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I did not watch any of the democratic arguments these past two days, instead I read some in “The Education of Henry Adams” by Henry Adams, who as you may not know, was the son of Charles Adams who was the son of John Quincy Adams, who was the son of John Adams. …long line of politicians there.

He writes about his life…and mostly about how he worked for his father Charles Adams, who was Lincolns’ ambassador to England during the Civil War.

Here’s a few quotes from the book I found interesting:

ON SENATORS: The average Senator was more reserved, but had not much more to say, being always, excepting one or two genial natures, handicapped by his own importance.

(Things have not changed, “Handicapped” is an understatement today.

ON HARVARD: Henry Adams never professed the smallest faith in Universities of any kind, either as a boy or man, nor had he the faintest admiration for the University graduate, either in Europe or in America

Berlin: (He went to school there) IN 1858 Berlin was a poor, keen witted, provincial town, simple, dirty, uncivilized, and in most respects disgusting. Life was primitive beyond what an America boy could have imagined. Least of all was any used made of reason, either analytic, synthetic or dogmatic. The German government did not encourage reasoning. All State education is a sort of dynamo machine for polarizing the popular mind: for turning and holding its lines of force in the direction supposed to be most erective for State Purposes. The German machine was terribly efficient. It’s effects on the children was pathetic.

(And then came Hitler, and now Merkel…and it still does not encourage reasoning. It’s killing itself.)

Thought: In after life he made a general law of experience: No woman had ever driven him wrong; no man had ever driven him right.

Presidential election of 1860: The Republican Party was an unknown force, and the Democratic Party was torn to pieces.

(Mmmmmm nothing changes.)

British: British society had begun with violent social prejudice agents Lincoln, Seward and all the republican leaders except Sumner. Familiar as the whole tribe of Adams’s had been for three generations with the impenetrable stupidity of the British mind, and weary of the long struggle to teach it its own interests, the fourth generation could still not quite persuade itself that this new British prejudice was natural.

(Hopefully my friend amfortas does not read my blog today. Yes, the Brits thought Lincoln was horrible and sided with the Confederates and celebrated every time the Union lost a battle. The Charles Adams and his son Henry, had a hard time going to all the parties, as ambassadors from Lincoln. But they smiled, and did it. )

Diplomats: No professional diplomatist worried about falsehoods. Words were with them forms of expression which varied with individuals, but falsehood was more of less necessary to all.

(Yes, Henry said ALL politicians lie. Nothing has changed.)

English: The English mind was one-sided, eccentric, systematically unsystematic and logically illogical. The less one knows of it the better.

(Once again, I’ve been trying to tell my Mensa British friend WHY I say what I cannot help but say sometimes.)

Their attitude of Americans; The European thought the limits and defects of the American mind were one of the favorite topics of the European. From the old-world point of view, the American had no mind: he had an economic thinking machine which could work only on a fixed line. The American mind exasperated the European as a buzz saw might exasperate a pine forest. The English mind disliked the French mind because it was antagonistic, unreasonable, perhaps hostile, but recognized it as at least a thought. The American mind was not a thought at all: it was a convention, superficial narrow and ignorant: a mere cutting instrument, practical, economic, shape and direct.

Yep. That sums up what the E.U. (And all our American progressives)  thinks of President Trump, and therefore us.

NOTHING has changed has it?

And for one final report…

Nobody Reports

Go to this link:

No one is safe from the Hillary basket of eliminating deplorables.

It’s no wonder she loves Merkel.

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