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It’s a Dog Day….

Nobody Gets Email

It’s true. I love dogs. And I’m going to take a few hours off from blogging in order to go to the pool, and relax: just like these two. The only emails I got this week were dog pictures.

I’ll be back tonight or tomorrow morning…I see Obama stirring up a black and white race war, just because he can, and…well, I’m going into bunker funk, and not let him get me upset.

Too many blacks killing whites in my neighborhood and I need to CHILL!

So, here’s two of my favorite sights: Dogs. -I love dogs.  I’ve had dogs all my life.  And frankly, since writing is such a lonely endeavor, having a dog around gives me a sense comfort.

My American Eskimo sleeps on her back, and keeps ONE leg up in the air…which of course, as she falls into dreamland, the leg slooooooowly comes down, and when it comes down all the way, she PUSHES it back up. Even if she is deeply asleep. Sometimes I have watched her do this little stunt as she sleeps over and over again…for over 30 minutes. I’m not SURE why she has to keep that leg up in the air…if it’s a sexual thing, or a brain malfunction, but it cracks me up. You have to look for the little thing to make you laugh when the world goes crazy…and my dog’s proclivity to have her leg properly up in the air somehow makes the big things like having ‘exotic matter’ for breakfast, seem almost silly.

(And if you don’t know what that is…don’t worry. It’s just another dog lifting it’s leg up in the air, while sleeping, and being employed by Google. .)


cut puppy twocute puppy one

August 24, 2013 - Posted by | Animals, dogs |

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