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Impeachment From a Parliment of Whores

Nobody Wins

So, finally, the decrepit Nancy Pelosi got her final moment in the political historical sun: The first speaker of the House of Representatives to impeach a President for a really nice phone call, in order to cover up the many treasonous felonies that have been going on for decades in Congress.

That pretty much sums it up.

While the news and the pundits all declare that the democrats were doing this just because they were mad they lost an election, the real truth is that our Congress has been exposed to be some of the most degenerate humans walking the planet, and they have been exposed…who really knew the horrible extent of all their crimes?

Now we know.

Trump has shown the light of truth on their very dark souls. Real patriots won’t forgive. And we won’t forget either.

At least the big muti-billionaires give us all products and jobs. Politicians, we are finding out, are a cesspool of ostentatious liars, blood-sucking thieves, and not deserving of their high paying positions let alone their freedom to walk around.

The big win today was when Nancy picked the very same maniacal maraud of feckless nincompoops, that keep repeating ths same lies over and over so much, that we’ve heard it all before, and are sick to death of it all.

Even the young Swedish Bernie Sanders Liberal will find it boring and switch the channel.

While the speeches were threatening, somber, and full of “We are here for the CONSITUTION!“, the look on Nancy’s face was more like…”Oh…sh*$t”.

They saw the crowd at Trump’s rally last night. They also watched the democratic debate.

Only Meathead Marxists would think it was a success.

After the crowd last night in Wisconsin, and the great reception that President Trump got at the football game, and then the China trade deal today, any Never-Trumpers in the Senate, like my Senator, Roy Blunt, should be thinking about his or her retirement.

If the Senators act all “We need a fair trial” BS, and go forth for days on end listening to Pelosi and her band of losers, America is going to notice. We had too many years of the BUSH: I am so above you all! attitude.

We want it stopped. Sorry, John Bolton can go write a book.

So, despite the fact that they tried to make it a totally dismal day for America, actually…in many ways it was: a victory.

It might go down in history as an ‘impeachment’, but it will also go down as the day America corrected it’s course from the dismal hole of incompetence boobs, or as they were once called in a famous book by P. J. O’Roarke…a

Parliament of Whores. 

To a new course for a better America. It’s going to take time to clean up America, but…with Trump…all things are possible.

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