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Obama Writes His Own Legacy….and It’s Pretty Funny

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—–How appalling I’m finding all the pundits goo-ing and gawking over how wonderful Obama is being in this transition period.

Poppy Cock. He’s just as insufferable as he ever was. Lying, and posturing himself as the all-wise, ever-so superior world guru of all-knowing, all wonderful, all compassionate, master of the universe of…the wonderful worldly man he calls himself. Barack the magnificent. (As I blow my nose.)

Ever since Hillary lost the election, Obama has basically given a “Go ahead and riot!” signal, as he has his whole presidency, to the rioters in the city streets. Those are George Soros and Obama’s army of Alinsky minions, and he has not only given it a go ahead, he is enjoying it. Like always, he remains silent as people get shot and beat up.

He is SO above it all. Why…his legacy is intact. Today in his big “This is my legacy” speech, he went on about how Obamacare put 20 million on health care, forgetting to mention the 100 million whose deductibles went so high, they basically HAD no health care.

I was one of them. We had Aeta, and our deductible was SO high, that I limped around all year with a meniscus tear in my knee, and a fractured foot…ignoring even XRAYS and MRI, and knee surgery because I knew that I’d better just try to take my chances with letting it heal. One blood test cost us over $1,000 dollar out-of-pocket, who KNOWS what an operation would have cost.

Like many Americans, we can’t afford the luxury of heath care, unless of course, we are in a traffic accident.

And we have the most expensive Aeta plan you can buy. Nobody knows how many young people don’t even have health insurance because they can’t even afford Obamacare. Millions.

Obama’s speech started out all forgiving, and how he was so gracious as to show poor Trump, the ropes of how HARD it is to be President. So hard in fact, it leaves you time for a daily golf game.  That magnanimous, easy-going guy, went on to put the blame on Hillary for losing…she just didn’t go to enough fish fries in Iowa.

Not his fault. That’s how he beat her in Iowa…she just didn’t do the leg work did she?

 He puts on his big smile, and nope! He had NOTHING to do with it!

Both Hillary and Obama…don’t know nothin’.i-know-nothing

He talked about everything today: what GREAT shape he has left the country, how jobs are up, the world is better. He has…been great!

The reporters’ questions were SO ugly against Trump, it was clear, Obama had worked with the reporters to frame the question, like. “Trump hired a White Nationalist, will that not cause problems?”

REALLY? Obama looks down, and calls the next question:  “Trump is stupid, dangerous, and will he be able to even understand the great things you have done?

It was staged as his last,  “I am the great Obama, and the world loves me.” Grandstand.

Not one reporter there asked about the riots in the streets. And if they had, Obama would have smiled and said, “That’s just democracy!”

Actually, it is democracy: It’s mob rule. It’s why the founders wanted a republic.

In the end, he does what he has done for eight years: worshiped himself, and lied…on just about everything.

So, he will go to Germany, and Peru, and say something like this:

“Uh…well…we can go ahead with Climate Change, and just go around him. Laws don’t apply to us. Don’t worry about it. He’s a putz.”

The globalists are not afraid of Trump. They have damaged the country to such a degree that they think they can leave him powerless.

They still have the media.

But…they forget one thing: America woke up. I don’t care how much Krauthammer lauds upon how wonderful Obama is being.

We know, that he’s the worst President in the history of the country. And nobody is going to tell us different.

Especially, Obama.

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