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Can We Ban Stallone For Doing Too Many Steroids?

Nobody Wins

“Well, I guess we won’t be seeing anymore Expendables at the movies.” said my husband.Sly Stone

It’s been a common decision in our house: If you are a movie star, and you decide to put down the common folks who spend the big money to go see your movies, then we don’t have to give you our money.

Stallone, has been getting on my nerves lately. Yo Rocky…What happened to you? Too many punches in the head?  

Stallone has made most of his money simply because he has appealed to the conservative Americans. Rocky was all about individual hard work and the theme that, in America, you CAN be the champ if you work hard enough. And he went on to milk the American’s are really good guys themes…in fact he has always had those themes running throughout his movies. It’s the REASON they were successful.Sly Stone America

And yet, when he talks on his own time, he sounds like a wimpy liberal kiss-ass Obama puppet. During the Trayvon Martin trail, he said no Americans needed to own a gun.

Gee..can the word hypocrisy get any bigger?

And now, Stallone  is replacing Bruce Willis (who by all accounts IS a conservative) with Harrison Ford in his next Expendable movie: Stallone

 Stallone gleefully announced yesterday that Willis had been booted from “The Expendables” summer franchise, calling him a greedy, lazy jerk. The “Rocky” actor tweeted: “WILLIS OUT… HARRISON FORD IN !!!! GREAT NEWS !!!!! Been waiting years for this!!!!” Not satisfied with simply showing Willis the door, Stallone added this parting Twitter shot: “GREEDY AND LAZY …… A SURE FORMULA FOR CAREER FAILURE.”

Are these guys that stupid? Does Stallone think that the people who go to see his movies, are going to want to fork out money to see the liberal lover Harrison Ford?

Sly might be in for a surprise. In fact, the whole movie industry is in shock..NOBODY IS GOING TO THE Movies! Spielberg has even predicted the industry won’t be able to survive.

And it’s has much more to do with rebellion than content. It’s not just the movies that are suffering…the cities newspapers are falling like dead flies off an electrical grid. The Boston Globe and the Washington Post were recently sold at a loss, and I’m waiting for the Post Dispatch to go, because they almost have to give it away here in St. Louis.

So, what’s up?

Rush Limbaugh had it right today….the real reason the newspapers (and the movies) are going out of business is because people, like me, were sick of opening up their morning paper and seeing whole pages devoted to some poor African village starving, and how horrible America was in not sending the world all its money.

The leftist Marxist took over all the newspapers in America, the people stopped buying them, and they wonder why.

It’s the same reason the movies are bombing…

Hey, I’ll stay home and watch reruns of Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone, who I know is a patriot, rather than spend money on Sylvester Stallone blowing up another village in some third world country,  all the while saying in real life, he doesn’t believe in that sort of thing.

I thought the first Expendables was great—But I will never pay to see another movie of Sly Stone’s no matter how much I want to.

The man, is a coward, a fraud, and an American sellout. Let him move to China.

Nobody Wins when Hollywood is just another mouthpiece for government propaganda. Sorry Sly—I doubt that Bruce Willis’s career will suffer.

Baseball is not the only thing that steroids has damaged, Nobody Wins when your hero’s are on steroids….and everybody knows…steroids cause brain damage. What better proof do you need? Arnold

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“Nobody Is Spying On Americans”

Nobody Wonders

—Obama is so good at lying, you have to wonder why anybody would not believe what he says. Notice, he comes right out and says, “Nobody is spying on Americans.” Really? Then why collect all that data of millions of people who are  NOT terrorists? Of course you are spying on us!  It’s not like the Boston bomber is going to call Joe Tea Party and ask for directions to the hardware store. Add in the collection of all our financial transactions, being able to turn off our cars, every single thing we do on the internet…and the soon-to-be massive drone surveillance, and it’s a fact that the 4th amendment no longer exists because you simply ignore it.

Bush and Obama sat calmly and said….”Hey…we’re not doing anything here!”

It’s a dangerous road and they are our benevolent dictators. It frankly should scare the %$% out of all of us.

Notice Obama says they have found no abuse…which is insane because of the IRS scandal. Abuse and corruption is more the norm than not In that great oligarchy called D.C.

Nobody Wonders just how many idiots out there do NOT know that this man is an expert at lying?

The video is even scarier because Obama puts on his best “I’m the expert, I’m your daddy, I speak the truth” face and he is so good at it, and Jay Leno of course, is not going to say something like
“Well how about the abuse at the IRS and you put the women who was in charge of that scandal, in charge of OBAMACARE! WHY!!”

No, Jay Leno, who was being used, and was almost maudlin as the sit-in sycophant.  Jay still has a lot of garages to maintain….and Nobody Wonders why all the entertainers on the planet fall behind this man.

Nobody also Wonders, how long it took to do Obama’s makeup. It looks like it was sprayed on.

And one last point: If this cell phone stuff really works, then why in the world did you have to close down the whole city of Boston Mr. Obama?  How come it came down to a guy in a house who told you where the kid was? If this phone surveillance worked…you would have caught him in the hour. But you didn’t. And so, the real reason you are collecting data has nothing to do with following terrorists,  does it Mr. Obama?



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