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Nobody’s Perfect: Mark Hamil—Dopey.

Nobody’s Perfect

Ahhhhhhh, the many complaints of aging Movie Stars, just won’t go away.

Mark Hamil, has decided it’s his turn to let the world know: He is a flaming liberal idiot.mark-hamil

Star Wars is coming out soon. I don’t know about you, but those of us who remember the FIRST Star Wars are all rookied out. If I see another Jedi Master, or repeats of the Millennium Falcon, I couldn’t care less. The Star Trek series far surpasses the Star Wars franchises, not only with story, but with just about everything: Graphics, acting, storyline…excitement.  

The last Star Wars movie was so lame, I don’t even remember the name of it. Now, they just keep it up to sell the merchandize.

Harrison Ford went on to a long career, but Mark Hamil, well, he didn’t do so well after Star Wars. Sure, he kept busy, making guest appearances on lame TV sitcoms, but he did a pretty stupid thing in 1977: He missed an exit ramp on a highway and decided to cross four lanes to get to it.

He ended up smashing his face so badly, even plastic surgery couldn’t hide the scars.

But it’s okay! Like Hillary Clinton, he’s back, with a new show I haven’t even heard of—called “Pop Culture Quest.”

 And we all know that politics of the radical left are really popular right now in the culture: along with BLM, Gun Control, obnoxious women comedians, and aging movie stars who NEED attention so badly, they are willing to start criticizing those deplorable from places like Oklahoma.

You want to keep your career alive, and you can’t compete with the young stars anymore?

THEN…Politics is your answer!

Mark said this:

I’m glad I have [my new show ‘Pop Culture Quest’] to take my mind off what’s going on,” Hamil told the Daily Beast. “Because if you look at what’s being assembled for our government it’s like, yikes. It’s a who’s-who of really despicable people.”

Translation: If you like Trump’s pick for his cabinet, then YOU TOO, are despicable.

What do these people do? Grab a dictionary and look for bad labels to call conservatives under the “d” section?



What will Harrison Ford call us? Disgusting? Degenerate? Demanding? Disgraceful?

Why don’t they lighten up and just call us Dopey? I am very FOND of Dopey. I like that name.

I have often wondered, what “Force” screwed up this guy? He would claim it was his father, who was Darth Veda…a man who supported Richard Nixon. Hillary claims it was her conservative father who made a liberal out of her.

Oh well. Space movies are fun. But Star Wars…AGAIN? Come on. Really.

Mark Hamil was in the right place at the right time.

And now, he thinks he’s Yoda.

So, congratulations Mark Hamil! You win the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week!

May the “Force” pick you up and slam you down and knock some sense into your head. (On the other side of the scar of course. Just a slight knock will do.) If I was Dopey, maybe a good cymbal to the head. But…

I wouldn’t dare. I might be despicable, but I do have what you might call, deplorable dignity.

I only use ‘force’ when I decide to push the button on my remote control…which I do every time I see ‘Star Wars’.


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Ding Dong…Castro is Dead!

Nobody’s Opinion

Castro. Castro is dead. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead. Which old Witch? The Castro Witch!

Ding Dong the Wicked Witch is Dead!

Okay. WHY did we not just take over Cuba when we had the chance? (Nobody Knows)

My memories of Castro are, like many Americans, bits and pieces of how he effected OUR lives here in America.

As many of you don’t know, I grew up in Naples, Florida. And in my grade school, two of my favorite people were children whose parents had escaped Castro. Believe it…when I say, that the people of Florida welcomed the people of Cuba back in the sixties.  They were hard-working and so appreciative of America, that they wanted to become Americans. They were polite. Happy. A happy people.

I remember, in my 4th grade class, there was a young Cuban named Patricia. She spoke English very well, and always got high grades. Everybody spoke of her because she had only been in America two years, and studied so hard, so hard that she was at the top of her class. 

And then, there was Oscar. Oscar Gonzales. He was…my hero. You see, there was a boy named Burt, who LOVED to punch me in the 4th grade. In the arm mostly, every chance he got. I would go home every day with bruises from this guy. castro-and-obama

 Oscar was older by a year or two, and one day, when the teacher was out of the room, Burt punched me a little too hard, and Oscar jumped him. Desks were thrown everywhere, but Oscar got the better of the guy. It was the first, and the last time, a guy ever got into a fist fight over me. (LOL.)

Actually, I always prevented them after that. I was good at saying, “NO…calm down. Do NOT hit that guy. Let’s go.”

I was always nice to Oscar. I still have a painting he gave me that he drew of his hometown in Cuba…it hangs on the wall in one of my rooms.

Even the kids back then knew, that the Cuban people were escaping terrible things that were being done to them by Castro.

And then, there was the time when my father was digging a bunker in the back yard during the Cuban Missile Crisis. That, was scary. The “duck under your desk!” was stupid.

Even I knew it was stupid.

The Cuban people are so different from the Mexicans. I’m not sure how to explain it, but they would never attack America. They did not want handouts. They were proud. They were…grateful. cuba-and-castro

The Hispanics today, from South America, are so different. And that’s because they don’t come here to escape their countries, they come here to get the free welfare, education, and all the goodies that they can collect.

Remember Little Elian? Can you see Donald Trump giving back little Elian, whose mother DIED to get him to freedom BACK to Castro?

Right. No.

Castro, was a monster. And he reminds me a lot of Obama. Obama would fit perfectly in Cuba.

It would be as if Castro never left. (Not many golf courses in Cuba)

Which leads me to this: Castro managed to stay in power for so long…that the fact that only Donald Trump called him out for what he was, is pretty scary when you think about it.

The leaders of the world, let’s face it, thought Castro did great things for his people.  

Even the Pope is sad. Leaders all over the world should have been celebrating, but no. They are all becoming Marxists.

There is more socialism and communism in the world now, than when I was in the 4th grade.  How it got that way is beyond me.

The communists just keep on working.

They are trying to downplay the celebrations in Miami on the news. Pity. The liberal media, show instead, the ‘grief’ of the Cuban people. 

In the end, it’s good thing. Ding, Dong. FINALLY.






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