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Nobody Flashes Paul Harvey and Supermoon

Nobody Flashes:

I received an email from a good friend yesterday, and he pretty much sounds like this guy….he is afraid for his beautiful young daughter to grow up in America: A country which to him, has no morality.

Yes, he sent this yesterday. But Paul Harvey made this recording in 1965.

For the first time in MY lifetime, city mayors are refusing to abide by our laws. They don’t like the new President, so they are just going to do whatever they want.

A Vice President Elect, was ridiculed by a black man on Broadway last week. A black man who thinks because he is PLAYING the founder Hamilton, he IS as great. One wonders if the man himself had been in the audience, would he be as insulting because the man was white?

In defense the actor ( You don’t need to know his name, nor do I…just remember Obama made a big deal about him and his cast)

In defense the actor….said he was having a “Conversation.”

Conversation, are when TWO people talk.  Paul Harvey, would call this actor…the devil’s apprentice.

But what am I doing? This is Sunday, and in respect of the Christian day of worship, I suggest we celebrate…..the Supermoon, and ignore for now, the devils in our mist. (For just one day.)



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Nobody Flashes Animal Fun

Nobody Flashes

I don’t know about you…but I need a break from all this “racist” BS talk.

Whenever I need to escape, there’s always your own pets, right?


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