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I’m not sure when it started, but this morning, I finally caught my Mrs. Jingles. Mrs. Jingles is a mouse that comes out every night while I’m typing my posts.

Just like Mr. Jingles in the movie THE GREEN MILE, I’ve had a mouse in my computer room for over a month now. I’ve lived in this house for over 40 years, and once had squirrels in the attic, and in the walls, but never any problems with mice.

But, last year, we had to get a new roof put on, and it took over three days…and now, we have mice. Not a lot mind you, but once in, they multiply. And THIS LAST WEEK, I have had one very determined mouse, who is a female, because she’s already had one litter, and I’ve discovered her nest, and pretty much caught all the babies, but I cannot catch her.

Mrs. Jingles is VERY smart.

In fact, one night, I had the trap right near my foot, and she looked up at me, went into the trap, got the dog food, came out, and went back behind the furniture.

I should have offered her a cup of tea.

My husband and I have gone around about the mice. He wants to kill them. And I just can’t. I catch them, and release them, because, they really are just so adorably cute. Besides, if you poison them, good luck finding the body. And the smell…

We do NOT need to go there.

RATS, I hate. Mice on the other hand, remind me of the gerbils that my son used to have when he was kid. I think I played with them more than he did. I would put them in Christmas paper tubes, and watch them run all over my feet…okay. It was too much fun.

I was NOT a kid.


So, I got some very humane traps. They go in, the door shuts, and the next day we release them into the woods somewhere. And they look up at me with those big brown eyes like, “WHAT? You aren’t going to eat me are you?” 

Really.. I’d make a terrible scientist.

But LAST night, I was ready to lose it. She was in a drawer, scratching, scratching— busy, busy, busy…no doubt I was sure, making a new nest. And she was making quite a bit of noise. I knew it would be impossible to stop her, because the minute you open the drawer, she’s gone.

Last night I put out my finest trap: and put in it three pistachio’s. Mice LOVE them.

This morning…my husband came into the room and said, “This one’s a fat MotherF*$%&er.” I was so relieved. BUT…sad in a way. As I type tonight, I almost miss her running out to get her little bit of dog food.

Truly, I find it amazing that one of God’s tiniest creatures takes so much care making a nest for her babies. Ms. Jingles collected trash from all the trash cans, and today, while I was cleaning out her nest, and thanking the lord she didn’t have her babies before we caught her, I can’t help but wonder: How can a mama mouse be so caring about the nest she is making for her babies and so many human women don’t even WANT to build the nest.

They don’t even want the child. Not mama mouse. She is determined to make that nest the BEST in the world.

It’s a mystery that puts some women well below the tiny little mouse.

I Hope tonight she’s found a nice place to make her nest and she’s not too cold…and… she doesn’t get eaten and her babies live, and…

Okay. Now I’m getting silly.

One good thing: My neighbor and I BOTH had roofs put on by illegals at the same time. But SHE got…snakes.

So I was the lucky one. She got snakes. I got mice. It’s Sunday, and God is good.




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