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General Sherman…Advice on Leadership

Nobody Reads History of General Shermangeneral-sherman-two

Every dweeby liberal that speaks, is wondering how Donald Trump won: It’s pretty simple really: Hillary is not a leader. Donald Trump is. We see this how in how he ran his campaign.

Americans love leaders, AND winners.

So….I found these “leadership” words of advice tonight, from a historical General who helped win the Civil War, and thought I’d share:

A small excerpt from The Annals of America: General Sherman writes: Military Lessons of the War (1875)

“Other great difficulties experienced by every general, are to measure truly the thousand-and-one-reports that come to him in the midst of conflict, to preserve a clear and well-defined purpose at every instant of time: and to cause all efforts to converge to that tend. donald-trump-leader

To do these things he must know perfectly the strength and quality of each part of his own army as well as that of his opponent, and must be where he can personally see and observe with his own eyes and judge with his own mind. No man can properly command an army from the rear: he must be “at its front”: and when a detachment is made, the commander thereof should be informed of the object to be accomplished and left as free as possible to execute it in his own way: and when an army is divided up into several parts, the superior should always attend the one which he regards as most important.

Some men think that modern armies may be so regulated that a general can sit in an office and play on his several columns as on the keys of a piano: this is a fearful mistake. The directing mind must be at the very head of the army —must be seen there and the effect of his mind and personal energy must be felt by every officer and man present with it to secure the best results. Every attempt to make war easy and safe will result in humiliation and disaster.”

Tell me, after reading these words of General Sherman, who do you think the General would like more: Donald Trump or Barak Obama?

If you said Hillary Clinton, do not pass GO. And go back to square one. donald-trump-leaders-three


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