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Trump Combats the Dreamiciders

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This week, I’ve been reading one of Trump’s books called, TRUMP: The America We Deserve. trump-deserve

This book was published in the year 2000: Think about that. Sixteen years ago, while Bill Clinton was still in office, Donald Trump was laying out his blueprint to fix America, and plans as to what he would do if he were President.

If anything, that gives me even more confidence than ever before. The man has been planning for this for over 16 years.

I have not heard ONE reporter anywhere mention that…”Oh yeah…Donald Trump has been thinking about this for many years, he’s ready.”  I am positive that Hillary was aware of this, as was Jeb Bush, as was most of everybody in the news—so they purposely didn’t want YOU or the public to even hear about it.

Since I’m only on the third chapter, I can tell you, that after reading what I have so far, I am more confident than ever that Donald Trump will make the changes he says he is going to make, or die trying.

That is, if the Democrats (and the Rino’s) don’t start WWIII with Russia before he ever gets into office. Right now, they are doing everything they possibly can to leave a big mess for the man, so as to weaken his Presidency.

Let me share a few quotes just from the first chapter:obama-defecit

“A lot of people at the top of the political game think the American people are naïve. They think the American people are like little kids who can’t face facts.”

NOBODY: Right. Michelle Obama this week will tell Oprah that “grownups” are running the White House, and Trump and the people who voted for him, are not grownups like them.”

“I object to the fact that this country is crippled economically by our national debt. I have a plan to pay off the national debt entirely, cut taxes on the middle class, repeal the inheritance tax, and save Social Security.”

NOBODY: Well, George W. added trillions to that debt, and Obama added more debt than the total of all the Presidents before him. Nice of them to leave such a mess, wasn’t it?

“I’ve hired ex-government employees, for example, because they understand the workings of bureaucracy. I’ve hired a number of women for high management positions.”

NOBODY:  Some have been concerned recently about some of Trump’s picks to work in his cabinet. BUT…clearly he is trying to pick people who will get the job done and can cut through the bureaucracy, he is interviewing even people who were against him. His ego comes last. America first.

“I really am convinced we’re in danger of the sort of terrorist attacks that will make the bombing of the Trade Center look like kids playing with firecrackers.”bill-clinton-excuse

NOBODY: Here Trump predicted that we would get a major terrorist attack BEFORE 9/11. Did anybody give him any credit for that? No. Frankly, Bill Clinton should have known the World Trade Center would be attacked again, and he should have taken out bin Laden the 9 times he had the opportunity.

“I believe we’re in danger of a financial downturn because we’re going so high so fast.”

NOBODY: Trump was right again: 2008, the taxpayers were made to bail out the banks. Millions lost their retirement, and we are still struggling.

“Maybe it’s time we had a president who was a dealmaker.”

NOBODY: Who do you think Trump was talking about here? George Clooney?

“In real life intentions don’t really matter. Results are what counts.”

NOBODY: Right. And this is why the American people voted for him. Washington D.C. is FULL of good intentions (Good intentions for themselves) which have mostly destroyed the middle class, and made America a laughing-stock.bush-bailout

“They had their chance, and they produced a debacle. In my opinion, these people are opportunity destroyers. They’re guilty of what I call Dreamicide.”

NOBODY: Does this sound like a “democrat” talking to you? This was back when Trump was giving money to the Clintons. Trump is, by all accounts an Independent. He HAD to run of the republican ticket, because his philosophy is conservative, and besides, there IS no Independent Party.

And that’s just from the first 75 pagers. The chapter titles tell you all:

Introduction: The Serious Side of Trumptrump-and-the-tech

Chapter One: The Business of America is Business

Chapter Two: Competition: Saving Our Schools the American Way

Chapter Three: The Safe Streets We Deserve

Chapter Four: The Foreign Policy We Deserve

Chapter Five: Freedom from Terrorism

Chapter Six: An Economic Boom for America

Chapter Seven: Making Social Security Secure Again

Chapter Eight: To Our Health

Chapter Nine: The Politics We Deserve

Chapter Ten: Volunteering: The American Way

Chapter Eleven: Should I Run?

And the answer: Yes. And he did. And now, he can take those ideas he has been formatting in his mind for all these years and put them to work.

As he said–results count. He’s not even President yet, and he’s getting results.

If they had given Trump the contract to rebuild the Twin Towers, they would have gone up in 2 years instead of ten.

And so, for all the people who wanted Ted Cruz, or Hillary Clinton to win, I am here to say: The majority of the American people GOT IT. We got the President we deserved, and he worked hard to get there.

The real point is: the information you don’t get from your media reporters, is proof, that they are controlling your every thought with propaganda.

It’s legal in America now, and they don’t want you to know about this book, which is all the more reason to read it.

(Am I afraid about the electors tomorrow turning their backs on Trump tomorrow? )


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We HAVE Hope Michelle….After Eight Years of Misery….

Nobody Flashes

If this isn’t the most sorry-ass piece of shit coming out of a woman’s mouth who was given the almighty privilege of living in the White house, and vacationing on the taxpayer’s dime, I don’t know what is.

No First Lady in the history of our Republic has ever been so arrogant, so WRONG, so elitist.

(Wait, there was Hillary. Okay, I take it back. There’s a tie. )

So…classless. So…IGNORANT. So…so…okay. Hold me back. I’ve kept my mouth shut for 8 years about the arrogance of this women, but not tonight.

I’m sorry. How these two rich bitches (Can you tell I really don’t care now what I say) have the nerve to continue to act as if Obama has done such wonders for our country, is beyond any sane person’s logic.

Oh…yes. Hope. Hope will save us…if you just give the Democrats about oh..say….50 more years. Hold on to hope. Hope is going get you that job. That house. That education. That medicine that you need to save your life, that you can no longer afford.

Just hold on to ….hope. Mama Michelle will be there to give you hope when you get a boo-boo.

How condescending! How…oooooooo0000000000….

I could…just scream.

Michelle, Obama, and about 100 staff and secret service have been dragged off to Hawaii for their month vacation. I hope, she saw that tonight, on her TV…the America that she thinks “has no hope.”

There was a TV special on tonight called “Rock the Troops.” Put on by….THE ROCK!

It was one big party, held at Pearl Harbor base, for our troops!

If Michelle had watched this she would have seen that hope abounds. We never saw anything like this when Obama was President.

The Rock has in the tradition of Bob Hope, brought entertaining the troops back into fashion.  America…is BACK! And it’s about damn time. It was one of the most uplifting things that I’ve seen in eight years.

I know it’s Christmas. I know, this doesn’t sound much like I have the Christmas spirit…attacking Michelle like this….but…

But there is one thing that I’m sure: Millions of American have hope, once again, knowing we will have: President Donald Trump.

Rock This Michelle: You could have respected your country enough, the country that gave you the HONOR of being the First Lady of the United States, and ended it on a high note. You could have ended it with dignity. With grace. Will the same tradition that every First Lady since the beginning of our country has…but no.

You just had to be your nasty self.

That’s okay, because you know what dear? Our soldiers will be free to be the best that they can be again. They will not longer have to suffer under a President and first Lady who really didn’t care for them at all, and I saw that happiness in their faces tonight.

It’s about TIME somebody started caring about our troops.

Now, pardon me, while I try as hard as I can to forget you.

Rock on Michelle..go on. Rock on, ……………….and rock out.

And thank you. Thank you for showing us…just in case some of us weren’t sure…that  you really are: ……..Clueless.

Clueless to what it means…to be…an American.



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