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Nobody Flashes: More Cows! Less Idiots

Nobody Flashes

Ben & Jerry, were at the Green Revolution protest with Jane Fonda a few days ago.

Yes, Ben and Jerry— who make their fortune off of selling ice cream. Where does Ice cream come from?


On top of that, they are complaining about the money being spent by Congress on the military. President TRUMP is trying to stop all the wars, and here, whether they realize it or not, they are agreeing with him.

But it’s also an impeachment march. They want him impeached. Hmmmmm…..

So, let’s understand this: It’s okay to get rid of oil, and our military, but not the farting cows that are destroying the earth.

And it’s okay to get rid of President Trump, who is all for protecting businessmen like Ben & Jerry, who made their money off of capitalism.

And cows. The poor cows.

Without those cows, we wouldn’t even know who Ben and Jerry were.

They want a fight for our future?

More cows! Less idiots. That’s what I learned from watching this video.

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