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Nobody Has More Fun At Remembering


Nobody Remembers

Aw….come on. Let’s have some more fun remembering how everyone predicted Trump would LOSE the election.


Wait…there’s MORE! (I miss all of this because I don’t watch the liberal networks.)

Oh…wait, wait….WAIT!~ I can’t stand it! Here’s the best one yet…all the GOP members who made the same predictions. How soon we all forget.

NEVER underestimate our President OR the American people. It’s so GOOD to remember.

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‘Trump’ Can’t Win….Just Watch

Nobody Flashes

At the rate that Google, Facebook, and YouTube are censoring all conservatives and anything pertaining to the success of President Trump, we now find ourselves in a precarious situation.

So, in view of that, I thought I’d better post this before it’s taken down.


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It’s a Dog’s Day Afternoon on MSNBC

Nobody Reports

Can we get serious here?

By some mistake, I left the TV on MSNBC today in my living room. I know, cruel thing to do to my dogs who were walking around in that room looking for treats— because I was not IN the room. I was on my computer in another room, but I couldn’t help hearing the discussions.

And what WERE those discussions?

Why, Russia influenced the election by buying time on Facebook and putting ads on Twitter. In FACT, they targeted key states, and probably Trump TOLD them to do this!

The Russia link, they are SURE, has been found.

Because of this breaking news, it has been reported that Zuckerberg of Facebook, AND the big honchos of Twitter ran to the most important and very worried democrats and rino’s in Congress to give their findings on this horrible situation. Social media was used…to elect Donald Trump.

Wonders never seize. The dog ate their homework.

So, let me get this straight. If this is true, then middle America did NOT listen to the debates, use their own logic to judge who they wanted to vote for, didn’t look around at the last decades of American political landscape, decide that woman who passed out liked a beached whale in front of her limo was just Hillary working too hard… BUT…TRUSTED the Russian ads on Twitter and Facebook instead—

That WOULD be, an historical first.

I’ll tell you what really happened. Donald J. Trump got on Twitter and Facebook, and sent his message out to everyone. Then all of America got on their blogs, (people like me) their Facebook pages, and their twitter accounts and spread the support.

It’s the reason Zuckerberg is now trying to put conservative sites at the bottom of the Google bin.

It’s the reason why Youtube is cutting financial ads from popular conservative’s video’s.

It’s the reason why, when you get on Bing, or Yahoo News, all you see is Trump bashing.

So, controlling the internet and the people’s voice on the internet has to begin… before the next election, and they will use RUSSIA influence in our elections to do it.

It’s the fake crisis that will be created to take over control over Facebook and Twitter to make it ‘safe’ for next election.

It’s the same thing they are doing to the NFL. It’s all about control. You WILL not bow to any flag, because the elites want open borders.

So far, FOX news kept off this nonsense. But, the fact that Facebook and Twitter are being held accountable for letting Russia influence the election, but the Clinton are NOT…

Tells you all you need to know about the fact that, it’s all a big lie.

Nobody had more illegal influence from foreign governments than the Clintons. All their lives, they’ve sold military hardware, plutonium, pay for play to China, Ukraine, Russia, England, Saudi Arabia, Iran, you name it, they’ve gotten money from them all. Billions in fact.

Nobody is guiltier of letting foreign governments influence the elections than the Clintons.

Okay, So, after about 30 minutes of this, I finally got up from the computer and turned it back to FOX, where all they talked about is how the nation is trying to be brought to its knees by the NFL.

My dogs…were peacefully sleeping on the floor.

When MSNBC is on, it’s a dog day afternoon. Too bad, I wasn’t doing the same.



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Is Putin WORKING With the Democrats?

Nobody Wonders

While the liberals are all up in arms about how Russia influenced our election by using social media, THIS Nobody Wonders, how the Russians got into the liberal blogs? Because surely, it was the liberal news and blogs that made a normal Nobody read the news last year and go…

WTF? These people are $*%& up, I’m voting for TRUMP!

Compared to the fascists in the democratic party, Russia’s propaganda was nowhere to be found. But evidently, Russia is STILL trying to influence the American public, and it’s all over our computers…

Any day of the week…these are the ‘Russian’ headlines, which were mostly read by us:

For example: Today’s Headlines….

More Americans Trust Merkel Then Trump To Handle Our Foreign Affairs:

                                                                                             —Huffington Post.

NOBODY: Clearly, Russia wants more Syrian’s in our neighborhood.

It’s Been Another of Handshake Fails and Awkwardness for Donald Trump:

                                                                                            —Huffington Post

NOBODY: Russia promotes the handshake of Putin here.

Trump Trashes Free Press and US Intelligence in Poland:

                                                                                                   —Huffington Post

NOBODY: Very clever, Mr. Putin gets Trump to TRASH our intelligence agencies!

Impeachment Might Not Be the Only Way To Oust Trump From Office:

                                                                                                     —Huffington Post

NOBODY: Russia plans to send Nancy Pelosi into the Oval Office with some deadly Cuban Cigars.

Donald Trump’s Approval Ratings Nearing Record Low In His Favorite Poll:                                                                      —Yahoo NEWS

NOBODY: Notice, NO Headline gives his correct title: President Trump.

Republicans Try to Get Democrats To Write a Health Care Plan for Them:                                                                       —Yahoo NEWS

NOBODY: Yes, Putin has thought of a way to get Hillary in.

Trump’s Latest Spin On Russia, Just Left Him Badly Exposed…Again:

                                                                       —Yahoo NEWS

NOBODY: Exposed?

Woman Threatened After Urinating on U.S. Flag On July the 4th:

                                                                      —Yahoo NEWS

NOBODY: Well if you can’t piss on the America flag in this country, what the heck CAN you piss on? Abusing Flags. Typical Russian pastime.

Twitter Has Elected Malia Obama the New Face of July the 4th:

                                                                       —-Yahoo NEWS

NOBODY: So, Malia is now founder of…America? Cleary, Twitter has been hacked.

Former GOP Congressman: Just Ignore the President:

                                                                   —-Yahoo NEWS

NOBODY: The Russians say this every day. More proof.

Trump’s Disturbing, Incoherent Press Conference in Poland:

                                                      —-Yahoo NEWS

NOBODY: The Polish loved it. Proving that we need more CNN jokes.

President Apparently Couldn’t Get a Hotel Room for G-20:


NOBODY: Because PUTIN wanted to be the first Pee on Obama and Michelle’s bed.


NPR Poll: Majority Believe Trump Did Something Illegal.


NOBODY: The Majority in Antarctica. (What ‘majority’ did they poll? The majority of reporters at CNN?)


Republican Punish People Who Dare to Live in Cities Even When It Means Hurting their Own State:              —-Daily Kos

Nobody: Yes, we now can carry concealed weapons in Downtown St. Louis and Ferguson, and this

Keeps the poor thugs from robbing more stores.

Okay, you get the drift. After reading all this garbage tell me…honestly>

Who do you think REALLY effected the 2016 election? Russia? Or the lying Marxist propagandists in our own country?

The fact is: America did nothing but react to the headlines of lies, fake news, and false flags of made up crimes, all made up by the democratic party. And Putin is still laughing all the way to back to his mansion in the sky.

Unless Putin is writing for MSNBC, CNN, Huffington Post, ABC, NBC, Daily Kos, Yahoo News, etc, I’d say it’s pretty clear Putin did NOT affect our elections…



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Compare THIS Crowd to Saturday’s and Have a Good Sunday!

Nobody Flashes

Well heck. I didn’t watch TV all day Saturday, because like most Americans, I thought the big marches lead by that fat girl Michael Moore, complaining about the HORROR of living as an America and all the atrocities that Trump has done to them all.. was stupid.

Wait. He’s only been President one day.

I thought to myself, “Gee, how did ALL those ugly women get to Washington D.C.? Obviously they were too busy spending their Obama stamps to get to the voting booth.”

Just remember, the democrats lost ALL power…..this is just the same old socialist crap. Too bad so many women are THAT stupid.

So, want to see some REALLY pretty women?

THIS is the America that actually had enough sense to make it down to their local voting booth, instead of taking a bus to Washington D.C. AFTER the fact.

The “Hillary is going to win!” media blitz. Backfired. Even Hillary believed it. If all the liberals in these crowds hated Donald Trump so badly, why didn’t they go vote?

Simple. They believe the “fake news.”

I love this video. And the guys, will love it too, but for different reasons.



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Michael Moore Can Now Be an Even BIGGER Capitalistic Pig!

Nobody’s Perfect

Clearly, Michael Moore either is the most uneducated fat guy walking the planet, or he just got off the phone with Bill Clinton.  He really thinks we live in a democracy.

I would love to talk to Michael Moore’s mother.

I would say, “Dear, what were you thinking?”

Nothing could be funnier than this guy, with his baseball caps, his constant whining about the country, and the way he amazes himself when he talks. And why not? Whining about the country has made him a multi-millionaire. And now that Obama is going to stay in Washington to criticize Trump’s every move, I wouldn’t doubt it if Mike doesn’t move next door.

He put out a video that practically got Trump elected…I even posted it. Michael KNEW Trump was going to win and for all the right reasons.

But now, he’s out to destroy the Trump Presidency, and so, he wrote the electors today

 “I am writing you not as a card-carrying Democrat (I’m not) who voted for Hillary [Clinton] (I did), but simply because I am an American who, like you, deeply loves this country and its people … I am not going to ask you to vote for the person who got the most votes (although I will not be upset should you chose to side with the majority of your fellow Americans and do so!). No, I’m simply asking you to vote your conscience and PLEASE do not put our nation in danger by choosing Donald J. Trump.”

Right. Most of Hillary’s votes came out of three counties in California. I’m thinking Mexico is really the country we should be saying was fooling around with our elections, not Russia.

And as far as “danger”? Give me a break.

I think Obama sent the wrong guy to North Korea. He should have sent Michael.

Michael offering to pay elector’s fines isn’t working today. So far, Trump hasn’t lost a vote, but Hillary did.

So on to the next step: Watch his movie “Godzilla Moore Meets King Kong Trump” and follow him to the inauguration where he will lead a group of idiots to protest Trump. He’s be outside just long enough to get his face on camera.

He’s ready to ‘protest” Trump’s inauguration……mucking up the day for us all.

“Disrupt the Inauguration. The Majority have spoken – by nearly 2.7 million votes &counting! Silence is not an option,”

On another note, Michael is not the only one to be…noteworthy.

Today, I noticed TIME MAGAZINE put out a tribute to Obama. Which is right ABOVE Trump’s famous Time Cover for winning the election.

You do know that they pay for placement right? Obama couldn’t take the win either.

I used to think Michael Moore, couldn’t be THAT stupid, to not know the value of the electoral college, which truly DOES protect the minority from the majority rule. ALL the founders talk about that.

But…I was wrong. He really is that dumb. Or is he? Truth be told, he gets millions of idiots to buy his movies.

Michael Moore is nothing but a capitalist pig prancing around as a socialist wiener. Either way: he’s entertaining.

And no…I would never blame his mother.

I blame the water in Flint.




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Trump Combats the Dreamiciders

Nobody Reads

This week, I’ve been reading one of Trump’s books called, TRUMP: The America We Deserve. trump-deserve

This book was published in the year 2000: Think about that. Sixteen years ago, while Bill Clinton was still in office, Donald Trump was laying out his blueprint to fix America, and plans as to what he would do if he were President.

If anything, that gives me even more confidence than ever before. The man has been planning for this for over 16 years.

I have not heard ONE reporter anywhere mention that…”Oh yeah…Donald Trump has been thinking about this for many years, he’s ready.”  I am positive that Hillary was aware of this, as was Jeb Bush, as was most of everybody in the news—so they purposely didn’t want YOU or the public to even hear about it.

Since I’m only on the third chapter, I can tell you, that after reading what I have so far, I am more confident than ever that Donald Trump will make the changes he says he is going to make, or die trying.

That is, if the Democrats (and the Rino’s) don’t start WWIII with Russia before he ever gets into office. Right now, they are doing everything they possibly can to leave a big mess for the man, so as to weaken his Presidency.

Let me share a few quotes just from the first chapter:obama-defecit

“A lot of people at the top of the political game think the American people are naïve. They think the American people are like little kids who can’t face facts.”

NOBODY: Right. Michelle Obama this week will tell Oprah that “grownups” are running the White House, and Trump and the people who voted for him, are not grownups like them.”

“I object to the fact that this country is crippled economically by our national debt. I have a plan to pay off the national debt entirely, cut taxes on the middle class, repeal the inheritance tax, and save Social Security.”

NOBODY: Well, George W. added trillions to that debt, and Obama added more debt than the total of all the Presidents before him. Nice of them to leave such a mess, wasn’t it?

“I’ve hired ex-government employees, for example, because they understand the workings of bureaucracy. I’ve hired a number of women for high management positions.”

NOBODY:  Some have been concerned recently about some of Trump’s picks to work in his cabinet. BUT…clearly he is trying to pick people who will get the job done and can cut through the bureaucracy, he is interviewing even people who were against him. His ego comes last. America first.

“I really am convinced we’re in danger of the sort of terrorist attacks that will make the bombing of the Trade Center look like kids playing with firecrackers.”bill-clinton-excuse

NOBODY: Here Trump predicted that we would get a major terrorist attack BEFORE 9/11. Did anybody give him any credit for that? No. Frankly, Bill Clinton should have known the World Trade Center would be attacked again, and he should have taken out bin Laden the 9 times he had the opportunity.

“I believe we’re in danger of a financial downturn because we’re going so high so fast.”

NOBODY: Trump was right again: 2008, the taxpayers were made to bail out the banks. Millions lost their retirement, and we are still struggling.

“Maybe it’s time we had a president who was a dealmaker.”

NOBODY: Who do you think Trump was talking about here? George Clooney?

“In real life intentions don’t really matter. Results are what counts.”

NOBODY: Right. And this is why the American people voted for him. Washington D.C. is FULL of good intentions (Good intentions for themselves) which have mostly destroyed the middle class, and made America a laughing-stock.bush-bailout

“They had their chance, and they produced a debacle. In my opinion, these people are opportunity destroyers. They’re guilty of what I call Dreamicide.”

NOBODY: Does this sound like a “democrat” talking to you? This was back when Trump was giving money to the Clintons. Trump is, by all accounts an Independent. He HAD to run of the republican ticket, because his philosophy is conservative, and besides, there IS no Independent Party.

And that’s just from the first 75 pagers. The chapter titles tell you all:

Introduction: The Serious Side of Trumptrump-and-the-tech

Chapter One: The Business of America is Business

Chapter Two: Competition: Saving Our Schools the American Way

Chapter Three: The Safe Streets We Deserve

Chapter Four: The Foreign Policy We Deserve

Chapter Five: Freedom from Terrorism

Chapter Six: An Economic Boom for America

Chapter Seven: Making Social Security Secure Again

Chapter Eight: To Our Health

Chapter Nine: The Politics We Deserve

Chapter Ten: Volunteering: The American Way

Chapter Eleven: Should I Run?

And the answer: Yes. And he did. And now, he can take those ideas he has been formatting in his mind for all these years and put them to work.

As he said–results count. He’s not even President yet, and he’s getting results.

If they had given Trump the contract to rebuild the Twin Towers, they would have gone up in 2 years instead of ten.

And so, for all the people who wanted Ted Cruz, or Hillary Clinton to win, I am here to say: The majority of the American people GOT IT. We got the President we deserved, and he worked hard to get there.

The real point is: the information you don’t get from your media reporters, is proof, that they are controlling your every thought with propaganda.

It’s legal in America now, and they don’t want you to know about this book, which is all the more reason to read it.

(Am I afraid about the electors tomorrow turning their backs on Trump tomorrow? )


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Nobody’s Perfect: MSNBC

Nobody’s Perfect:

America is discovering that the real fake news, is on most of our cable TV news program.

Take MSNBC for example.

Could they have flubbed it up any worse than this?

Right now they are claiming with full straight faces that RUSSIA influenced our election.

Gee…where were they when China hacked all U.S. government records?  They’ve been stealing technology and secrets for YEARS…why be concerned now?

Because…it’s….FAKE NEWS! Meant to destroy, Donald Trump.

Anyway…enjoy this. I know, I did.

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Nancy! oh….Nancy Pelosi…. Donald Trump is President…Ho, Ho, Ho!

Nobody Flashes

I love this video. A long list of rich liberals SWEARING that Donald Trump would never, ever, ever, ever be President.

I hope the next 8 years, they are tortured as much as the common folks were ‘tortured’ with Obama.


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The Progressive’s New War Cry: Abolish the Electoral College!

Nobody’s Opinion:

America spoke last week…. Loud. Clear. And with great dignity.

We do NOT want the politicians ruining our lives anymore.

The progressive losers are in the biggest disbelief of their lives.  How did this happen? Puppies are being given to tearful freshmen on college campuses.

My son said his girlfriend cried. elect-college-one

They were so SURE that Donald Trump would never, ever, in their wildest dreams become President.  The heartbreak…almost unbearable. You COULD feel sorry for them if not for the fact that these are actually grown people.  

They lost. Fair and square. Even with all of Hillary’s cheating, treasonous felonies, and support of her many famous friends they lost. BIG TIME. The little nobodies out in Fly over country, the people who have been sucked dry of their lives, and their country, told the progressives: No more.

So, you would think, like adults, they would accept the results, like many of us did in 2008. The conservative American, didn’t call to get rid of the electoral college…when Obama was elected.  We didn’t riot in the streets. There were a lot of us who saw Obama for what he really was, but we accepted the vote. We blamed George W. Bush for Obama. At least I did. The bail out of Wall Street was all on Bush, and that’s one of the big reasons Obama was elected.

So, today, we feel the liberals should blame Hillary Clinton, for being the criminal she is.

But no. Only tears of sorrow for her. They tell themselves, the election was STOLEN by the electoral college.

They are telling themselves: Why…she didn’t lose!

How DARE those handful of  farmers in Iowa have the same rights as the millions of illegals in southern California! It’s not fair. Hillary won the popular vote!

That’s the new calling cry. “Hillary won!” Yeah, Right. Look at the map where she won. Hillary is blue.

Look at that map and tell me the blue should rule over the gray. trump-map-2

The progressives now are at their weakest in the American history. The ONLY way they could win, would be by popular vote. California and New York, could decide every election forever more, and that would be just fine with them. 

Right now, they are trying to get the electors to CHANGE their vote to Hillary Clinton. It’s their last breath of survival. And if they can’t do that, then for the next 4 years, we are going to hear their cries on every campus to get rid of the electoral college.

Eric Holder stated it already.

Michael Moore is also jumping on it:

Trump is an “illegitimate president and does not have the vote of the people,” Moore told NBC News as he ascended up the floors of the ornate building that bears Trump’s name in gold on the front of it.

Michael Dukakis got out of his tank to join in: elect-three

“Hillary won this election, and when the votes are all counted, by what will likely be more than a million votes. So how come she isn’t going to the White House in January? Because of an anachronistic Electoral College system which should have been abolished 150 years ago,” he wrote Sunday in an email to POLITICO.

Sign the petition!

Trump won a decisive victory in the Electoral College Tuesday night and could finish with 306 electoral votes to Clinton’s 232. However, the Electoral College does not officially cast its votes for president until December 19, giving optimistic celebrities and Clinton supporters hope that its members could go against the wishes of their state’s voters and instead switch their votes to Clinton.

Good luck with that.

Here’s why I am not worried. To get rid of the electoral college (by the way it’s been tried before) they would have to have a Constitutional Amendment: which takes approval of both houses of Congress and all state legislatures.

And guess who won almost all of these? The republicans. Ha ha ha ha…guess you guys will have to wait until some other time.

Nope. The country voted to KEEP their country from the foreign invasions, and kick out the corruption in Washington D.C.

Our founders invented the electoral college to give the little guy just as much voice as the state with the most population. They KNEW the danger of “democracy” which is popular vote.

It was smart, and it’s a forever guard against tyranny. elect-six

The progressive know, that these young kids have already been programmed to be stupid. “It’s not fair” will be the cry from now on from most all of these people.

The left is always crying and moaning about protecting those without a voice. Well, then they should above all others protect the electoral college because it gives voice to the minority.

It’s that simple.

And by the way, if you Google Electoral College, you will see all kinds of opinions why it SHOULD be abolished.

Remember, they won’t stop the propaganda.

 At best, the choice of president if you got rid of the electoral college, would always be decided by the largest, most populous States with little regard for the smaller ones. elect-five

This will be their new march: Obama plans to go to Greece, the birthplace of democracy to PUSH for the popular vote. And they plan to continue the protests, to make you think that it’s a revolution of the people.

It’s right out of the old communist playbook….but this time, I have a feeling, President Trump, and the American people,  will be ready.


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Nobody Flashes: Pat Condell, Jonathan Pie, and Trump Supporter

Nobody Flashes

I just wanted to remind everyone while we are watching the hoards of idiots outside, acting like spoiled brats, that the fight to get our country back will not stop with getting Trump elected. The next fight, which they have already begun, is trying to get the ‘kids’ to get on board with getting rid of the electoral college.

It won’t work of course, because the Republicans have Control of the House and Senate, and they won’t do it. It just won’t happen.

But, like roaches they keep thinking ahead. Anyway….(Monday’s blog)

Here’s a few video’s I wanted to share: First is Pat Condell, who reminds us all how the people are starting to take back their countries.

The second one is a Trump supporter not holding back her anger at the MSNBC reporter. You won’t see THIS on TV.

The third one is Jonathan Pie. He’s a liberal who is SO upset about Trump winning, he goes on a rant…about Hillary and why they lost…and it’s simply…great fun.


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Nobody FLASHES: Be Aware of SmartMatic Electronic Voting Machines! Soros infected.

Nobody Flashes’

Okay, this is it. There is no doubt in my mind that Trump will win the popular vote. Scan_20151226

And the only reason he won’t win the electoral vote, will be because the Clintons and Soros are already arranging her win. The popular vote means nothing to them. They will do it as they do everything: lie, cheat, steal and bribe. They have been working on this moment for years.

The lines are going to be long tomorrow. My elderly neighbor is taking a fold-up chair. Not a bad idea.

I always ask for paper, but here’s a warning to all Trump voters: If you live in any of the states listed below, and you use an electronic machine…you might want to check the machine:

And DEMAND a paper ballot.

God Bless us all, and now…go vote!


Just to be safe I am sharing this info. I did not research this but with this crazy election anything is possible!On election day, if your voting machine is a SmartMatic brand, DEMAND a paper ballot. George Soro’s now owns SmartMatic. You have the right to require a paper ballot, and under FEDERAL LAW the polling place MUST provide one for you. Don’t throw your vote away. Following states have SmartMatic voting machines
District of Columbia
New Jersey


Just remember the words Smartmatic. And don’t use it.

And remember, the words of our founders: It time to defend our country from the oligarchs whom rule over us all. sam-adams-libertyimg003



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This Is Our Vally Forge Moment: Let’s not blow it.

Nobody’s Opinion

“They have been attacking Hillary for over 30 years!” said the lady behind the counter. She was mad, and she scowled as she stuffed the sweaters in the bag. She was talking to three women in front of the counter…women who were buying clothes in this woman’s clothing shop.liberals-mad

The three women were all nodding their heads.

My husband and I were in a mall, trying to enjoy our mall visit south of St. Louis, because all the malls in North St. Louis, have closed down.

Thank you democrats.

I wanted to go over and tell her she was wrong. But then…I looked at her. She was in her mid-30’s, no makeup, overweight, and I asked myself: Is this why so many women support Hillary? They don’t have boyfriends, many of them childless, and there is little hope to find a man, even though they tell themselves every day, they don’t need one, mother nature always finds a way to the tears of an empty love life.

And so, here is poor Hillary. Married to a husband who humiliated her in front of the whole world. They identify with that, and Hillary promotes that to the hilt.

The poor woman DESERVES to be President. Even Bill Clinton repeats that line. The single women, the hundreds out in America who have been brainwashed to feel it’s the “man’s” fault that they don’t feel loved, are tired of going to their low paying jobs every day, they feel cheated…what future do they have? If they have children, paying for child care alone is killing them. Hillary will take care of their babies.

Life is…so hard.

On the way home from the mall, we were on the highway, and up above the overpass was a group of about 15 men, waving a gigantic sign that said, “TRUMP!” to the cars passing by below.

“Look! Look up!” I said. My husband honked.abe-lincoln

I remember thinking how passionate those men looked, waving those homemade banners…how desperate they looked. They were waving those banners as if their lives depended on it.

I was with them all the way. The passion of the men outdid the anger of that woman.

So, it’s a country divided. The left has been working overtime to get rid of the family, religion, and bring in as many immigrants as they possibly can.

Obama tells them they can vote: “…of the millennial, dreamers, undocumented citizens – and I call them citizens because they contribute to this country – are fearful of voting,” an interviewer told the president. “So if I vote, will immigration know where I live? Will they come for my family and deport us?”

“Not true,” Obama reassured. “And the reason is first of all when you vote you are a citizen yourself. And there is not a situation where the voting rolls somehow are transferred over and people start investigating, et cetera. The sanctity of the vote is strictly confidential.”

(Chirping birds from Congress, the Supreme Court, the news media)

The democratic party has sub-divided groups: Hispanics, single women, academic, blacks, Muslims,…all these ‘groups’ are told that the mean white WASP citizens are their enemies.

They have written off the white male. They want him extinct. Vote for the woman progressive who feels your pain.oligarthy

This morning I watched the FOX NEWS morning show with Chris Wallace. Basically called the “Bush” show. He had a round table of Former Bush advisors: Karl Rove, Dana Perino, and Bob Woodward.  And isn’t it the most absurd thing? Shouldn’t X- cabinet members of former President be BANNED from supposedly “fair and balanced” news programs?

All these people promote the Bush family party philosophy: open borders, amnesty, globalism. All gave much doubt that Trump could win.  Rove tried carefully not to predict because he predicted Romney and Romney lost.

It’s a bore.

One thing I have noticed: The demise of America has been seeping into every pore for decades now, and those of us who see it wonder WHY the rest of the country doesn’t?

I can’t figure it out. The only thing that makes sense is there are certain sections of the country that is not effected by bad schools, or bad jobs, or Muslims taking over their communities.  They are pretty happy, and not worried because they are okay. They feel none of these problems will come to them.

But the socialism cancer is here. It’s metastasized over half the country, and there are parts of the body that has been so riddled with decay it might never recover.

Do the people who are happy with the country and their lives, do they realize that the cancer will continue to grow and finally kill the host? Many in America, happy with their own lives and not concerned with the state of the country, will one day wake up, and realized…America, is gone.

But you know what? I’m TRIED of all this depressing crap being thrown at us every single minute of the day.

I predict, Trump will win. It’s un-American to think otherwise.

It’s no surprise then than I’m praying for a Donald Trump victory. He had me at “Make America Great Again.”

How about you?

This is our Valley Forge moment.

Let’s not blow it.trump-thumbs


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Nobody Flashes BIG Trump Supporters

Nobody Flashes:

We have two days until the election:

SO: I’m posting video’s supporting Donald Trump:

Watch one, or watch them all: This is our last chance.

Peter Thiel, the gay CEO of Paypal….his endorsement for Donald Trump is one of the most intelligent you’ll hear.

Brunell Donald-Kyei gives a GREAT rant at the end of the Neil Cavuto video, trying to snap some sense into the blacks in the country.

The pretty Mexican women, a PROUD American, will make you feel she is saying all the things you are thinking.

And the second one, is just Donald Trump in his own words.





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