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Nobody’s Fool: Michael Savage

Nobody’s Fool

I used to listen to this man every day, until he was taken off my local station. Like Donald Trump. Michael Savage is his own man. He used to talk every day about borders, language, and culture, and how those in charge were destroying America.

Something tells me, Donald Trump probably listened to him too.savage-book

So, for those of you who are not aware of Michael Savage: Doctor, author, radio star, here’s a few quotes from his book, “Stop the Coming Civil War.” published in 2014.

I took these quotes from a part he called, The End of the Middle Class.

Redefining full-time employment as thirty hours a week through Obamacare, which has all but eliminated the core jobs of many middle-and upper-middle-class employees, pushing them into part-time status or causing them to lose their jobs altogether and become dependent on the government for unemployment benefits, food stamps, and welfare in order to survive.

Our increasingly manipulated economy is destroying the middle class, robbing taxpaying America who have jobs and run small businesses of their hard-earned money by using their tax dollars to bail out the biggest and most corrupt banks in the world.

The Fed prints tens of billions of dollars a month-up to a trillion dollars annually -for the purpose of buying U.S. Treasury bonds and worthless mortgage-backed securities in order to keep interest rates near zero percent. Bernanke printed $4 trillion.

The total amount the federal government takes in annually through income and other federal taxes is less than $3 trillion. If interest rise, and they will, then we’re broke.

Those artificially low interest rates have cost American $9 trillion in interest that they should have received on the money in their savings accounts. Instead of the interest going to Americans who responsibly saved their money it was transferred to megabanks so they could gambled it away on risky investments.wall-street

With a stroke of his pen, Clinton signed legislation that effectively made it no longer necessary for banks to manage their assets responsibly and honestly.

Gold has been trading at artificially low levels between $1,200 and $1,350 an ounce for an extended time. Silver remains stuck in the $20 dollar-an-ounce range. There’s a reason for this: If those prices ever do rise to the levels they should be trading at, it’s likely that our economy will collapse.

Gold, for instance–if it were being traded freely and without manipulation would be priced at around $7,000 an ounce, according to one knowledgeable investor.

Why do banks went to keep the price of gold and silver artificially low?

As the Fed continues to print fiat money at the rate of nearly a trillion dollars a year, the market is flooded with new U.S. Currency. That drives the value of the currency down relative to commodities such as silver and gold. If the banks, including the Fed, ever let the value of the gold rise to its normal level, the value of our currency –and of many currencies around the world—would plummet.

Banks have virtually stopped lending to the American people.

In other words, instead of lending money to the America people–who could use it to build small businesses, or buy houses, or pay for their kids to go to college, the banks are playing the stock market.

They’re letting robots do their trading for them,

It’s called high frequency trading. A single ooze of these powerful robot traders can execute as many as twenty thousand transactions in a single second.

More than 70 percent of U.S. stock trades are now executed by robot traders, and that number is rising.

And so THIS is why Donald Trump was elected.

The politicians THINK we have short memories.

The only thing that was short in this election, was the temper of the liberals who lost, and Michael Savage is ONE man who has been driving them crazy for years.

Really, a great American.


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