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The Race to the White House…So Far….

Nobody’s  Opinion

After watching Hillary’s remarkable ‘resurrection’ by the liberal media over the weekend, can we honestly say that we are sick of the American Contest for President now? Is that why they do it for 2 years?

Let’s review the fiasco so far shall we?Hillary sour

Let’s start with Bill Clinton’s new best friend, Hillary. She started out lying about her emails— no big deal. Then she continued to lie about Benghazi—no big deal. When she was losing to Bernie Sanders in the polls, the democrats were panicking, and begging Joe Biden to get in the race. But..Joe is not stupid. He did the same smart thing that Ted Kennedy did. Joe is keeping out-of-the-way of the Clinton’s, least he end up at the bottom of some ocean. Hillary’s friends, and the liberal media’s help, she needn’t worry. They are going to be coming on full blast soon: Since Hillary’s only point to get into the office is her gender, Hollywood will be in full force with the feminist propaganda. The TV sitcom, Madame Secretary on TV: a movie starring Meryl Streep about the women’s suffrage movement, will be opening around the world soon. In 2016, there will be more books about the poor women’s plight on the planet, the men are going to want to get off.

And why do I think that the new STAR WARS main hero will be a woman?

Next year, a woman’s face on the ten or 20 dollar bill!


(Just kidding.)  As I have said before, Hillary IS the pick for the NWO simply because she is the biggest crook around and has no soul….and women are easier to control than men. (So they think )

Then there’s the lovable Bernie Sanders…how’s he doing? He has a bigger following than Hillary….but he has one major problem: He not all in for getting rid of guns. Although he would probably get rid of guns in a heartbeat if he were President.  But… he knows the people in his state would get rid of him the moment he declared he was going to confiscate guns, which MEANS, he also knows he doesn’t stand a chance in hell of beating Hillary.  The young democrats might want Bernie, but they don’t have any money. They haven’t figured out yet that the oligarchy is letting Bernie run just to make Hillary look like she is not being crowned, and of course to move the nation more to the left. Bernie might as well go back to his beach house.

The other democrats will be dropping out soon, so why even mention them?Sanders and Hillary

On the republican side, we have the two front-runners: Trump and Carson. Trump, by some polls, is supported by 70 percent of the conservatives, but Carson is catching up. He is what the liberals hate: he’s conservative. And smart. Unlike Obama, he doesn’t hang out with drug addicted rappers. Nobody can see him on SNL, without wondering if he could pull it off.

He’s just not hip enough. That’s how badly Obama has ruined the Presidency.

For my liking, Ben Carson is the most philosophical of the candidates. He’s sensible, looks at everything in the most logical way, and is ruled by his bedrock principles…the kind that we all should be trying to live our lives by…BUT…

On the other hand, Donald Trump knows the bastards that rule the world, and the corrupt games they play. I doubt seriously if Ben Carson could even fathom half the corruption that is being dished around by all forms of evil empires (including our own Congress) and it would take months for him to catch up. Not that he couldn’t…but his life has been spent in “caring” and the medical profession. A good man like Ben Carson would not see the political evil coming, especially from the Clinton’s who are masters at it.

Bill Clinton will get up right before the election, and with his sweet talking tongue, say just the right things against the man. He will attack the fact that his wife has been in office, and Ben knows NOTHING about the vast world. You know Bill…he sell that. He can’t do that with Trump or Carly.

Trump already has a better chance at beating Hillary, because as Drudge pointed out, this is a media driven society now, and like Obama, Trump can handle the media.  Everybody knows Trump. Ben Carson is new on the scene, and his last talk about getting rid of Roe VS Wade, will hurt him somehow.

Karl Rove is already planning his attacks on that statement, and they will be vicious, but not until they can put out enough polls saying that Ben Carson is taking out Donald Trump.

And that leaves us with Jeb Bush, who said this uplifting quote today:Dr. Carson

“I’ve got a lot of really cool things I could do other than sit around, being miserable, listening to people demonize me and me feeling compelled to demonize them. That is a joke. Elect Trump if you want that.”

Well...alright there Jeb! Who are we to keep you from those really cool jobs?

The other night, I heard a psychic on the radio, who has predicted the last 12 major elections results of the President and such, and who has never missed on any prediction, claimed that Trump would be the next President.

Hey…the odds might just be in our favor.. once in a while…mathematically speaking,

We are DUE for a win, are we not?

Remember: When the whole media will be attacking the republican candidate, could Ben Carson fight back and attack the ‘rapes’ of Bill Clinton? Can you see him doing that? Mitt Romney wouldn’t. And he lost.

My generation was raised in the tales of Captain Kirk. Kirk didn’t wait for the enemy to come after him..he went and got them.

Do you go after the snake, or wait for it to come to you? Ben? Donald? Carly? Ted? Mmmmmm…..




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