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Nobody Wonders Who John Bonehead Boehner Works For?

Nobody Wonders

—-If John Boehner has held the final collapsing of America’s economy by joining with the democrats in passing a $5 trillion dollar debt  budget to be passed on to future generations on the same day that it was announced that Trump lost his leadership to Ben Carson— and on the same day of the ever so important second Republican debate, just to make sure that nobody noticed the great treason being done at midnight by their elected officials? Democrats do this all the time. John Boehner three

—-If this treasonous act was done so that the leaders of the republican party would make sure that their man, Paul Ryan, wouldn’t have to do it—-thereby paving the way for his election to House Leader?

—-If Donald Trump truly IS losing to Ben Carson? All this happened in one day. Nothing particularly newsworthy happened to influence his great lead to go up in smoke, and Trump’s crowds have been the biggest of any candidate. Ben Carson has been doing, like Hillary…little luncheons. I don’t buy it. We have seen FOX news basically be completely in the hock for Jeb Bush, and pushing the new party agenda. Is it a lie? Won’t that alone push the ratings out of the roof for tonight’s debate?

—If Windows 10 was given away FREE this year, and the next, in order to influence the Presidential 2016 vote by influencing the news headlines and articles that everyone reads on its main sites. As it’s been pointed out…Google and Bing could be the deciding factor in the next election. I just got Windows 10…the headlines read like Nancy Pelosi is the editor-in-chief.

—-if Hillary Clinton, like Rush Limbaugh suggested today, truly IS going to be our next President, secretly backed by BOTH the NWO republican leadership and the democrats, for the main reason that she is Wall Street’s favorite, Saudi Arabia’s favorite, and a must for the simple reason, that IF any American citizen dares criticizes her, they will be called a misogamist. The Race card will turn into the Gender card. It has worked with Obama. It will work with Hillary. It’s all about keeping that office firmly intact, and in the hands of the fascist/dictator one-party banana republic of Post America.  confused baby three

—–If the attack on bacon is Obama’s gift to his Muslim American friends?

__If the German people will rise up and fight for their homeland?

—If liver detoxes really work, (I’m doing one now) because otherwise, I’m out $100.

—if my dog is still mad at me for giving her a bath?

—if anybody is still reading me?

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Nobody Asks: “Where’s the Beef?”

Nobody Wins

I was talking today to a State Farm Insurance agent on the phone, and the guy wanted to sell me some insurance:bacon and eggs two

“I live between a possible nuclear explosion and Ferguson— if one doesn’t get the house, then the looting afterwards will. What are my chances of getting a good rate?” I asked.

He just laughed.

As I got off the phone, I started thinking about my last doctor’s visit, when I told him I just wasn’t feeling really peppy, and he said, and I QUOTE:

“Well, we are all going to die of something.”

His jolly attitude along keeps me trying to stay healthy.

Last Monday, we received the delightful news from just about every media state-run orifice that if you eat any kind of processed meat, you WILL get cancer. It’s official now.

VIA PBS News hour:

Bacon, sausage and other processed meats are now ranked alongside cigarettes and asbestos as known carcinogens, the World Health Organization announced today. Processed meats cause cancer, and red meat likely causes cancer, the health agency says in a new report.


Processed meat now falls into “group 1,” meaning it ranks as high as tobacco smoking, the most dangerous variants of human papillomavirus (HPV) and asbestos exposure in terms of causing cancer. Red meat lands in “group 2A” with inorganic lead.


Research in rodents and human tissue shows meat consumption increases the production of chemical compounds, including haem iron and its chemical byproduct N-nitroso-compounds (NOCs). NOCs cause oxidative damage to intestinal tissue that is carcinogenic. Curing meats elevates the levels of NOCs as well as carcinogenic compounds called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Heating meat leads to the formation of heterocyclic aromatic amines, a known mutagen and cancer-causing agent.

Whoa. Do you really think they are going to stop selling hot dogs at the World Series now? Are the Senators going to ban porterhouse steaks from the Senator lunch room menu? Are we coming to a world where only the one percenters can afford to eat….MEAT? The rest of us will have to survive on protein drinks and energy bars?

Just last week I had read a piece written by a doctor who had diabetes and figured out that the cause of all the type two diabetes was that her patients were not getting enough FAT. Yes, her theory was that eating the wrong kind of fat overloads your pancreas and you make TOO much insulin, and therefore your ability to make insulin shuts off. So, she herself starting eating..the RIGHT kind of fat, and got rid of her diabetes.Clara beef

What WAS the right kind of fat? Baaaaacon!  That’s right. Bacon, eggs, and sausage. And you know what? I have never been much of a breakfast eater, but I have noticed that if I eat eggs and bacon in the morning…I am fueled up for hours, never crave sugar, and feel great.

And now, they want to take that away from us all, by scaring us.

It’s their favorite method of control isn’t it?

Of course they got a bunch of scientist to confirm the findings…and some of it does makes sense, sure. You eat too much of anything, and the crap they pump in the food nowadays is bad for you.

The hormones in the chickens and the cows, and all this ‘chemistry’ is hurting us.


Humans are carnivores. It’s a fact. There is a lot of evolutionary proof that the big brain we developed came about AFTER we started eating meat. The brain is 60 percent FAT. We need all the fat and protein we can get to keep it going.caveman three

Honesty. What do you think has more garbage in it for breakfast…one of those ‘protein’ bars you see in every store now, or bacon and eggs? I walked out of my local grocery store the other day and they had THOUSANDS of those bars just waiting to be plucked as soon as you got out of line to go out to your car.

So, to eat meat, or not to eat meat? My husband recently stopped eating processed meat and he lost 40 pounds. There must be something to that right?

Or was it the four Twinkies and six Mountain Dew a day that did it? (I’m going for answer no. 2, but he thinks it the meat. )

Here’s what I remember: A long time ago, I had gotten into a conversation about this very subject with a man I was dating at the time. This man had a scientist brother whose was beyond questioning, a man who would know.

“Lee..” I said. “Do you think humans are really vegetarians, and shouldn’t eat meat? What does your brother say.”

“Oh..absolutely.” he said. “Humans are meat eaters. We need it to survive. My brother would agree.”

His brother was none other than Jonas Salk. The man who invented the polio vaccine.

I think I’ll stick to the scientists I know…the old fashioned scientists who weren’t owned by Al Gore or the World Health Organization.

Besides, i just saw a lady a couple of weeks ago who had reached the grand old age of 105, and was still sharp. When asked her secret she said, “I eat BACON every day! ”

And so we should never forget the words of one of the greatest lines ever spoken by a woman:

‘Where’s the Beef!?” And go on and enjoy it while we still can.

By the way, if EATING meat made our brains grow larger, what will happen if we stop eating meat? caveman two

Just saying.

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