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Joyanna Adams Writes Germany’s Sigmar Gabriel

Nobody’s Opinion

I stop buying the Post-Dispatch years ago, but the other day, late at night, I picked up a free copy that was lying on the bench at Burger King. (Right, I dine at the finest restaurants!)

The liberal bias of the Post-Dispatch has not disappeared. In fact, it’s tripled down.sigmar-two

For example: In an article by Anthony Faiola, called “Trump’s unknowns frighten Europe”, I found a quote by Sigmar Gabriel, Germany’s deputy chancellor.

“Trump is the trailblazer of a new authoritarian and international chauvinist movement. They want a rollback to the bad old times in which women belonged by the stove or in bed, gays in jail, and unions at best at the side table. He who doesn’t keep his mouth shut gets publicly bashed!”

(I was already sorry I picked this trash up.)

First: Trump is a trailblazer all right…and Germany has gotten a free ride from us for decades. The United States basically pays for the defense of all of Europe. How else do you think they can afford all those social welfare programs? Germany’s army is pathetic, and Obama has done all he can to destroy ours. So, yes, Trump will tell the Germans they are going to have to pay for some of their own defense. Chauvinistic? Well, the American people would like to keep some of their own money…if he wants to call that chauvinistic, go ahead. Sigmar, puppy cake, go have a beer at the Muslim beer fest.

Oh..what? The Muslims want to outlaw your beer fests? Oh. No matter, you prefer Louis VIII. I understand. Not your problem. islam-contributions

Second: Trump’s women all worked, except his current wife who wants to stay and raise her son herself. And to say there is a movement to keep women at home and just for sex…well, where in the world does he get THAT big lie from? The hypocrisy is that Germany is flooding the country with Muslim men, who treat their women like dogs—and gays should be beheaded according to the Muslims. Do Merkel and Sigmar say a word about them? I don’t think Donald Trump is their biggest worry, do you?

Third: Unions. Don’t get me started on unions. In the beginning they were necessary…but it wasn’t long before the union bosses took over and made such outlandish demands on businesses, that businesses went overseas, because they couldn’t find the cheaper workers here. For years, union employees were making three times the amount that a private worker would make, and the government union employees still do. No, America used to be a great manufacturing country. We made clothes, steel, shoes, televisions, cars….and the unions came in, and the democratic bosses and the mafia joined hands, and the rest is history.

Fourth: And the last is the best: “He who doesn’t keep his mouth shut gets publicly bashed.”

Tell that to Mike Pence, he didn’t say a word and he still got bashed.

 Tell that to the hundreds of Trump supporters who are getting beat up daily by ‘tolerant’ liberals. Tell that the widows of the many cops killed by racist hating blacks, who were encourage to hate every cop, every white person, every redneck, and every person who was just proud to be an American.

And last but not least, tell that to every Trump supporter that voted for the man.

Here’s the good news, they can’t even GIVE the Post-Dispatch away, and they’ve been trying to for years. And I got this paper for free.

I’m seriously thinking about sending my copy from Burger King to Sigmar with a coupon to Burger King—and a note:

Dear Sigmar,

The last thing this ‘stay at home’ American woman wants you to do is shut up. If there is one thing Americans are very proud of here is free speech. And it is because of the United States that that you even exist to rant about this at all.

You’re welcome!

Keep talking…the more gibberish that come out of your mouth, the more we love Donald Trump.


Backward American women who enjoys staying and home and having a lot of sex with my husband. Oh…and I can cook too!

Joyanna Adams.

P. S. Enjoy the coupon!


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