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Nobody Flashes Happy Halloween!

Nobody Flashes


Don’t worry about that comet that looks like a skull coming at us! That’s not an omen, are you kidding? Imagine the odds?

Excuse me while I go get my Almond Joy bar, some popcorn,  and watch Sleepy Hollow reruns. (I know I’m lame.)




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Ann Coulter: Explains Rubio’s Stance on Immigration

Nobody Cares

Slowly the pundits are jumping the Jeb Bush Titanic ship of fools….including the man who was in charge of his campaign. (By the way, has anybody else noticed that Dana Perino sort of disappeared?) So, the ‘money’ people are eyeing Rubio, who is young, handsome, and determined to beat Lindsay Graham in the “I’ll be the greatest Commander-In Chief” contest.

There’s something pretty scary about a man raised in a bar fighting the Chinese, Russia, and ISIS. I just can’t picture Lindsey NOT crying if we are attacked. Putin will take off his shirt, and Lindsey, would probably go have a beer. Hillary would bring another push button. Rubio, what would Rubio do? Give a long speech and probably give himself a year to consider his options.

Rubio was one of the “Gang of Eight” that was going to help out Obama in his quest for more democratic voters, which Ted Cruz just reminded Fox commentator Bret Baier— he stopped dead in its track. Don’t tell TED he never accomplishes anything.

From Adios America!(Ann Coulter, p.42-43)Ann Coulter

Marco Rubio went on a worldwide tour swearing that his “comprehensive immigration reform” absolutely insisted on “enforcement first.” Then the bill was unveiled and it said:

Step one: Everyone who is here is legal.

Step two: After they’re amnestied, they can bring in all their relatives.  

When would the enforcement part of Rubio’s “Enforcement First!” plan have kicked in? Answer: Never. As Rubio said on Fox News Sunday. “Basically, Homeland Security will have five years to meet that goal. If after five years Homeland Security has not met that number, it will trigger the Border Commission, who will then take over this issue for them.” So if the Department of Homeland Security failed to secure the border, ANOTHER GOVERNMENT COMMISSION WOULD BE CREATED! (That always works, said the Department of Education.)  And if the second commission failed, Rubio would personally write a strongly worded letter. Would the 11 million illegal’s already legalized lose that status if the border remained wide open? Of course not. Refer to Step One. But the bill sure would have spent a lot of taxpayer money.

I love Ann Coulter.

Now, if Rubio said that he has changed his attitude, would you trust it?

Can YOU say….Adios America? I’m counting on Ted Cruz and Donald Trump to take him out…and I’m sure, Ann Coulter will be down at the border helping them.

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Nobody Remembers House Speaker Henry Clay

Nobody Remembers

I thought that since today, Paul Ryan took over as House Leader, it might be a good time to remember just how the speakership got so powerful.Gingrich

Nobody hopes that Paul Ryan will not be the dictator that Nancy Pelosi, and John Boehner turned out to be. The spot itself, just like the Presidency, has grown exponentially in power and size beyond what the Constitution meant it to be.

Not many people know this, but Newt Gingrich, once welded the same kind of power over his members, as John Boehner. While Newt was known as the man who put the Republicans back in power in 1994, after fifty years of democratic rule, there were many men and women who went to Washington to serve in Gingrich’s ‘revolution’ and yet, in closed meetings they were told by Newt that either they go HIS way, or none of them would be re-elected or get on committees. Hard to believe, but Newt, after that ‘revolution’, abandoned many of the ideas that he wrote on that Contract with America board and cuddled up to Bill Clinton. The Freedom members of that time, had to admit defeat and just go back home.

When did this ‘power’ of the “speaker ” come about?  According to some historians, It was Henry Clay that started it.

From A History of the American People…Henry Clay

Henry Clay (from Kentucky) was probably the most innovative politician in American history , to be ranked with Franklin, Jefferson, Hamilton, and Madison as a political creator. A year after getting to the House he was elected its Speaker. Hitherto, the House had followed the English tradition, whereby the Speaker presided impartially and represented the collective consensus. Clay transformed this essentially non-political post into one of leadership, drilling and controlling a partisan majority and, in the process, making himself the most powerful politician in the country after the President. This made him a key figure in promoting the War of 1812 and in negotiating the Treaty of Ghent: and, somehow or other, he escaped any blame for the war’s disasters and returned from Ghent in Triumph. This led him to think he ought to be secretary of state to the  new President, Monroe. When the job went to John Quincy Adams instead, Clay organized and led in the House a systematic. “Loyal opposition” another political innovations.

By all accounts, Henry Clay was a pre-Bill Clinton lovable cad. He was a big playboy, drank and gambled heavily. And he was very rich, due to the deals that he arranged by the power he held.

He was incredibly talented at stacking the house and getting his way. He was a dictator, but as one of the men in the house said about him:

“I don’t like Clay. He is a bad man, an imposter, a creator of wicked schemes. I wouldn’t speak to him but, by God, I love him!”

So, next time you wonder why your “representatives” in Washington D.C. never seem to do what they promised you they would do..

Go ahead. Blame Henry Clay. He expanded the power of the speakership and it remains to this day, next to the Presidency, a position of great power.

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Nobody’s Fool: Paul Ryan…He got one thing right. Pray for US!

Nobody’s Fool

Paul Ryan today, grabbed the second most powerful position in the country. Paul Ryan

—-Two points about Paul Ryan’s speech today when he accepted the Speakership to the House.

One:  right off he made a very snide comment that I took to be against Donald Trump, he mentioned there would be no ‘conversions.’ It was ad-libbed, and not in his online printed speech.

Two: He made it clear that if the “minority will work in good faith, instead of trying to stop the majority, they might be able to join the majority. This wasn’t meant for the Democrats, this was a bullet aimed right at the backs of the Freedom caucus in the House, who agree and represent the people.

” A neglected minority will gum up the works. A respected minority will work in good faith. Instead of trying to stop the majority, they might try to become the majority.”

So, it will be up to Paul who he wants to “respect.”

And Paul ALSO made it clear, that HIS job, their job,  is NOT to echo what the people want.

“But we do not echo the people. We represent them. We are supposed to study up and do the homework that they cannot do. So when we do not follow regular order—when we rush to pass bills a lot of us do not understand—we are not doing our job. Only a fully functioning House can truly represent the people.”

Really? That’s not in the Constitution Paul, is it? That’s a rather interesting interpretation of the document. You’re there to ‘decide’ what’s good for the people? If you think polygamy is “good” for the people, then we just don’t get it? Is bringing in millions of immigrants to take Americans jobs away GOOD for the American people? Is THAT what we want?

So…giving Obama everything that he wanted was in OUR interest? The country’s interest? You ran on conservative values, got to Washington, and decided that the Democrats had the better ideas?


That first sentence basically said: You people out there, you don’t know jack shit, and only we, the people in Washington know what’s good for you. You must trust us to do what’s good for you.


Paul Ryan in that short speech, will continue to represent the established Mitt Romney, Bush, Clinton, big corporation/ government that dictates and makes all our lives miserable.

Now, more than ever, we need an outsider like Trump for President. Trump will side with that small minority that echo’s the people’s wishes, and who are suppose to represent their states, and voters. The people need a “people’s” President. While Trump did say we should be able to bring in the brighter minds from outside, I don’t think he would go so far as to say that they should replace our own workers…in every single field. I’ll be watching him for that remark.

Sadly, Paul Ryan got cocky. He sold out.

Nobody thinks Paul Ryan taking over the leadership in the house has been planned for a long time, and Mitt Romney was in the background making it happen. He was there today grinning like a proud papa.

The chess pieces are being slowly put in place.

Now…let’s see what Paul Ryan is going to bring into fruition to the American people.

Exhibit A: Who owns Congress? Who are “we the people” REALLY fighting? Carly Fiorina would agree…the big elites.

Let’s start with Disney…


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Thanks to Trump, We Only Had to Suffer Two Hours…Thanks Donald!

Nobody Knows…

That THIS was my favorite moment in the third Republican debate tonight on MSNBC. Ted Cruz…had the presence of mind to actually listen to the questions to everyone,  and in the finest moments of a Jimmy Stewart “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” moment, he laid out the commentator and their demeaning questions in 55 seconds.

Brilliant.debate GOP

If you listened to FOX, Marco Rubio won. If you listen to the liberal stations, they were impressed with Ben Carson. BUT…if you took care to go to Drudge and some of the other polls on the internet, Trump was the winner, not Ben Carson. People just like him.

The talk of the night was that Jeb Bush was terrible. And he was. He looked pale— and the attack on Rubio was so STUPID, it almost looked rehearsed and planned because nobody could be that stupid. It was about Marco’s job in the Senate and the fact that he isn’t doing his job.debate threedebate four

In Jeb’s closing statement, he coughed. If he says tomorrow that he wasn’t feeling well, then I’d say he really is worse than we all thought, and he just wants out of it all. Clearly Britt Hume was upset.

Cruz, Rubio, Fiorina, Huckabee, and Christie all spoke well…but here’s what I heard:

Christie, ALWAYS looked directly into the camera when he spoke, because he knows how to play his act of straight shooter. BUT…we haven’t forgotten how he kissed up to Obama after Sandy and pushed Obama into the Presidency and he did it to hurt Mitt Romney. No question in my mind about that.  So thanks Chris, but no thanks.

Carly, as usual is a delight. But there were no surprises here. Her main point being there always talk and nothing is done.

Huckabee made great points on the Clintons and Social Security.

Rand Paul and Christie argued that there IS no money in Social Security, so people will have to take less and retire later. Huckabee stuck up for the people: it’s theft. Pragmatic as it may be to ‘fix’ Social Security, the fact that Paul and Christie are so “who cares’ about the crimes committed by our government, put Huckabee in the moral right. And that’s why Paul and Christie are low on the polls.debate gop two

Ben Carson, was NOT prepared. He kept looking at his notes, and basically said the same things that are in his book. His speaking is slow…it’s so important for the President to speak well. It’s the main reason Obama got elected. As Obama said, he DOES have a gift, as did Hitler. Carson has a fine mind, but speaking is not his strong point. He was weak tonight.

Trump was himself. Honest. To the point, and to be fair, they stayed away from him…so he didn’t get to say much and the questions were the same ones he had before. Not his fault, but then again, most Americans are not fooled. He got in a few good remarks about John Kasich.

And speaking of John Kasich, somebody at CNN gave him the most airtime. That guy is just plain creepy.

Yes, the liberal media LOVED Kasich, and that “I was RAISED in a bar!” hilarious jokester, Lindsay Graham, who will no doubt take Rand Paul’s place in the next debate.

The underdog of the night? Rick Santorum.

He seems to be the least political of them all. I must admit, my heart went out to the way everyone treats him like a simple nobody. I think in the end, he is the old-fashioned Jimmy Stewart.

As for Rubio? The kids loved him. Once upon a time Jeb Bush was his mentor, and perhaps was keeping him in the wings to be his V.P. But Rubio, as Trump said: betrayed him. Rubio is just a better speaker…and he knows it.

This Nobody thinks perhaps now, the big money Rino’s will be now pushing Rubio, simply because Jeb is just done. They need a Spanish-speaking President, and Fox will be backing Rubio now. Rubio will be much like Paul Ryan…amnesty will be assured. The young will want Rubio, main street older Americans, will stick to Trump or Cruz.

The question is: Will Jeb Bush drop out?

Nobody Knows.



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Nobody Wonders Who John Bonehead Boehner Works For?

Nobody Wonders

—-If John Boehner has held the final collapsing of America’s economy by joining with the democrats in passing a $5 trillion dollar debt  budget to be passed on to future generations on the same day that it was announced that Trump lost his leadership to Ben Carson— and on the same day of the ever so important second Republican debate, just to make sure that nobody noticed the great treason being done at midnight by their elected officials? Democrats do this all the time. John Boehner three

—-If this treasonous act was done so that the leaders of the republican party would make sure that their man, Paul Ryan, wouldn’t have to do it—-thereby paving the way for his election to House Leader?

—-If Donald Trump truly IS losing to Ben Carson? All this happened in one day. Nothing particularly newsworthy happened to influence his great lead to go up in smoke, and Trump’s crowds have been the biggest of any candidate. Ben Carson has been doing, like Hillary…little luncheons. I don’t buy it. We have seen FOX news basically be completely in the hock for Jeb Bush, and pushing the new party agenda. Is it a lie? Won’t that alone push the ratings out of the roof for tonight’s debate?

—If Windows 10 was given away FREE this year, and the next, in order to influence the Presidential 2016 vote by influencing the news headlines and articles that everyone reads on its main sites. As it’s been pointed out…Google and Bing could be the deciding factor in the next election. I just got Windows 10…the headlines read like Nancy Pelosi is the editor-in-chief.

—-if Hillary Clinton, like Rush Limbaugh suggested today, truly IS going to be our next President, secretly backed by BOTH the NWO republican leadership and the democrats, for the main reason that she is Wall Street’s favorite, Saudi Arabia’s favorite, and a must for the simple reason, that IF any American citizen dares criticizes her, they will be called a misogamist. The Race card will turn into the Gender card. It has worked with Obama. It will work with Hillary. It’s all about keeping that office firmly intact, and in the hands of the fascist/dictator one-party banana republic of Post America.  confused baby three

—–If the attack on bacon is Obama’s gift to his Muslim American friends?

__If the German people will rise up and fight for their homeland?

—If liver detoxes really work, (I’m doing one now) because otherwise, I’m out $100.

—if my dog is still mad at me for giving her a bath?

—if anybody is still reading me?

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Nobody Asks: “Where’s the Beef?”

Nobody Wins

I was talking today to a State Farm Insurance agent on the phone, and the guy wanted to sell me some insurance:bacon and eggs two

“I live between a possible nuclear explosion and Ferguson— if one doesn’t get the house, then the looting afterwards will. What are my chances of getting a good rate?” I asked.

He just laughed.

As I got off the phone, I started thinking about my last doctor’s visit, when I told him I just wasn’t feeling really peppy, and he said, and I QUOTE:

“Well, we are all going to die of something.”

His jolly attitude along keeps me trying to stay healthy.

Last Monday, we received the delightful news from just about every media state-run orifice that if you eat any kind of processed meat, you WILL get cancer. It’s official now.

VIA PBS News hour:

Bacon, sausage and other processed meats are now ranked alongside cigarettes and asbestos as known carcinogens, the World Health Organization announced today. Processed meats cause cancer, and red meat likely causes cancer, the health agency says in a new report.


Processed meat now falls into “group 1,” meaning it ranks as high as tobacco smoking, the most dangerous variants of human papillomavirus (HPV) and asbestos exposure in terms of causing cancer. Red meat lands in “group 2A” with inorganic lead.


Research in rodents and human tissue shows meat consumption increases the production of chemical compounds, including haem iron and its chemical byproduct N-nitroso-compounds (NOCs). NOCs cause oxidative damage to intestinal tissue that is carcinogenic. Curing meats elevates the levels of NOCs as well as carcinogenic compounds called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Heating meat leads to the formation of heterocyclic aromatic amines, a known mutagen and cancer-causing agent.

Whoa. Do you really think they are going to stop selling hot dogs at the World Series now? Are the Senators going to ban porterhouse steaks from the Senator lunch room menu? Are we coming to a world where only the one percenters can afford to eat….MEAT? The rest of us will have to survive on protein drinks and energy bars?

Just last week I had read a piece written by a doctor who had diabetes and figured out that the cause of all the type two diabetes was that her patients were not getting enough FAT. Yes, her theory was that eating the wrong kind of fat overloads your pancreas and you make TOO much insulin, and therefore your ability to make insulin shuts off. So, she herself starting eating..the RIGHT kind of fat, and got rid of her diabetes.Clara beef

What WAS the right kind of fat? Baaaaacon!  That’s right. Bacon, eggs, and sausage. And you know what? I have never been much of a breakfast eater, but I have noticed that if I eat eggs and bacon in the morning…I am fueled up for hours, never crave sugar, and feel great.

And now, they want to take that away from us all, by scaring us.

It’s their favorite method of control isn’t it?

Of course they got a bunch of scientist to confirm the findings…and some of it does makes sense, sure. You eat too much of anything, and the crap they pump in the food nowadays is bad for you.

The hormones in the chickens and the cows, and all this ‘chemistry’ is hurting us.


Humans are carnivores. It’s a fact. There is a lot of evolutionary proof that the big brain we developed came about AFTER we started eating meat. The brain is 60 percent FAT. We need all the fat and protein we can get to keep it going.caveman three

Honesty. What do you think has more garbage in it for breakfast…one of those ‘protein’ bars you see in every store now, or bacon and eggs? I walked out of my local grocery store the other day and they had THOUSANDS of those bars just waiting to be plucked as soon as you got out of line to go out to your car.

So, to eat meat, or not to eat meat? My husband recently stopped eating processed meat and he lost 40 pounds. There must be something to that right?

Or was it the four Twinkies and six Mountain Dew a day that did it? (I’m going for answer no. 2, but he thinks it the meat. )

Here’s what I remember: A long time ago, I had gotten into a conversation about this very subject with a man I was dating at the time. This man had a scientist brother whose was beyond questioning, a man who would know.

“Lee..” I said. “Do you think humans are really vegetarians, and shouldn’t eat meat? What does your brother say.”

“Oh..absolutely.” he said. “Humans are meat eaters. We need it to survive. My brother would agree.”

His brother was none other than Jonas Salk. The man who invented the polio vaccine.

I think I’ll stick to the scientists I know…the old fashioned scientists who weren’t owned by Al Gore or the World Health Organization.

Besides, i just saw a lady a couple of weeks ago who had reached the grand old age of 105, and was still sharp. When asked her secret she said, “I eat BACON every day! ”

And so we should never forget the words of one of the greatest lines ever spoken by a woman:

‘Where’s the Beef!?” And go on and enjoy it while we still can.

By the way, if EATING meat made our brains grow larger, what will happen if we stop eating meat? caveman two

Just saying.

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Nobody Reports: Ben Carson to Win?

Nobody Reports

The BIG excitement in little Karl Rove’s mind today was that the race is not over! Ben Carson is leading big time in Iowa and therefore, Jeb Bush has a chance to win the Presidency!

FIRST: Anybody with any sense knows that ‘polls’ can be manipulated, the same way as millions of dead people can vote for democrats….and how did this big surge happen? If it did, it’s in one state, and the poll was taken right after Ben Carson told the media he didn’t think a Muslim should be in the Oval office. How many Christians believe right now, that we already have a Muslim in the White House…raise your hands… shock

So far…Donald hasn’t declared that Obama is a Muslim. Neither did Carson for that matter, but there you was implied.

Nevertheless, this fits in the Bush’s plan to push Ben Carson to knock Donald Trump out of the race, therefore making it easy for Jeb Bush to win.  As I wrote before…I think the Bushes have been planning this strategy for years, when I found out that President George W. Bush awarded Ben Carson the Congressional Metal….politicians do not do these things for nothing.

If you follow their actions, instead of their words, The Bushes, the Clintons AND the Obama’s work for those lovely men behind the scenes, the men that Rush Limbaugh call the elites money men, who WILL have their way. Nobody remembers that Rupert Murdoch said before Ben’s big surge that he thought a REAL black man might be the ticket. (Another reason I feel this is their strategy)

But back to Ben…in his book he said this about his popularity:

“I believe what they are really clamoring for is not me per se, but for the return of common sense and intelligible speech to solve our ever increasing problems. “

Right you are Ben. Problems created by the Bushes, The Clintons, the Obama’s.

Many a conservative would be happy for even a Ben Carson for President IF ONLY he could stand up to the Bushes and the Clintons…but can he?

Trump supporters are still out there, and Rush is right….and the one thing that is good about the Bush camp pushing Jeb to overturn Trump is:

Jeb still looks stupid.

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Nobody’s Perfect: The Bushes VS The Man Who Fell Asleep On a Toilet

Nobody’s Perfect:

This week…we have the Bushes VS the Man Who Fell Asleep On a Toilet.

Some people can’t help themselves…there is a time that you must rise to the occasion, and either sound like viable candidate or get off the toilet.Jeb bushes


Let’s start with Jeb Bush. I don’t even check his ratings anymore. He has fallen so low in his popularity polls, even Angela Merkel has more fans. Heck, my DOG has more fans.

Jeb has two famous fans though, and they had to come out to try to rescue the poor boy last week.

To be fair, the Bushes knew from the start that Jeb didn’t stand a chance, but that didn’t stop the Bush family. Jeb, now has brought out Dad and bro to hopefully convince everyone that little Jeb should be President.

Jeb—trying to wake up from his “low energy” brand, said this when speaking about Trump:

“A presidential candidate needs to talk to people that have proven experience in the field and listen.”

WE NOBODIES remember when his brother George W., had his DADDY’s best team of experience men, and look what a mess they made of Iraq? (BAAAP)

Jeb Says:

“Have the humility to listen before you have an opinion and then recognize the power of the presidency as it relates to crafting foreign policy and do it in a way that is true to our values.”

Nobody says: What values does the Bush family have? Give America to the Mexicans? Keep losing the wars overseas? Love Hillary Clinton? Some values. Jeb Bush also talked about his skills, touting his experience living, traveling and doing business overseas, and as governor, conducting trade missions.Bushes together

Nobody says: Well Jeb… Trump has done more business overseas than you…try again.

Jeb says:

“You do it with a strategy, you do it with an exit strategy as well and you do it when it’s in our security interest,” he asserted.

Trump has to be laughing. Right. Your brother didn’t HAVE an exit strategy. And speaking of his brother, where has he been for 8 years? He’s been asleep on his couch, munching on pretzels, just getting up to paint a few pictures and go on a few bike rides with soldiers photo ops.

George W. says his brother:

“is going to win the Latino vote which is essential to winning” — and added that it’s essential not to “irritate the Latino vote.”

There you go: Jeb speaks Spanish, so he will win. Clinton was the first black President, Obama was the first gay President, and Jeb will be the first Spanish President if the first woman President doesn’t win. Have we got that yet?

No matter how many Bushes come out of the woodwork to glorify Jeb, I agree with Trump. Jeb has such low energy you get the feeling that he just doesn’t WANT to be President. It’s his father and his brother who want back into the Oval office.

Jeb, is already tired of it all.

Which brings us to the man who fell asleep on the inside of a toilet…for seven on toilet


According to The Star (Sheffield), seven hours after the Football League One match between Barnsley and Fleewood, firefighters had to rescue a Barnsley fan who had fallen asleep on the toilet inside of Oakwell stadium.

Workers at the stadium received a call late that evening that alarms in the stadium were going off. When they arrived, they found a young man standing on top of a portakabin, a portable building, shouting for help.

 This is what a spokesmen from the firefighters had to say:

“We got the call through to attend Oakwell and usually it’s just a false alarm. But we turned up and saw this young lad on top of the portakabin trying to get our attention. We had to get the ladder to get him down. He had no shoes on and had lost his mobile phone and his hat. He was more bothered about his hat though, he seemed a smartly dressed lad.”

He reportedly told the firefighters that he had a ‘few beers’ and simply woke up seven hours after, while on the toilet.Firemen

So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week?

Is it Jeb Bush? A man who is so lethargic that he needed his family to come out and try to wake everybody up to his greatness?

Or was it the guy who fell asleep on a toilet and had to be rescued?

Frankly, I don’t see much difference between the two. They could easily trade places.

But—- Congratulations Jeb! You win the Nobody’s Perfect Award for putting the nation to sleep even when you are trying NOT to.

Next time Jeb, don’t call your Dad and Brother…call your local Firemen.

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Did Spielberg Try to Warn Us?

Nobody Flashes

Here’s a bit of interesting ‘conspiracy’ about 9/11 going around the internet. I found this on Glenn Beck’s site, and you know Glenn, NOTHING is a conspiracy in his world.

I’m not sure what to think about it. Let’s wait and see if the Cubs win the World Series.

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The Race to the White House…So Far….

Nobody’s  Opinion

After watching Hillary’s remarkable ‘resurrection’ by the liberal media over the weekend, can we honestly say that we are sick of the American Contest for President now? Is that why they do it for 2 years?

Let’s review the fiasco so far shall we?Hillary sour

Let’s start with Bill Clinton’s new best friend, Hillary. She started out lying about her emails— no big deal. Then she continued to lie about Benghazi—no big deal. When she was losing to Bernie Sanders in the polls, the democrats were panicking, and begging Joe Biden to get in the race. But..Joe is not stupid. He did the same smart thing that Ted Kennedy did. Joe is keeping out-of-the-way of the Clinton’s, least he end up at the bottom of some ocean. Hillary’s friends, and the liberal media’s help, she needn’t worry. They are going to be coming on full blast soon: Since Hillary’s only point to get into the office is her gender, Hollywood will be in full force with the feminist propaganda. The TV sitcom, Madame Secretary on TV: a movie starring Meryl Streep about the women’s suffrage movement, will be opening around the world soon. In 2016, there will be more books about the poor women’s plight on the planet, the men are going to want to get off.

And why do I think that the new STAR WARS main hero will be a woman?

Next year, a woman’s face on the ten or 20 dollar bill!


(Just kidding.)  As I have said before, Hillary IS the pick for the NWO simply because she is the biggest crook around and has no soul….and women are easier to control than men. (So they think )

Then there’s the lovable Bernie Sanders…how’s he doing? He has a bigger following than Hillary….but he has one major problem: He not all in for getting rid of guns. Although he would probably get rid of guns in a heartbeat if he were President.  But… he knows the people in his state would get rid of him the moment he declared he was going to confiscate guns, which MEANS, he also knows he doesn’t stand a chance in hell of beating Hillary.  The young democrats might want Bernie, but they don’t have any money. They haven’t figured out yet that the oligarchy is letting Bernie run just to make Hillary look like she is not being crowned, and of course to move the nation more to the left. Bernie might as well go back to his beach house.

The other democrats will be dropping out soon, so why even mention them?Sanders and Hillary

On the republican side, we have the two front-runners: Trump and Carson. Trump, by some polls, is supported by 70 percent of the conservatives, but Carson is catching up. He is what the liberals hate: he’s conservative. And smart. Unlike Obama, he doesn’t hang out with drug addicted rappers. Nobody can see him on SNL, without wondering if he could pull it off.

He’s just not hip enough. That’s how badly Obama has ruined the Presidency.

For my liking, Ben Carson is the most philosophical of the candidates. He’s sensible, looks at everything in the most logical way, and is ruled by his bedrock principles…the kind that we all should be trying to live our lives by…BUT…

On the other hand, Donald Trump knows the bastards that rule the world, and the corrupt games they play. I doubt seriously if Ben Carson could even fathom half the corruption that is being dished around by all forms of evil empires (including our own Congress) and it would take months for him to catch up. Not that he couldn’t…but his life has been spent in “caring” and the medical profession. A good man like Ben Carson would not see the political evil coming, especially from the Clinton’s who are masters at it.

Bill Clinton will get up right before the election, and with his sweet talking tongue, say just the right things against the man. He will attack the fact that his wife has been in office, and Ben knows NOTHING about the vast world. You know Bill…he sell that. He can’t do that with Trump or Carly.

Trump already has a better chance at beating Hillary, because as Drudge pointed out, this is a media driven society now, and like Obama, Trump can handle the media.  Everybody knows Trump. Ben Carson is new on the scene, and his last talk about getting rid of Roe VS Wade, will hurt him somehow.

Karl Rove is already planning his attacks on that statement, and they will be vicious, but not until they can put out enough polls saying that Ben Carson is taking out Donald Trump.

And that leaves us with Jeb Bush, who said this uplifting quote today:Dr. Carson

“I’ve got a lot of really cool things I could do other than sit around, being miserable, listening to people demonize me and me feeling compelled to demonize them. That is a joke. Elect Trump if you want that.”

Well...alright there Jeb! Who are we to keep you from those really cool jobs?

The other night, I heard a psychic on the radio, who has predicted the last 12 major elections results of the President and such, and who has never missed on any prediction, claimed that Trump would be the next President.

Hey…the odds might just be in our favor.. once in a while…mathematically speaking,

We are DUE for a win, are we not?

Remember: When the whole media will be attacking the republican candidate, could Ben Carson fight back and attack the ‘rapes’ of Bill Clinton? Can you see him doing that? Mitt Romney wouldn’t. And he lost.

My generation was raised in the tales of Captain Kirk. Kirk didn’t wait for the enemy to come after him..he went and got them.

Do you go after the snake, or wait for it to come to you? Ben? Donald? Carly? Ted? Mmmmmm…..




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Nobody Flashes NEWSFLASH!


Dear Readers,

Before I throw my desktop computer out the window, I thought I’d better give everyone heads up that I am taking this monster in to be fixed.computers

I have Windows 8.1, and drivers are crashing…I’m lucky I can even connect to the internet.

Now, I have NO idea how long this will be in the ‘computer’ shop, but I am hoping that if I take it in today, it will be fixed by next week.

You know me, I will always blame most everything on a vast left/right-wing conspiracy if I can.

If Hillary can do it, so can I. She did this.

I just finished Mark Levine’s book and Ben Carson’s book, and had a lot to say about both, but it will have to wait.

In the meantime, stand by all you excellent nobodies! I’ll be back!


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Hillary and The Arrogance of Power

Nobody Remembers

The opening statement of Trey Gowdy at the Benghazi hearings today, is one to be remembered. As Trey explains the years it took to get any kind of information on the events of a man being left to die in Benghazi, Hillary’s pompous attitude, as she is listening, is all you need to know about the kind of lying, contemptuous, criminal that she truly is. As she has kept basically saying, “Hey, the ambassador KNEW it was a dangerous job, so it’s his own fault for taking it.” I couldn’t help but imagine how Hillary would view ANY soldier that she would command as President.

She would be no different from Obama. She would put them into harm’s way without a thought to their deaths.

Suppose, as our President, Hillary Clinton had the same attitude to our military. “Hey, they knew what they were getting into..they can die.  It’s WAR! Not my problem.”

My TV was dripping with her self-conceit, and the stage acting of “I’m just so bored by it all” hand in her impudent, arrogant face.Hillary

This despicable ‘attitude” is a complete reversal of every American President that we have ever known. We NEVER leave men behind….or at least that has been the motto of our military.

If men don’t know that they have the support of their Commander-in-Chief, then why give your life? Why? As this was going on today, Obama vetoed the defense bill….that keeps our military running, all because he is more concerned about his butt-Muslim boys in Gitmo than our soldiers….and so far, nobody knows where the Commander In Chief was on 9/11 when the whole army was told to stand down.

We could “guess” that it was Obama’s call, and Hillary was just obeying that call, but then again…look at her. She is too vicious to not have any guilt here. She is just as guilty as he is.

In the three years that Hillary managed to “delay, delay, and delay” …there is now, overwhelming evidence that Obama and Hillary were using Libya to supply ammunition to Obama’s favorite Al-Quada group in Syria.  Hillary and Obama could not afford to let that get out, therefore, those four men in Benghazi were expendable.Hlllary bengazhi

Hillary’s cold, calculating, and disdainful insulting attitude towards anybody who DARES ask her questions, should be scary to every person on the planet.

I didn’t watch the whole thing, that’s why I posted this.

My husband has been off work this week. (Which explains why I have only been able to post one post each day) One afternoon, we went to see the latest Matt Damon movie, “The Martian”.  Basically the movie is about Americans going to Mars, and landing, and because of a storm, the crew takes off and leaves one man behind. I won’t spoil the movie for you except to say…all through the movie, EVERYBODY in our government in this movie was concerned about ‘getting the lost astronaut” back alive.

Right, I thought. We couldn’t even go get our boys in Benghazi, what makes anybody think that we’d go rescue a man on Mars? Not Hillary, Not Obama. That man would be left there.

“He knew the problems when he signed up.”

Long ago, I would have watched a movie with American patriotism with the belief that we truly DO have a great country. It’s going to take a hero to pull America even back on track, let alone out of the deep depressing hole we are in.

Yes, today was a historical day, but for Hillary Clinton, it was just too many hours of  “I didn’t know” talking points, that kept her from her cell phone.

You know what was missing? Nobody mentioned that the poor man was gay and he was raped…and the other men who were killed, because THEY believed in their hearts, that they would NOT be left…but were left behind to die a horrible death, to save the political aspirations of two smirking psychopaths.

It’s one thing to give your life to your country, but to die for those two thugs in the White House?


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The Plan for You and Me? “Degrowth.”

Nobody Knowsdegroth four

Here’s something I didn’t know about before I read Mark Levine’s book “Plunder and Deceit.” The rich elites are putting into place a policy they call: “degrowth.”degrowth one

Basically another word for tyranny, but I’d never heard it before.

Here’s how they explain it;

Degrowthers define their agenda as follows: “Sustainable degrowth is a downscaling of production and consumption that increases’ human well being and enhances ecological conditions and equity on the planet. It calls for a future where societies live within their ecological means, with open localized economies and resources more equally distributed though new forms of democratic institutions. It ‘is an essential economic strategy to pursue in overdeveloped countries like the United State of the well being of the planet, of underdeveloped populations, and yes, even of the sick, stressed, and overweight “consumer’ population of overdeveloped countries.”

The degrowthers seek to eliminate carbon sources of energy and redistribute wealth according to terms they consider equitable. They embrace the notions of “less competition, large scale redistribution, sharing and reduction of excessive incomes and wealth.” (unless it’s their wealth, of course.)

Open borders to reduce means to keep inequality between rich and poor countries. And a concept of ecological debt, or the demand that the Global North pays for past and present colonial exploitation in the Global South.degrowth two

Ayn Rand told us about this long ago, but she had a different name for it.

“Instead of their old promises that collectivism would create universal abundance and their denunciations of capitalism for creating poverty, they are now denouncing capitalism for creating abundance. Instead of comfort and secretly for everyone, they are now denouncing people for being comfortable and secure. “

Notice—while  these (Mostly) Western  elites will be ‘degrowthing” the people of Western Civilization, they themselves are growing their own personal wealth—with no intentions of ‘degrowthing” themselves.

Donald Trump so far, is the only man who doesn’t want to degrowth this country. No wonder they hate him.

So…the elite communists change their name from the communists’ party to the “progressive” party, and so, Nobody Knows when they are going to introduce this new word they now have thought up to control the world.  The EU Union is very familiar with the word.

And according to Mark, the current degrowthing is being done with scare tactics of climate change.

Nobody Knows why I haven’t heard this word before, but I have a feeling by the time Obama makes it to Paris…we will be seeing it everywhere.


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