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Did Russia Hack YOUR Computer?

Nobody Cares–

About Russia supposedly hacking Podesta emails:

Do you care if Russia helped get the emails of Podesta to the American public? I don’t. In fact, most Trumpsters see this for what it is: It’s BS. Russia has been hacking us forever, and we them.

This is all about slamming Donald Trump.hillary-hacked-two

Hillary lost. Would she have lost even IF we hadn’t seen the emails? I believe she would have. I believe that the fact that she couldn’t muster the blacks to the polls, and she called half of America deplorable, was enough to sink her. Not to mention, the collapse at the limo didn’t help.

Throw in the fact that she is a horrible speaker, and has lived off our dime for over 40 years and wanted it just because, she likes the luxury and power…no. Trump would have still won.

The extra votes that she got, were probably from illegal’s, and remember Obama gave them the permission to….

Go ahead and vote!

Why isn’t THAT considered tampering with the election?

It is. Nobody said a word. Not Congress, not the media….nobody.

That’s how powerful the Office of the Presidency has become. The ‘globalists’ have grown the power of the office almost out of all proportion to the Constitution, and it was for THEM. Not an outsider. Is it any wonder they are so mad? It’s as if they built this very special expensive toy for themselves, and have to give it up. Johnnie built a billion dollar go-cart and had to give it to his neighbor.

Not fair.

And speaking of help, Bill Clinton didn’t help Hillary at all. Chelsea wasn’t much of a help either. Whenever they stood behind Hillary at the convention, you could see on their faces that they knew she wouldn’t win. It was only Hillary herself that believed it. She really believed it was all in the bag.hillary-hacking-four

Actually, it was stupid of her to run, after she lost to Obama.

We found out in the election, just how really stupid the woman is.

I don’t think either Bill Clinton OR Obama wanted her to win. Remember the speech Bill gave at Obama’s convention? Wow. It went on forever. That speech helped push Obama into the White House. And yet, for whatever reason, Bill kept silent in 2016. ┬áProbably because Hillary insisted on doing it on her own. And yet, did she really think she could rig this election too?

Obama was happy to campaign for Hillary so that he could tell the world about HIS legacy. In fact, that’s all President’s worry about after they leave office: What history will write about them. George W. was concerned even though he denied it. He STILL is.

Bill Clinton spent great amounts of time and money trying to clean up his image.

After all, the Presidency is a jumping board to great riches and wealth, and I don’t think either Bill OR Obama wanted to be put in the shadow of Hillary.

But back to the emails.hillary-hacked-three

Instead of talking about Russia, we should be talking about the vast money laundering the Clintons did while she was Secretary of State.

See how they do this? Attack with a made-up trivial crime, to get everybody minds off their crimes.

The democrats are masters at this. The whole world saw that Hillary “rigged” her own election. The world saw that Hillary cheated in the debates. The whole world saw that Hillary made about $160 million dollars from donations from countries that hate us. The whole world saw that only 5 percent of the Clinton Foundation actually goes to help the world. The rest went into their pockets to spend. And let’s not forget she deleted government emails, to protect herself. She LIED about Benghazi. She sold U.S. uranium to RUSSIA!

Wait, that same Russia that they are all yelling about now?

Hillary, and the democratic party, AND their media butt-boys were exposed to the world.

The “misinformation” from the CIA is abundant. The story being put out is that Podesta’s email was hacked by some DNC guy who misspelled a word, that’s what they are saying.

Right. Maybe. Could be. But…

Sorry, I think what really happened was there were some real patriots in our intelligence services that made sure that Julian Assange got them. And Julian insists that true.

SOME of them, might even have been “oh no!” democrats. Who knows whose was really behind it?

Nobody Knows. We might find out some day that it was Obama himself.hillary-hacked-one

Hillary should have been tried for her negligence and her crimes, many of them treasonable, And how about that Obama—-Giving Iran the ability to Nuke up was certainly putting us all in danger.

Go ahead. TRY to change the subject. You will be dragged back to that evil Russia. If Russia WAS hacking us, we should have stepped up our security.

Why didn’t he? Because he didn’t want her to be President, either, and both these global bone heads put themselves before the country.

Remember when Obama was claiming that Hillary was more fit to be President than either of them?

Ha ha ha…FAKE OUT!

This nobody thinks that both Bill and Obama didn’t want Hillary to win, because they didn’t want her presidency to put THEIR presidencies in the shadows. Who knows if she would have turned on them both if given the power?

Nobody Knows.

So, Nobody Cares about the ’email’ hacks. Nobody Cares if Hillary is sad.

What we do care about…is making America great again.

At least Trump’s tweets will be right up front for everybody to see.

He doesn’t do email.

Trump has outsmarted them so far….and now, we have hope again.

Russia influenced our elections?

Where is Jimmy Carter when you need him?

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