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Nobody’s Perfect: Teddy Bear Jihadist VS Hispanic Trump Haters

Nobody’s Perfect

As we all know, kids don’t just jump in front of camera’s and decide to post themselves on TV and Youtube, and since Hillary does not have the support that Trump has with the Latino’s, she has stooped to new lows. I’d like to compare the Trump bashing video below, with the video above. Both teach hate. (Poor Teddy, Trump can take care of himself.)

Do you think that ANY of these kids are going to grow up to be upstanding citizens of any kind? The young Mexican boy especially…I can just see him beating up some guy for wearing a tee-shirt with an American flag on the front. Young Teddy Bear Killer…has a future in movies if Dad doesn’t get him killed first.

Hate. These racist Hispanics are no different from the Muslims. Hate is all they will feel. Hate is what they are being taught. Ignorance is their future.

So who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week?

Is it the little Mexican kids, who have been told the lie that Donald Trump wants to take away their grandma?

Or is it the little boy who seems to really enjoy beheading his Teddy Bear?




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Good for You Ohio! You Got This One Right.

Nobody Knows

The rich elites have found a new cash cow, and the loss in Ohio yesterday was a clear and present shout from the people of Ohio, who obviously have not lost their brains to those criminal Mexican cartels in their mists, and voted down the measure to make Marijuana legal–despite that heart wrenching videos made to make people run out and vote…for the cause of the children.

The ‘progressives’ see it another way:

What’s so bad about filling your lung with smoke so that future Obamacare patients will need even MORE of that wonderful stuff to dull their pain when they are dying of lung cancer and their chemo is being rejected? You could save just ONE child’s life.  And what’s so bad about the millions of dollars that the state will make off the tax revenue, thereby giving the politicians lots more cash to funnel back into the democratic vouchers? You could save just one child’s life. And what’s so bad about not filling up our jail with drug addicts? Let them sit around and get stoned at home, where they will buy more pizza! Food stamps! Doughnuts! McDonalds could sure use the money right now, right? Think of what a boost it will give the fast food services business!

Put the icing on the cake, they might be too stoned to go vote on election day 2016.

But, they weren’t stoned yesterday, because by two to one, it was outvoted, and NOT because Iowans don’t want to get stoned…oh no…according to some poll, they like the idea, just not the fact that rich people will jump in and make a lot of money with monopolies, not the local farmer. Rich people like retired NBA Oscar Robertson:

Ohio voted Tuesday against legalizing recreational and medical marijuana via an amendment to the state’s constitution, shooting down a proposal to grant a small number of wealthy investors sole permission to operate commercial marijuana farms. 

The designated farms were backed by a number of notable Ohioans, including one-time boy band star Nick Lachey, fashion designer Nanette Lepore and retired NBA player Oscar Robertson.

Frankly, I was proud of them for not falling for that heart wrenching ad they put out about the people who had to move to Colorado to save their child, who was suffering over 100 seizures and day, and when he started being treated with marijuana, it was cut down to ten. Common sense says, so, pass a law that says children like this kid can have it sent to them from Colorado, with a doctor’s prescription. How hard could that be?

In America, 2017,  it does NOT make money, therefore, it’s not gonna happen.

So, you got this one right Ohio, now…PLEASE…don’t mess up the next one.

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