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Nobody’s Fool: Paul Ryan…He got one thing right. Pray for US!

Nobody’s Fool

Paul Ryan today, grabbed the second most powerful position in the country. Paul Ryan

—-Two points about Paul Ryan’s speech today when he accepted the Speakership to the House.

One:  right off he made a very snide comment that I took to be against Donald Trump, he mentioned there would be no ‘conversions.’ It was ad-libbed, and not in his online printed speech.

Two: He made it clear that if the “minority will work in good faith, instead of trying to stop the majority, they might be able to join the majority. This wasn’t meant for the Democrats, this was a bullet aimed right at the backs of the Freedom caucus in the House, who agree and represent the people.

” A neglected minority will gum up the works. A respected minority will work in good faith. Instead of trying to stop the majority, they might try to become the majority.”

So, it will be up to Paul who he wants to “respect.”

And Paul ALSO made it clear, that HIS job, their job,  is NOT to echo what the people want.

“But we do not echo the people. We represent them. We are supposed to study up and do the homework that they cannot do. So when we do not follow regular order—when we rush to pass bills a lot of us do not understand—we are not doing our job. Only a fully functioning House can truly represent the people.”

Really? That’s not in the Constitution Paul, is it? That’s a rather interesting interpretation of the document. You’re there to ‘decide’ what’s good for the people? If you think polygamy is “good” for the people, then we just don’t get it? Is bringing in millions of immigrants to take Americans jobs away GOOD for the American people? Is THAT what we want?

So…giving Obama everything that he wanted was in OUR interest? The country’s interest? You ran on conservative values, got to Washington, and decided that the Democrats had the better ideas?


That first sentence basically said: You people out there, you don’t know jack shit, and only we, the people in Washington know what’s good for you. You must trust us to do what’s good for you.


Paul Ryan in that short speech, will continue to represent the established Mitt Romney, Bush, Clinton, big corporation/ government that dictates and makes all our lives miserable.

Now, more than ever, we need an outsider like Trump for President. Trump will side with that small minority that echo’s the people’s wishes, and who are suppose to represent their states, and voters. The people need a “people’s” President. While Trump did say we should be able to bring in the brighter minds from outside, I don’t think he would go so far as to say that they should replace our own workers…in every single field. I’ll be watching him for that remark.

Sadly, Paul Ryan got cocky. He sold out.

Nobody thinks Paul Ryan taking over the leadership in the house has been planned for a long time, and Mitt Romney was in the background making it happen. He was there today grinning like a proud papa.

The chess pieces are being slowly put in place.

Now…let’s see what Paul Ryan is going to bring into fruition to the American people.

Exhibit A: Who owns Congress? Who are “we the people” REALLY fighting? Carly Fiorina would agree…the big elites.

Let’s start with Disney…


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Disney Courting the Devil

And that no man might buy or sell, except he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.—-King James

Nobody Wonders

—I don’t know about you..but when some guy who lived before the invention of soap, comes out and predicts that one day we will all have to have the “mark” or we won’t be able to buy or sell anything…you have to wonder…How any human would summit to giving that much control over their lives?disney chips three

EASY! Get the kids used to it! Make sure the kids love the idea!

And that’s exactly how our government is going to pull this off. With the help of corporations— and what better way than with the corporation MOST trusted by adults: Disney.

Orlando – Walt Disney World is unrolling a new initiative this spring when it begins handing out MagicBands, an RFID enabled bracelet for guests to wear during their visit to the park. Guests will wear the MagicBands, which will also interact with smartphones. The bracelets will be loaded with the personal data of guests, which includes preferences, purchases, credit card information and essentially will track every move guests make, down to which characters are met. It is said to be so precise that characters can even greet visitors by name or wish the individual a happy birthday when they are approached.

It appears convenience is one of the perceived benefits. “If we can enhance the experience, more people will spend more of their leisure time with us,” said Thomas O. Staggs, chairman of Disney Parks and Resorts.

Armed with a radio-frequency identification bracelet encoded with credit card information, visitors will snap up tickets to Space Mountain and purchase popcorn with the flick of a wrist. It will also function as a room key, parking ticket, FASTPASS and credit card. Disney is one of the Big Six companies which control 90% of the media. In rolling out these RFID bracelets, Disney is indoctrinating the public into acceptance of being tracked.

Okay, now you know. Disney has spent over a billion dollars getting this stuff implemented.

Technology is going to be used to make us all into slaves.

So, if you want to protest this: Don’t go to Disneyland. But if you must, better hurry, they implement this in the spring. And for those who don’t want to wear the bracelet? Mark of the Beast two

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A NEW Lethal Weapon: The Christain Cross

Nobody’s Opinion

It must be hard to be a Christian Cross. Just a simple thing mind you…a simple symbol from history—One which reminds us all that if you $%& with the Roman Empire you WILL get yours.  And so, Christians all over the world take comfort in putting simple crosses around their necks, to remind them…that not only did one guy get really screwed to a cross, he did it for them.

But wear one at your own peril.

Drug lord and rappers, who no doubt figure they will be forgiven if they happen to kill a few people in the line of work, wear the cross.

Nobody complains.

BUT…some poor gal in England was FIRED because she wouldn’t take off that offensive cross around her neck.

Two Christian British women have taken their case over religious liberty to the highest level, now set to square off against the Government of the United Kingdom at the European Court of Human Rights over their right to wear a cross or crucifix at work . In opposition to the women, the government will have to state publicly whether it backs the right of Christians to wear the symbol at work. The Telegraph reports that government ministers will argue that because displaying the cross is not a “requirement” of the Christian faith, employers can ban the wearing of the cross and fire workers who insist on doing so:

The descendants of the Romans are at it again. First they came for the Jews, then they came for the Christians, then they came for me…

On the other hand, does a boss have a right to tell his employees what and what not to wear?

Not according to RNow Boudlal.

Boudlal  a Moroccan immigrant who is now a US citizen, last week started proceedings against the entertainment empire with the US Equal Opportunity Commission. She claims she was sent home from work seven times without pay after she turned up at the Magic Kingdom wearing her scarf – and says this amounts to religious discrimination.

RNow Boudlal says Disney’s suggested alternative to her hijab – a preposterous-looking combination of bonnet and trilby hat (above, right) – is offensive. “The hat makes a joke of my religion and draws even more attention to me,” she said.

I’d hate to see what happens when Goofy takes them to court.

ONCE upon a time, a “boss” could fire anyone in his business if they didn’t dress the way he wanted them too…But now, you can’t offend anyone, especially the new Muslim immigrant.

British Airways brought in a dress code designed to allow hijabs and turbans but not crosses. It did so by decreeing that religious items might be worn by employees if there was a ‘mandatory scriptural requirement’. An employer should have the right to impose whatever dress code he wants. Ideally, he will be reasonable in exercising this right: commercial self interest and human decency both argue for a uniform that can accommodate religious insignia.

Nobody Thinks that a simple cross necklace is not anything to fire someone over. After all..I’ve been offended by people with tattoo’s of Satan on their forearms, but realize they have to eat too.  I figure if Satan wants them, he can have them. I just want my Happy Meal.

And as much as Boudlal wants to show her faith to the tourists at Disneyworld, I’m sorry…Disney has worked very hard on that brand, and if everyone else has to dress accordingly, she should just go work in the kitchen like they offered.

Both religions offend each other, but it seems to me that the Western tradition should stick up for the Christians. You can’t hide a bomb in a cross necklace.

Will the Romans of the European Court decide against the poor British women who is now going broke?

Nobody Knows…But it’s totally acceptable for the Muslims to wear hijabs and publicly pray three times a day during work .

Maybe Christians should start demanding equal prayer time. We have a lot of politicians that need redemption. And on that note…excuse me…I’m going to find that pretty blue cross necklace that I got for my birthday.


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