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Nobody’s Fool: Paul Joseph Watson on Fake News

Nobody’s Fool

I TRIED to find some words of wisdom from somebody this week…I searched YouTube looking for a short rant of any sort..but here I am again, coming back to one of my top choices for superiority:  Paul Joseph Watson.

I just LOVE this guy. He’s perfect on telling us all what’s really happening, and not holding back.

Once again, a big round of applause for this week’s recipient of the Nobody’s Fool Award: Paul Joseph Watson

(Who by the way, has the very same color of eyes that I have. Not blue, Not gray? What? We MUST be related!)

I could listen to this guy all night.




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Nobody’s Email: Let’s All Move to George Clooneys House!

Nobody Gets Email

Here’s an interesting bit of news that I got from ‘g’ man.

It seems, the poor Italians are going to be FORCED to accept migrants into their homes:

 “The Italian interior ministry recently formulated a new directive concerning the housing of migrants, which was then leaked to the press. Under its provisions, the owner of a property that is standing empty or is under-utilized will be required to take in migrants in numbers assigned by the state. Anyone who objects will be speedily prosecuted and jailed.”pope-communist

To make matters worse, property owners do not have the right to be reimbursed by the state, because the government has used up the funds allocated for the placement of migrants.

Not just that: The Justice Ministry would be prepared to outright guarantee rapid trials and detention space for those who resist the Viminale Plan. In substance: jail for those who don’t agree.

Indeed, whoever resists risks losing their house forever.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds much like the Quartering Acts that the British imposed upon her colonists before the revolutionary war. After the Boston Tea Party, soldiers were everywhere, and the Bostonians had to house them, and feed them, at their own expense.

This first Quartering Act[3] was given Royal Assent on May 15, 1765,[4] and provided that Great Britain would house its soldiers in American barracks and public houses, as by the Mutiny Act of 1765, but if its soldiers outnumbered the housing available, would quarter them in “inns, livery stables, ale houses, victualing houses, and the houses of sellers of wine and houses of persons selling of rum, brandy, strong water, cider or metheglin, and if numbers required in “uninhabited houses, outhouses, barns, or other buildings.” Colonial authorities were required to pay the cost of housing and feeding these troops.migrants-in-italy

Italy has had its problems. According to the Globalist:

I continue to see Italy as the prime candidate for such a move. The country suffers under a recession which has by now lasted longer than the recession of the 1930s. It still has not managed to get back to 2008 GDP levels.

Unemployment is high, government debt is out of control. Closing the competitive gap to Germany by lowering wages by 30% is a ridiculous idea and an impossible task.

The alternative is to leave the euro zone. Italy could then devalue the new lira and regain competitiveness overnight. An Italian uscita (exit) – or “Uscitaly” in the latest clever term of art – is the true risk for the eurozone.

So, will the Italian people, (or what’s left of them) rebel and get out of the European Union?

And more importantly, could this have happened in our own country, had Hillary been elected?

Nobody Knows. But I wouldn’t want to own a house in Italy now, would you?

I can’t help but think of the movie—Doctor Zhivago, sequel..called Doctor Bernini.

You know, George Clooney has a BIG ol house in Italy. Do you think he’s going to share his many rooms with Muslims from Africa?

Or, can I claim that I’m a migrant and DEMAND to live in his house?

Let’s check on that. I’m SURE he has plenty of room in that mansion on the lake. Surely, he’s a compassionate man, right? clooney-house




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Nobody’s Perfect: Mark Hamil—Dopey.

Nobody’s Perfect

Ahhhhhhh, the many complaints of aging Movie Stars, just won’t go away.

Mark Hamil, has decided it’s his turn to let the world know: He is a flaming liberal idiot.mark-hamil

Star Wars is coming out soon. I don’t know about you, but those of us who remember the FIRST Star Wars are all rookied out. If I see another Jedi Master, or repeats of the Millennium Falcon, I couldn’t care less. The Star Trek series far surpasses the Star Wars franchises, not only with story, but with just about everything: Graphics, acting, storyline…excitement.  

The last Star Wars movie was so lame, I don’t even remember the name of it. Now, they just keep it up to sell the merchandize.

Harrison Ford went on to a long career, but Mark Hamil, well, he didn’t do so well after Star Wars. Sure, he kept busy, making guest appearances on lame TV sitcoms, but he did a pretty stupid thing in 1977: He missed an exit ramp on a highway and decided to cross four lanes to get to it.

He ended up smashing his face so badly, even plastic surgery couldn’t hide the scars.

But it’s okay! Like Hillary Clinton, he’s back, with a new show I haven’t even heard of—called “Pop Culture Quest.”

 And we all know that politics of the radical left are really popular right now in the culture: along with BLM, Gun Control, obnoxious women comedians, and aging movie stars who NEED attention so badly, they are willing to start criticizing those deplorable from places like Oklahoma.

You want to keep your career alive, and you can’t compete with the young stars anymore?

THEN…Politics is your answer!

Mark said this:

I’m glad I have [my new show ‘Pop Culture Quest’] to take my mind off what’s going on,” Hamil told the Daily Beast. “Because if you look at what’s being assembled for our government it’s like, yikes. It’s a who’s-who of really despicable people.”

Translation: If you like Trump’s pick for his cabinet, then YOU TOO, are despicable.

What do these people do? Grab a dictionary and look for bad labels to call conservatives under the “d” section?



What will Harrison Ford call us? Disgusting? Degenerate? Demanding? Disgraceful?

Why don’t they lighten up and just call us Dopey? I am very FOND of Dopey. I like that name.

I have often wondered, what “Force” screwed up this guy? He would claim it was his father, who was Darth Veda…a man who supported Richard Nixon. Hillary claims it was her conservative father who made a liberal out of her.

Oh well. Space movies are fun. But Star Wars…AGAIN? Come on. Really.

Mark Hamil was in the right place at the right time.

And now, he thinks he’s Yoda.

So, congratulations Mark Hamil! You win the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week!

May the “Force” pick you up and slam you down and knock some sense into your head. (On the other side of the scar of course. Just a slight knock will do.) If I was Dopey, maybe a good cymbal to the head. But…

I wouldn’t dare. I might be despicable, but I do have what you might call, deplorable dignity.

I only use ‘force’ when I decide to push the button on my remote control…which I do every time I see ‘Star Wars’.


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Ding Dong…Castro is Dead!

Nobody’s Opinion

Castro. Castro is dead. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead. Which old Witch? The Castro Witch!

Ding Dong the Wicked Witch is Dead!

Okay. WHY did we not just take over Cuba when we had the chance? (Nobody Knows)

My memories of Castro are, like many Americans, bits and pieces of how he effected OUR lives here in America.

As many of you don’t know, I grew up in Naples, Florida. And in my grade school, two of my favorite people were children whose parents had escaped Castro. Believe it…when I say, that the people of Florida welcomed the people of Cuba back in the sixties.  They were hard-working and so appreciative of America, that they wanted to become Americans. They were polite. Happy. A happy people.

I remember, in my 4th grade class, there was a young Cuban named Patricia. She spoke English very well, and always got high grades. Everybody spoke of her because she had only been in America two years, and studied so hard, so hard that she was at the top of her class. 

And then, there was Oscar. Oscar Gonzales. He was…my hero. You see, there was a boy named Burt, who LOVED to punch me in the 4th grade. In the arm mostly, every chance he got. I would go home every day with bruises from this guy. castro-and-obama

 Oscar was older by a year or two, and one day, when the teacher was out of the room, Burt punched me a little too hard, and Oscar jumped him. Desks were thrown everywhere, but Oscar got the better of the guy. It was the first, and the last time, a guy ever got into a fist fight over me. (LOL.)

Actually, I always prevented them after that. I was good at saying, “NO…calm down. Do NOT hit that guy. Let’s go.”

I was always nice to Oscar. I still have a painting he gave me that he drew of his hometown in Cuba…it hangs on the wall in one of my rooms.

Even the kids back then knew, that the Cuban people were escaping terrible things that were being done to them by Castro.

And then, there was the time when my father was digging a bunker in the back yard during the Cuban Missile Crisis. That, was scary. The “duck under your desk!” was stupid.

Even I knew it was stupid.

The Cuban people are so different from the Mexicans. I’m not sure how to explain it, but they would never attack America. They did not want handouts. They were proud. They were…grateful. cuba-and-castro

The Hispanics today, from South America, are so different. And that’s because they don’t come here to escape their countries, they come here to get the free welfare, education, and all the goodies that they can collect.

Remember Little Elian? Can you see Donald Trump giving back little Elian, whose mother DIED to get him to freedom BACK to Castro?

Right. No.

Castro, was a monster. And he reminds me a lot of Obama. Obama would fit perfectly in Cuba.

It would be as if Castro never left. (Not many golf courses in Cuba)

Which leads me to this: Castro managed to stay in power for so long…that the fact that only Donald Trump called him out for what he was, is pretty scary when you think about it.

The leaders of the world, let’s face it, thought Castro did great things for his people.  

Even the Pope is sad. Leaders all over the world should have been celebrating, but no. They are all becoming Marxists.

There is more socialism and communism in the world now, than when I was in the 4th grade.  How it got that way is beyond me.

The communists just keep on working.

They are trying to downplay the celebrations in Miami on the news. Pity. The liberal media, show instead, the ‘grief’ of the Cuban people. 

In the end, it’s good thing. Ding, Dong. FINALLY.






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Great Hope, Makes Great People

Nobody Flashesxmas-st-charles-5

It’s in the air: Christmas. Can you feel it too? My husband and I went out Friday night to the nearby old town of St. Charles, Missouri, where every tree is circled in white flickering bulbs, and hundreds of little quaint novelty stores were all decorated in thousands of lights, Christmas trees, and Christmas decorations. Santa’s of every shape and size on every shelf.

Actors were brandishing chestnuts in English dress and accents: singing groups were Caroling like Dickens characters: Santa’s of every size in every language were “Merry Christmasing” down the cobblestone streets. Lighted up Cinderella Carriages were pulled by beautiful white horses, their hooves clip-clopping down the streets, giving rides to lovers and families. Children were running, little girls dancing, local pubs busting with business, and the restaurants all had fires outside to warm the people eating outside, just to enjoy the festivals.

St. Charles, is probably just like many historical towns in our country. I imagine Williamsburg, Boston, and other tiny town squares, putting lewis-and-clarkon festivals with lights. Its old buildings sit on the Missouri river. It’s where Lewis and Clark started their trek to the Pacific Ocean. There’s a big statue of them with their dog…not far from where they started.

But…dummy me. I had never gone to such a thing. And it felt like Disneyland. (Which I hear is wonderful at Christmas too.)

We ate Chicago Style Pizza at one of the restaurants,, then started on our stroll back in time. By the time we were finished wandering into all the shops, we had consumed down: chocolate covered cherries, hot chocolate, Apple Caramel Cider, and our first Butterbeer soda.

Trust me. We NEVER do that. But the night was so beautiful, and to see the people all so happy was frankly, a gift from heaven after this last year.

And what about love? Yes. I will remember this night as a night that my husband choose the perfect gift for me. I had tears in my eyes, when my husband brought me this picture for Christmas:geroge-washtington-at-valley-forge

Now…my husband doesn’t read a single word I write, but he doesn’t have to. He knows me that well.

As we were walking past some very pretty Christmas trees, I told him, that I had just written a blog a few days before the election called: “This is our Valley Forge: Let’s Not Blow it.”

George Washington was by far, the best President our country ever had. He was the quintessence of a leader. If America needed anything at this time in our lives, it was a man who truly, with all his heart, believed in America. We needed a LEADER…and with the help of God, we got one.xmas-st-charles-2

Clint Eastwood summed it up very well with this tweet.

“Thank you America, I don’t have long left to live but now I know the last few years will be great, I can’t thank you enough #PresidentTrump,”

His twitter account was cancelled right after he posted it, but it has been said that his daughter said he didn’t tweet it.

No matter: It’s pretty much how millions of Americans feel. The America that our leaders have forgotten, can come back.

And I can feel it, can’t you?

There’s a new joy in life again. As Thomas Fuller once said:

“Great Hopes make great people.”

There’s no better time to turn off the TV and get out to enjoy some great people, than at Christmastime.

Find one of these festivals in your town, and do yourself a favor.

Don’t wait as long as I did to discover it.




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Nancy! oh….Nancy Pelosi…. Donald Trump is President…Ho, Ho, Ho!

Nobody Flashes

I love this video. A long list of rich liberals SWEARING that Donald Trump would never, ever, ever, ever be President.

I hope the next 8 years, they are tortured as much as the common folks were ‘tortured’ with Obama.


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Black Friday Blues

Nobody Wonders…

Why ANYONE in their right mind would go shopping on Black Friday at Wal-Mart?black-friday-four

And yet, millions put down their forks and scarf down mom’s pumpkin pie early in the morning just so that they can be first in line when the Black Friday Sales start.

My husband and I went into Wal-Mart around 11p.m today. It was pretty empty. But somebody had been working hard overnight to stock all the sale items onto the aisles. Sales that…were certainly not worth standing in line for an hour to buy. But, AMAZINLY people will stand in line for TVs, or a toy that they know their kid want for Christmas.

If they save $50 dollars they feel like they’ve REALLY done something great. Really, just pay the $50 and go at a less crowded time.

I don’t understand it.

For instance: There was Tupperware set, boxes and boxes of them on sale. It usually sold for $19.00 and was on sale for $7.99. REALLY? Who doesn’t have Tupperware already? And then I think: more than I might know.

I often ask myself, if Wal-Mart was selling one of those $300 dollar mixers for $100.00 would I too stand in line for it?

Would I risk getting a disease from South America, or bruises from a kicked shin? Would I stand in line for hours just to get to the kitchen aisle and see they were all sold out?black-friday-one

My mixer bit the dust years ago. I’ve been using a hand mixer, which works just fine. The other day, I saw a mixer with a bowl for $24.00. Sure, you have to turn the bowl yourself, it’s certainly not for someone who spends hours every day cooking, but that’s not me. I bought it and couldn’t be happier.

Think about it: You rarely have to mix anything more than 5 minutes. How hard it that?

When my hand breaks and I can’t turn the bowl any longer, there’s always TV

And you know what? Even if I DID cook every day, I really think those mixers are way overpriced. China truly is ripping us off.

Another pet peeve of mine is the new America sales scam:

Like—SALE! 50% off! Was $250.00, now only $150.00!

Which is the price it normally is, if you shop at the store and know. And they do this with clothes, appliances, well, just about everything.

I call it the, “You think you are saving money, but you’re NOT!” scam.

Are any of the companies reprimanded for false advertising? No.

Or how about the “Buy one get one half off!” (Or free as the Clintons used to say.)

(In Clinton’s case, we will be paying for them, the rest of our lives.)

Trust me, you are paying for both.

But people fall for these scams. Woman especially LOVE to brag how they got something, ANYTHING, on sale. As if, that makes them special. As IF, that makes them smart.

As if. black-friday-two

Still, the economy is SO bad, inflation and the price of food SO high, that the luxuries that you can’t afford go on sale just one day a year…you’d better be there.

For some people, that truly is the norm. And to have these sales one day a week, is…close to cruel. People go wild. They get all excited, like they are drunk with anticipation. It’s social engineering at it’s finest. They make you WANT it. DESIRE IT.

And while I’m ranting about people standing in line to get bargains, I actually am guilty of that:

Today my family stood in line for over an hour to eat Thanksgiving Dinner at Cracker Barrel. It was great, reasonably priced, and best yet: no dishes. What’s great about Cracker Barrel, they have a store that you can amuse yourself with while you’re waiting.

There’s nothing like a home-cooked Thanksgiving turkey dinner, don’t get me wrong. But, what’s most important is to spend time with those you love.

And it seems, in some cases: SHOP with them too.

Now, excuse me while I get ready for my Black Friday.

I’m raking leaves.


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Nobody Flashes Thanksgiving History

Nobody Flashes

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Now, hopefully, the relatives that voted for Hillary and the relatives that voted for Trump, eat so much turkey they fall asleep instead of fighting.

If you are driving, or flying…be safe.

As for me, I’m just thankful we have a full house of conservative cards.

Let’s pray, they don’t blow it.


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Uh…No…He’s not Going to Lock Her Up.

Nobody Knows

Well, the word is out, Donald Trump is not going to prosecute Hillary Clinton, because “she’s suffered enough already.”

Suffered? SUFFERED!? Why? Because she lost?

On the one hand, it is of course, the most practical thing to do. If Trump did what he SAID he was going to do, appoint a special prosecutor to look into the Clinton foundation, and she was actually put on trial, no doubt George Soros would burn down the entire mid-west. Come to think of it, who says that all these wildfires we’ve been seeing throughout the country aren’t hired arsonists by Soros?

If he would pay protesters $1500 a week, how much would he pay an arsonist?trump-hillary

Sadly, we all know, that if Trump went after Hillary, he wouldn’t be able to get a thing done. It’s going to be hard to do what needs to be done in just 8 years…to undo all the damage that the last four Presidents have, let alone prosecuting the Queen of the liberal progressives.

Besides, I’m SURE the Clintons have some kind of dirty card to play against Trump if he even tried.

So, once again, justice is not served. The elites are above the law. Hillary can go on with her life, free as a bird…walking away from the bombed out carnage that she left, enjoying the millions that she collected from all those foreign countries, who…you have to wonder…are they pissed off about not getting their ‘reward’— Those Saudi Kings?

Will the Bushes protect the Clintons against the wrath of the House of Saud?

Nobody Knows.trump-and-hillary-3

Why Trump didn’t just pull a Clinton trick and say, “I’m not going to prosecute her,” and arranged to have some organization like Judicial Watch take her to court? I don’t know.

If nothing else, she should be tried for treason. I thought Bill Clinton should have been tried for treason, because he gave plutonium to North Korea. Obama nuked up Iran.

These ARE acts of treason, are they not? Sure they are.

Go ahead and have another beer Dorothy.  We are not in Kansas anymore.

As for Hillary, she put our national security at risk (and the lives of the men and women who serve) and yet, because the media goes on to the next scandal about Trump, it was downplayed as…”Oh..that’s just Bill and Hillary.”

After Nixon was pardoned, he went away, but already we are seeing picture of Hillary “hiking” and “reading a book” …please.

Go away. Just go…away.

Donald Trump is not going to show all his cards, until he finally steps into that Oval Office.  If he SAYS that he is not going after her, Obama might not pardon her, then she will then be open for prosecution, right?trump-hillary-2

There may come a time…when the Clintons get punished for their crimes….and if history is any indication, indictment of the Clintons won’t come for another 75 years.

But, it sure would be nice to see in our lifetime…right?

Still, for Trump AND Giuliani come out and say that we should just move on…it will be the first blow upon a promise that he made to the people of the United States.

The ‘Office” of the Presidency must be protected no matter WHAT criminal steps into power…or so they tell themselves.

Or it could be that the globalists (who really control the world) told Donald Trump: Don’t you dare:

Remember JFK, Princess Diana, and JFK Jr.

Even the famous can be targeted. And only the famous can murder, cheat, lie and commit treason, and get rich by doing it.

Still, nobody is keeping me from buying a Lock Her Up teeshirt….in purple no less.

I love it.





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Nobody’s Perfect: Obama VS Kanye

Nobody’s Perfect

It’s got to be hard….Obama’s went into the Presidency worth less than a million, and come out looking pretty good: What’s his real net worth? Nobody Knows. Some say, $12 million. Some say $15 million. I’ve even seen one report that says he is worth $54 million. Is it any wonder so many men will spend a fortune to become President? And you would think Obama would be happy after leaving the office and having the luxury of having to pick where he wants to spend his time, that that would be enough to get him off the stage of the world.


The Obama’s are buying THREE homes: a $4.5-million-dollar house in D.C.: a $4.2-million-dollar home among the golfing elites of California in Rancho Mirage: and a multimillion dollar home in Hawaii. What? They don’t want to go back to Chicago? rancho-mirage

Did they pay off their mortgage on their house in Chicago?

Nobody Knows.

He could just be a sport and go away.

BUT NOOOOOOOOOOO….obama-fingers

He’s not. He’s already said that if Trump doesn’t stick to “our values” (code for HIS opinions) he will feel, as a citizen, compelled to speak up. He’s going to break protocol, and lead an army of angry citizens, and just so you know, he can’t help himself. If Bill Clinton can make a cool billion giving speeches, why not Obama?

Former Presidents, out of respect to the office, have kept their comments few and far between. But we all know, Obama will probably be everywhere, for the next eight years, mouthing his trash talk to the nation.

But…Nobody’s Perfect.

And then we have Kanye West. It seems he’s been hospitalized because…who knew? Unlike Obama, it seems his audience one night, didn’t like him saying that he would have voted for Trump.

The backlash from the blacks and liberals was SO strong, that they put the poor man in the hospital. He had to cancel concerts: kanye

 The surprising cancellation comes less than a week after West, 39, was booed at his San Jose, Calif., gig for telling the audience he would’ve voted for Donald Trump in the presidential election earlier this month, had he actually cast a ballot.

He followed that up two days later by unleashing a fuming tirade about Beyoncé and Jay Z at a Sacramento show, eventually leaving early despite performing just three songs.

Okay. So, WHY is Kanye in a hospital? Was he really that upset about his wife, Kim Kardashian getting robbed in Paris? Kanye canceled his whole tour, 21 cities. That’s a lot of money.

Or…was he just scared that because he said he would have voted for Trump, and then verbally attacked Obama’s BESTEST of buddies, Beyoncé and Jay Z…okay: First Trump, and then Obama’s best friends?

Nobody thinks this might be an excellent time to claim mental exhaustion.

So who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week?

Obama the narcissistic, ranting, lying, monomaniac….Or Kanye: the “I just came into the light you fools!” ?


No contest.



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Joyanna Adams Writes Germany’s Sigmar Gabriel

Nobody’s Opinion

I stop buying the Post-Dispatch years ago, but the other day, late at night, I picked up a free copy that was lying on the bench at Burger King. (Right, I dine at the finest restaurants!)

The liberal bias of the Post-Dispatch has not disappeared. In fact, it’s tripled down.sigmar-two

For example: In an article by Anthony Faiola, called “Trump’s unknowns frighten Europe”, I found a quote by Sigmar Gabriel, Germany’s deputy chancellor.

“Trump is the trailblazer of a new authoritarian and international chauvinist movement. They want a rollback to the bad old times in which women belonged by the stove or in bed, gays in jail, and unions at best at the side table. He who doesn’t keep his mouth shut gets publicly bashed!”

(I was already sorry I picked this trash up.)

First: Trump is a trailblazer all right…and Germany has gotten a free ride from us for decades. The United States basically pays for the defense of all of Europe. How else do you think they can afford all those social welfare programs? Germany’s army is pathetic, and Obama has done all he can to destroy ours. So, yes, Trump will tell the Germans they are going to have to pay for some of their own defense. Chauvinistic? Well, the American people would like to keep some of their own money…if he wants to call that chauvinistic, go ahead. Sigmar, puppy cake, go have a beer at the Muslim beer fest.

Oh..what? The Muslims want to outlaw your beer fests? Oh. No matter, you prefer Louis VIII. I understand. Not your problem. islam-contributions

Second: Trump’s women all worked, except his current wife who wants to stay and raise her son herself. And to say there is a movement to keep women at home and just for sex…well, where in the world does he get THAT big lie from? The hypocrisy is that Germany is flooding the country with Muslim men, who treat their women like dogs—and gays should be beheaded according to the Muslims. Do Merkel and Sigmar say a word about them? I don’t think Donald Trump is their biggest worry, do you?

Third: Unions. Don’t get me started on unions. In the beginning they were necessary…but it wasn’t long before the union bosses took over and made such outlandish demands on businesses, that businesses went overseas, because they couldn’t find the cheaper workers here. For years, union employees were making three times the amount that a private worker would make, and the government union employees still do. No, America used to be a great manufacturing country. We made clothes, steel, shoes, televisions, cars….and the unions came in, and the democratic bosses and the mafia joined hands, and the rest is history.

Fourth: And the last is the best: “He who doesn’t keep his mouth shut gets publicly bashed.”

Tell that to Mike Pence, he didn’t say a word and he still got bashed.

 Tell that to the hundreds of Trump supporters who are getting beat up daily by ‘tolerant’ liberals. Tell that the widows of the many cops killed by racist hating blacks, who were encourage to hate every cop, every white person, every redneck, and every person who was just proud to be an American.

And last but not least, tell that to every Trump supporter that voted for the man.

Here’s the good news, they can’t even GIVE the Post-Dispatch away, and they’ve been trying to for years. And I got this paper for free.

I’m seriously thinking about sending my copy from Burger King to Sigmar with a coupon to Burger King—and a note:

Dear Sigmar,

The last thing this ‘stay at home’ American woman wants you to do is shut up. If there is one thing Americans are very proud of here is free speech. And it is because of the United States that that you even exist to rant about this at all.

You’re welcome!

Keep talking…the more gibberish that come out of your mouth, the more we love Donald Trump.


Backward American women who enjoys staying and home and having a lot of sex with my husband. Oh…and I can cook too!

Joyanna Adams.

P. S. Enjoy the coupon!


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Nobody Flashes Paul Harvey and Supermoon

Nobody Flashes:

I received an email from a good friend yesterday, and he pretty much sounds like this guy….he is afraid for his beautiful young daughter to grow up in America: A country which to him, has no morality.

Yes, he sent this yesterday. But Paul Harvey made this recording in 1965.

For the first time in MY lifetime, city mayors are refusing to abide by our laws. They don’t like the new President, so they are just going to do whatever they want.

A Vice President Elect, was ridiculed by a black man on Broadway last week. A black man who thinks because he is PLAYING the founder Hamilton, he IS as great. One wonders if the man himself had been in the audience, would he be as insulting because the man was white?

In defense the actor ( You don’t need to know his name, nor do I…just remember Obama made a big deal about him and his cast)

In defense the actor….said he was having a “Conversation.”

Conversation, are when TWO people talk.  Paul Harvey, would call this actor…the devil’s apprentice.

But what am I doing? This is Sunday, and in respect of the Christian day of worship, I suggest we celebrate…..the Supermoon, and ignore for now, the devils in our mist. (For just one day.)



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Nobody Flashes Animal Fun

Nobody Flashes

I don’t know about you…but I need a break from all this “racist” BS talk.

Whenever I need to escape, there’s always your own pets, right?


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“False News” The New Doublespeak Of Obama

Nobody Wonders

You have to wonder…is Obama happy about Hillary losing the election? Notice, he doesn’t seem too upset about it. All the time he was campaigning with her, he made it clear that voting for Hillary would be the same as voting for him. It was HIS legacy that was at stake, not hers.

No, Hillary’s losing didn’t concern him much. All along, Obama has been positioning himself on the world stage. While the Clintons were going around selling off America and getting rich, Obama was bowing and cowing and charming the global elites.

In Germany today, alongside Angela Merkel, he seemed happy, content, and totally convinced that in the long run, globalization, and the elites dreams of controlling everyone’s life down to their last internet post, will be coming soon. Their way is the RIGHT way, no matter what their citizens think.

Obama’s bravado knows no bounds.

In fact, he boosts of how great the world is, how everything is better, the standard of living has improved. You have to wonder what planet does this guy live on?

As for Merkel? She wants to FORCE Germany to submit to Islam, and chaos. They both remarked how some governments ignore their people, when speaking of Syria.   As if, neither one of them were guilty of that. BUT…Obama was thrown out of office, and soon, I have no doubt the German people have had enough, and Merkel will be replaced.. France may go too.merkel-and-obama

Western Civilization will not go down quietly now that we know what they’re up too.

They pretend that the great historical wins by both England’s Brexit and the United States, didn’t happen because of them.  Soon, Obama will be lecturing and causing riots at colleges all around the world, while Merkel will be having to actually fork out money to protect Germany. Obama didn’t look too kindly when she reminded him today that he was no longer going to be in power.

Why did these two elite, rich, snobs, lose their popularity? Why?

Their excuse was…. the internet:

They claim, that if not for the internet, then surely Obama and Merkel wouldn’t be in such dire straits now, and you know what?

They could be right.

The elites have almost complete control of the cable news outlets. Even the last conservative channel on cable, FOX, had many of their pundits trying to get Trump destroyed. Without Hannity and Lou Dobbs, FOX would be just another CNN.

But, both Merkel and Obama now know, that the older generations, the native citizens that have worked, been taxed, are sick of having their country handed over to foreign countries and a global elite oligarchy and they are not going to take it.  And they talk to each other…on the internet, where they get their news.

They are now going full force on Orwellian speak: black is white, what THEY say is fact: and there is a NEW enemy: the White Supremist.

Yes, you and I, if we are white, are the new enemy. The NAZI whites, who are actually paying for all their great meals and luxury hotels, and free Airplane rides around the world, are tired of being called names.

They ARE the global bullies, and it’s clear, they mean to stay there. bilderberg-two

They are dividing the masses, and attacking the white European, Anglo/Saxon race, to destroy it. Come in Mexico! Come in Syria! Destroy those racist white people!

Thanks to abortion, and the ruined economy, they see the writing on the wall. The white population will not replace itself. So, they’ve thrown their hopes and dreams on the blacks and browns, which in their minds, will be controlled easily. Think about it: Why did Congress for over 50 years, ignore the poor schools in the cities? It benefited someone, didn’t it?

It benefited the democrats.

And the next step was controlling our voice: The internet. Merkel compared it to getting used to the printing press:

“It took a while until societies learned how to find the right kind of policies to contain this and to manage and steer this,” she said.

WHAT? The printing press had to be controlled? WTF?

So, how will the elites STEER the internet? it’s already happening. Whatever speech they don’t like, they will censor. Twitter has been deleting ‘alt-right’ accounts, while Obama and Hillary egg on violent protests. You want to see real racism…look at any Yahoo or Microsoft headline. China want complete control…

Is it any wonder they feel confident?

I once said Windows 10 was given out freely so that everyone would be brainwashed by its liberal take on the news. I stand by that. Yahoo News is even worse.

No, they are planning a revolution…with the kids. The young, who they have carefully brainwashed into being little wimps and babies in our public school system.

You know, Hitler took over Germany the same way. He got the socialist into the schools and universities. He destroyed his enemies with false flags.

Obama has plans to get the kids…they may have missed this generation, but to them, it’s all about the one world government, which has been secretly born. They introduced it through NAFTA, the North American Treaty, the EU…and now it’s starting to fall apart.

Thanks to the internet, we found out.

In October, Obama said it was time to move the internet beyond the “Wild Wild West.” And proposed “truthiness tests” for media companies online.

Drudge, Brietbart…our few remaining bastions of real truth, will be called “False news” Obama has already introduced the new doublespeak.

False news….will not be allowed.

You can’t download Brietbart app on Apple Iphone.

The elites still think they have control.

We are NOT out of danger yet.



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