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Cuteness is Much Needed

Nobody Flashes

I wish I could do this. Put myself to sleep instantly.

So cute. Sorry. We need some cuteness. After all, we are being bombarded with the the faces of Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Cuomo, and Michelle Obama. Those faces will keep ANYONE awake.

Yes, cuteness is needed…desperately.

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Nobody Flashes The Son of Steve Irwin

Nobody Flashes

This is trending on YouTube, and it’s such a great video for a Sunday.

The whole world was saddened by the loss of that truly brilliant light, Steve Irwin. There was simply nobody like him on the planet.

But look…here, is his son.

It’s incredible just how smart and professional Robert Irwin’s son. He’s going to be just as great as his dad. And kudo’s to his mum for raising such wonderful children.

This is proof, of just how incredibly important fathers are in their children’s life. He IS his father’s son.

I do miss his dad, but watch how well this young man does taking his father’s place.

I’m sure Steve must be up there somewhere, just beaming with pride.


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Nobody Flashes Animal Fun

Nobody Flashes

I don’t know about you…but I need a break from all this “racist” BS talk.

Whenever I need to escape, there’s always your own pets, right?


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THIS…Is How You Welcome a Soldier Home….

Nobody Gets Email

Before the Puppy Bowl, there was “Daddy’s come home!” Puppy joy! Notice how all the women are saying “Daddy’s come home?” I thought that was funny, we do the very same thing at our house. I once heard Michael Savage say that because so many people don’t have grandchildren now, and married couples are not having children…their dogs have become their “children.” I think he makes a very good point.

But…these dogs sure REMEMBER their best buds, even though they’ve been gone for such a long time, and nobody deserves that big love as much as our soldiers.

TELL me dogs don’t have the same emotions as humans.

Hey, blame it on the folks at Budweiser…I’m on a puppy roll this weekend.

Enjoy! Then go hug your puppy!

(And do remember on this Superbowl day…the real heroes, don’t have million-dollar contracts.)


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Nobody Wins and Nobody Loses: Kerry, Coulter, Off Pockets and Turtle Sex

Nobody Wins

Nobody Wins: Here we have two nobody inventor winners! Don’t want Obama following you to your girlfriend’s house? Block that signal.

Okay, so I see a few bugs here. What happens when you have to make a call? It looks like you would have to take it out of the ‘pocket’ and then BAM. They’ve got cha.

Or maybe you can put your off pocket hoodie on while you’re making your call….or better yet— Get them to stop spying on you.  (Laugh here)

Wait…then the call signal won’t go out.

Anyway, the good news here is, nobody likes to be snooped on, and these two nobodies are trying to do something about it. Good for them!

Nobody Wins: Another big win this week was Ann Coulter’s last column, where she compares Saddam Hussein’s crimes to Assad. When Ann is hot, she is sizzling. Read that here.

Nobody Wins: It was a big loss today when John Kerry kept insisting to Rand Paul that bombing Syria, would not, and should not be considered taking us to war. It’s just an ‘action’ to make Assad stop using chemical weapons. It’s one thing to change the meaning of what the word ‘is’ —but, it’s quite another when your Secretary of State changes the meaning of dropping bombs on a country from a declaration of war, to some sort of friendly warning letter.

Nobody Wins: Another loss went to Miley Cyrus, who bragged about how successful her sex dance was on MTV, because she is reeling in the MONEY!  Nobody suggests she get her ears fixed.

Nobody Wins: And on a lighter note, at the zoo today, we were walking around the corner, and we kept hearing loud rhythmic GRUNTS.  We came around the corner—-and low and behold…somebody got lucky!  (Yes, I HAD to take a picture, wouldn’t you?) If you’ve never seen a Galapagos Turtle having sex, you might want to put that on your bucket list of “uh?”  I’m so sorry I did not have my movie camera. His grunts were just great.

What I did notice was that SHE was eating an apple during the whole thing. Which gave me a few ideas……


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It’s a Dog Day….

Nobody Gets Email

It’s true. I love dogs. And I’m going to take a few hours off from blogging in order to go to the pool, and relax: just like these two. The only emails I got this week were dog pictures.

I’ll be back tonight or tomorrow morning…I see Obama stirring up a black and white race war, just because he can, and…well, I’m going into bunker funk, and not let him get me upset.

Too many blacks killing whites in my neighborhood and I need to CHILL!

So, here’s two of my favorite sights: Dogs. -I love dogs.  I’ve had dogs all my life.  And frankly, since writing is such a lonely endeavor, having a dog around gives me a sense comfort.

My American Eskimo sleeps on her back, and keeps ONE leg up in the air…which of course, as she falls into dreamland, the leg slooooooowly comes down, and when it comes down all the way, she PUSHES it back up. Even if she is deeply asleep. Sometimes I have watched her do this little stunt as she sleeps over and over again…for over 30 minutes. I’m not SURE why she has to keep that leg up in the air…if it’s a sexual thing, or a brain malfunction, but it cracks me up. You have to look for the little thing to make you laugh when the world goes crazy…and my dog’s proclivity to have her leg properly up in the air somehow makes the big things like having ‘exotic matter’ for breakfast, seem almost silly.

(And if you don’t know what that is…don’t worry. It’s just another dog lifting it’s leg up in the air, while sleeping, and being employed by Google. .)


cut puppy twocute puppy one

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Nobody’s Email: Animals…I LOVE em’

Nature threeNobody Gets Email

I know everyone gets a lot of emails with beautiful pictures, and so I thought I’d post a few with my favorite subjects: animals. They are so much nicer than people sometimes…aren’t they?

So, enjoy some wonderful moments…just a batch I picked from an email I got today.  I just LOVE these!

(Thanks to JR) Nature oneNature TwoNature fourNature fiveNature sixNature seven

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