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Nobody Wonders Why Nancy is Partying?

Nobody Wonders

Let’s see: Iran came out of the funeral in which over 50 people were killed in a “stampede”, (Sounds like maybe some gun went off don’t you think?) and then the next day, Iran sent some missiles flying into American airbases in which they manage to…not kill a single American soldier. Over 15 missiles and…only some damage to structure?

Wow. What are the odds that they all missed?

Nobody Wonders if they buried Salami in his Chevy. Nobody Wonders if somebody took his arm and put it in a trophy some where to be shown as a shrine in some Mosque for the elites.

Maybe some Iraq’s, were hurt by the missiles we are told, but then again, we breathlesly wait for the altered report tomorrow from Nancy Pelosi and Adam Shifty.

History will be rewritten on all state channels. After Nancy gets over her hangover.

Tonight, even though Nancy knew she should be on alert, she was instead partying. Clearly, they think this ‘war’ will destroy President Trump, and give them more reason to keep impeaching.

They couldn’t be more wrong. They might get their war, but they might be thinking, “Be careful what you wish for.”

Be prepared to hear over and over again tomorrow: “This war will destroy the President’s chances of reelection.”

Nobody Wonders: What are they going to do if his popularity goes UP?

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