurs, big investors turn to lobbying and insider information from their sponsored politicians to make their investment decision and business is very good.

Political contacts, inside information, financial connections, and influence are increasingly replacing open competition. Hard work and innovation should be driving the America economy, but in Washington, crony connections have thrown these style economic helmsmen overboard. Under crony capitalism, access to government officials who can dole out grants, special tax breaks, and subsides is an alternative path to wealth.

I still have my library copy which is so long overdue, it will probably be cheaper just to buy the book.
Which I intend to do.

So, my Nobody Suggestion is: Don’t watch the stupid Impeachment Inquiry. It’s only going to make you mad. Read a book instead.

President Trump was right when he said that they’d all be sorry when he was gone. They are making TOO much money trashing the man.

Frankly, I think if we just stop watching this witch hunt, then they lose not only money, but power, and I intend to stop.

Tomorrow. Period. Besides, whatever happens will be all over the news…as usual.

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