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Bill Whittle and the Mad, Mad World

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I WAS going to post Obama’s weekly address to the Nation, where he talks about how he wants to help the middle class, and how health care is a ‘right’, but then I saw this. There are so many great pundits making video’s now, I think it’s absolute fabulous, and Bill Whittle is one of my favorites. If only HE were President.

And because of the great online journalism, Diane Feinstein wants to pass a bill:

The most recent congressional threat to the free press in the United States comes from California Democrat U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

In a proposed amendment to a media shield law being considered by Congress, Feinstein writes that only paid journalists should be given protections from prosecution for what they say or write. The language in her proposal is raising concerns from First Amendment advocates because it seems to leave out bloggers and other nontraditional forms of journalism that have proliferated in recent years thanks to the Internet.

So, they want to “jail” your for your opinions now? How else do we take that? I guess that’s why Holder wants to release all the drug addicts—to make room for those pesky bloggers.



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Nobody’s Email: Canada Has STRONGER Beer?

Nobody Gets Email

This was so cute, and such a catchy song, I just had to share it.

Canada claims…it has stronger beer than us, and who am I to dispute that? I don’t even drink beer. Although, beer is good for slopping on barbecue, and holding curls in your hair.

And I had no idea that their football field was longer. There is one problem with this song though:  Someone should tell the Canadian singing this, that he sounds like he from Texas—- and THIS Nobody wants to know why?

I thought we all could use some…thoughts about something other than watching the Muslim Brotherhood burn down buildings in Cairo, and hearing about the death count EVERY TEN MINUTES!!


(Thanks to J.R. ) Who also sent me this:

signs two

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