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WHY Again Should We Listen to Karl Rove?


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I watched Chris Wallace’s FOX NEWS ON SUNDAY yesterday, and it might as well be called the “Make SURE we elect Joe Biden show.” Karl Rove was the most idiotic of them all. While he thinks ‘Uncle Joe” is goofy at times, clearly, he would be the best for the country, he said.

Really? Has George W. Bush made such an idiot out of you Karl that you are endorsing one of the biggest criminals that ever sniffed his way through the halls of the White House? I was certainly amazed when Obama picked Joe Biden as Vice President, how about you?

We are finding out now, why. Joe has kept the lucrative wars going on in the middle East. His own family, five so far, have all made millions…wait…billions off of lucrative foreign deals. And he stood there and helped as Obama sent weapons through Libya to the middle East, and pretty much created ISIS.

Was George W. in on this too? After all, it’s been reported that there are literally tens of thousands ‘government contractors” over in the middle East doing who knows what.

And it wasn’t just Obama flying cash to Iran, George W. was giving millions upon MILLIONS of trash loads of cash to warlords in Afghanistan and Iraq. There’s a good reason that George W., X President said absolutely nothing about Obama’s actions in the middle East. With Joe Biden as V.P., and now Karl Rove, Bush’s main guy in the White House, his right hand man, promoting Joe Biden, it certainly means that the wars over there were all about making money for the new global cartel: Of which Joe, Obama, and Bush were all a member of.

I’m not saying that Obama did what George wanted him too all the time, but clearly, for Karl Rove to be pushing Joe Biden as someone who would be preferable to Trump Is all about the money.

THEIR money. “Follow the money” and “It’s who you know” isn’t just something Dad used to tell you over dinner.

As we have seen in our lives: It’s pretty much a fact of life.

The hour continued with the panel all trying to decide the biggest problem they have in getting Joe in office: Trump’s great economy. While they didn’t exactly promote how GREAT a job Trump has done, they had to admit, it was a problem. Wallace made the comment “Well, England threw out Winston Churchill after he had led them to victory in WWII!” THERE IS HOPE!

Which made me remember how really STUPID the British can be. Or maybe, just maybe, they really did elect him and the Oxford globalist just said they didn’t. I haven’t read enough on that matter to know, BUT…clearly, they THINK the blacks will vote for Joe. One of them said so.

Joe will have to get a black running mate for that to happen. And all we have to do is remind all the blacks of how much Obama helped them all.

Pretty hard to do there Karl.

When all else fails, they all come back to the polls. The polls predict it all: Joe Biden will win the nomination and be elected because no matter how good the economy is, Trump will just not stop ‘tweeting” and the American people don’t like his tweeting which cause the country to be divided, people won’t vote for him.

They all agreed.

You have to ask yourself: What la-la land are these people living in?

They continued to pat themselves on the back and dwell in their Never-Never land where their hopes and dreams of a Joe Biden presidency will happen…because they wish it so.

After I turned off the show, I ALMOST felt sorry for all of them.

I said: Almost. Especially Karl. I’d rather watch him dance then say Joe Biden could beat Trump.

All I can say is: Really Karl? That’s all you can do to make a living?

The only reason Karl Rove, who has missed the gate on the last two election is on FOX so much, is because George W. Wants him there.

Nobody would like to send a message to Karl: Dear Karl…when Trump wins don’t worry.

I’m SURE you could get a spot on Dancing With the Stars.

I’d even watch. 🙂


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