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Nobody Flashes: Pat Condell, Jonathan Pie, and Trump Supporter

Nobody Flashes

I just wanted to remind everyone while we are watching the hoards of idiots outside, acting like spoiled brats, that the fight to get our country back will not stop with getting Trump elected. The next fight, which they have already begun, is trying to get the ‘kids’ to get on board with getting rid of the electoral college.

It won’t work of course, because the Republicans have Control of the House and Senate, and they won’t do it. It just won’t happen.

But, like roaches they keep thinking ahead. Anyway….(Monday’s blog)

Here’s a few video’s I wanted to share: First is Pat Condell, who reminds us all how the people are starting to take back their countries.

The second one is a Trump supporter not holding back her anger at the MSNBC reporter. You won’t see THIS on TV.

The third one is Jonathan Pie. He’s a liberal who is SO upset about Trump winning, he goes on a rant…about Hillary and why they lost…and it’s simply…great fun.


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