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Nobody’s Perfect: Kanye West VS Bruce Jenner

Nobody’s Perfect

This week, we have two really messed up …humans…who made very big mistakes.

This week we compare Bruce Jenner to Kanye West.Kenya West

Let’s start with Kanye—-Just because he reminds me of so MANY black musicians that I used to work with, I am really going to enjoy THIS.  They think, and this is a fact, that BECAUSE they are black…they are better musicians than whites. Where they get this idea is beyond me, as music is relatively speaking, universal in all cultures.

As everyone saw last night at the 2015 Grammy Awards, when a young white man named Beck won album of the year, Kanye ran up to the stage to protest, just like he did when Taylor Swift won in another year.

Because Kanye is such a racist, everyone said it was a joke, and the young Beck handled it well. Because he laughed at him, Kanye had no wind…he stopped short of protesting.

But, right afterwards, he complained—.

I didn’t watch the music awards, and I’m glad. Seems the theme was devil worship, black lives matter, Obama wants the rappers to stop beating and raping women, and the highpoint was probably the end.

Kanye was once again, not only rude, but acting like…a bully. I guess you can when you are married to Kim Kardashian.

And speaking of Kim Kardarshian, her ‘father’, Bruce Jenner, or is it Jenny Jenner?-was in a major car accident where one person was killed:GV: Bruce Jenner Involved In A Crash That Leaves One Person Dead

Bruce Jenner has issued a public statement offering his “heartfelt and deepest sympathies” to the family of the woman who died after he crashed into her white Lexus on Saturday. As Gossip Cop reported, after a Toyota Prius came to a screeching halt on the Pacific Coast Highway, a white Lexus behind it hit the brakes, and Jenner’s Cadillac Escalade smashed into that car, causing the Lexus to veer into traffic and get hit head-on by a hummer. The woman died on the scene As Gossip Cop noted, five kids and two adults were injured and taken to the hospital. Jenner, who voluntarily took and passed a field sobriety test, walked away without any injuries.

Okay….hormones are a bitch, and Bruce was traveling too close, obviously everyone was, and I’m sure he didn’t mean to hurt anyone, but nevertheless, he did run into the back of her car, for whatever reason, he wasn’t paying attention. How many of us see this kind of thing everyday? Bruce Jenner

On the whole, to go from being an Olympian to a wanna-be Kardasian poodle dog has got to be the so confusing it’s even hard to drive a car.

So who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week?

My money’s on Kanye. He’s insufferable and a buffoon. If Paul McCartney and Obama want to hang out with him then let them be merry. And by the way..he keeps saying he’s a musician. Last time I look, you have to play an instrument to be a musician. What does he play…a drum machine? His mike?

Black lives matter, sure, but being black doesn’t necessarily get you the album of the year…even though you think it should.

Congratulation Kanye! You win the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week! This week, your black life really does…matter…just not to me.

Go ahead..let’s hear it for him ladies and gentlemen..hands up!

hand up

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Nobody Reports the REAL Translation of the Merkel/Obama News Conference


Nobody Reports

Angela Merkel, evidently has forgiven Obama for spying on her, because this morning, prior to her meetings with Russia, she decided to appear with Obama at the White House to show Russia, that the United States has always stood behind Germany, and will come to her rescue if need be, with supplying weapons to the Ukraine.

THEY don’t want to have to do it. They have big welfare benefits to take care of.Obama and Merkel

Of course, both Angela and Barack went on and on about how diplomacy should always be used in every case, forever more, especially with Russia and Iran, until somebody attacks THEM.

Heaven forbid somebody say they didn’t try to reason with their enemies!

Putin was no doubt laughing at this show of amateur hour, because he knows neither the United States or Germany will bring out the nukes in the Ukraine, and the Ukraine IS a prize because it is the bread basket and so the fight has gone on for that country forever. He might as well take it now, and save us all the drama.

The way I see it, if Russia takes Ukraine, we should take Cuba. What’s he going to do?Obama and Ukriane

As Obama bragged about how he likes to use economic sanctions to bring his enemies down and how very effective they are . I couldn’t help thinking after he made this point that that’s how Obama he is bringing America to its knees. Obamacare has crippled us all, and his attack on coal, our lives, our debt, has almost hollowed out this country so badly, the landscapes is being filled with empty shops.

Obama’s policies on his own country, has brought us to our knees.

He knows economic sanctions are working here, so he figures, why shouldn’t it work for Russia?

But, honestly, we can’t just blame Obama. America would be much stronger today if not for our leaders wanting this global world government. Today Angela and Barack were talking in terms of the global markets, not their own countries.

And America has been footing the global bill for way too long. Obama made SURE to remind Germany how we rebuilt her after WWII, (Like she owes us) and he believes Iran isn’t trying to make a nuke.

I love how he always uses his “YOU OWE ME” card with so much class.Putin and Uraine


Besides all the posturing, I got the feeling that both leaders are WELL aware of their own population weariness of THEM controlling their own people’s lives, and grabbing whatever money they can to play god with, and spread all over the world. They want their people to know….politicians know what’s best.

In their minds, they control the world, and it’s not always easy. If one country has to lose so another country can get into the middle class…so be it. They make that decision. THEY control the markets, not you.

Many have said that Obama wants a European government here…full blown socialism. Fine. Except, WE pay for Europe’s defense….and half the world’s defense for that matter, and the United States can only borrow so much from China. We can’t protect the world and give out welfare here much longer.

Europe can, because we have paid for their defense….but we can’t have that option.

I wish I had a dollar for every time Obama sent millions of dollars to other countries. Dollars that are earned by the hard working America people, whose own lives are sacrificed, to rebuild other countries. In the meantime, our hard earned money goes into other dictators bank accounts.

Why did they have this press conference?

To show their own people they really are doing the best job they can. Some might say it’s for Putin, but I say, it’s to keep up their own images as benevolent and wise leaders.

Being global kings is not an easy job. But, dodging questions, switching the subject very creatively so people think you have answered a question when you haven’t. Sounding confident when there is no reason to be, blowing your own horn…lying with a straight face and looking confident about it…

That takes REAL talent.Putin and Obama

Another concern…Western politicians have the dangerous and ridiculous notion that all former enemies can become friends. Both Merkel and Obama stated that fact.

Look at Germany and the U.S.! Look at Japan!…they say.

What they don’t tell you is the only reason that happened is because the United States decimated them both: Japan with the atomic bombs. Germany— we just bombed into oblivion.

Unless you wipe out Mecca, Islam and the West will never become friends. And that would only make the Muslims madder. They have the populations. We don’t.

And Islam’s political system is their religion. Not the same as Germany or Japan’s state before the war.

Is Obama willing to nuke Iran? Is he willing to stand up to Putin?

Can a bird fly backward?





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