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Will Americans Be Allowed to KEEP Their Culture, Language and History?

Nobody Wonders

You have to wonder…just when did the elites who control America decide that America and South America should join together, melt so to speak, into one big country? How many years ago was this decided…because it certainly WAS decided and not by its citizens.

I remember writing a lot about this ten years ago, when Bush Jr. was on the throne, and he was passing the “North American Treaty” that sounded so nebulous. We were told it was just really good for us. Then came NAFTA, and CAFTA and Scrapta America.

While President Carter, President Clinton and President Obama imported as many Muslims as they could here, most of the time, they did it very quietly. They bought them here at taxpayer expense and set them down in the middle of the night….mostly in blighted neighborhoods where they wouldn’t be noticed. Americans did not feel threatened. The Muslims kept very quiet.

Now, the democrats have forgotten about the Muslims and are onboard bringing in the Hispanics. President Trump…had to be stopped. So they switched their Muslim caravans into South American caravans.

Nobody can help but notice the massive invasion of illegals who are being told to come to America by secretive donors with a lot of money, who need them to get here fast. We can only guess who these rich donors are.

America, will become a bi-lingual nation, like Canada. There is hardly any doubt about it. And it reminds me of our close friends to the North: Canada.

The French speak one language, the rest of Canada speaks English. When the English defeated the French there were only 65,000 mostly upper class Englishmen, and the French numbered around 8,000. Now, they make up, according to Wiki if you believe them, 20 percent of the Canadian population. And most of them all live in Quebec.

The French are mostly Catholic, and they even have their own Notre Dame in Montreal. During the rule of France, the King made a gift of twenty livres to each young man who married before the age of twenty and to each girl married before sixteen. Later the government of Quebec granted one hundred acres of land to every man who was the father of twelve living children. And so, they had a LOT of kids.

When the English won the war, they promised that the French could keep their own language, follow their own customs, and their own religion. Also, the French were great farmers, and could work the farms in summer, and in the factories in winter…doing the work that the Englishmen probably refused to do, and their Catholic faith kept them all in line, AND reproducing.

The English rulers loved it. To them, it was a win/win situation.

Now, the ‘English” are doing the same in Europe, but with Muslims, and it’s not working out so well. I guess they thought if it worked in Canada, it would work in Europe.

So, this nobody wonders, if the elites’ plan is to do the same here in America. With the help of the Pope, millions of Hispanics are being driven to America…in hopes of establishing the same bi-lingual country as Canada: where the Hispanics are allowed to keep their language, their customs, and their religion, because hey…it’s worked out so well in Canada!

I’ve never been to Quebec, but I’ve read that they mostly speak French there.

I’ve haven’ t been to California in over 20 years, but I bet, Spanish is spoken more than English there.

Nobody Wonders: Do the French get free welfare, free healthcare, and free college?
Or do their English-speaking Canadians have to pay for them?

So….If we are to become a bi-lingual country, at least, the Americans here should be allowed to keep their culture, their country, and THEIR history, which is being erased and changed as we speak. Not to mention: OUR own MONEY!

Is that too much to ask?

I think it’s about time, somebody did.

Notre Dame, Montreal

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God Bless the Hockey Fans of Canada!

Nobody Flashes

Here’s an uplifting moment in time: Canadians singing the AMERICAN national Anthem.

Showing us how precious it is…and how ashamed we are when our own NFL cannot even suffer it.

God bless the hockey fans of Canada!


(I thought this was a good thing to post after President Trump signed his new trade deal with Canada)


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Nobody’s Perfect: Hillary VS Montreal

Nobody’s Perfect

This week we have Hillary Clinton VS Montreal.

When governments wants to hide something from the public, sometimes, it just doesn’t turn out does it? We KNOW what Hillary has been hiding…but what about Canada?

Let’s start with Hillary first: I posted Judge Napolatano’s  succinct explanation of Hillary’s email problem, which just doesn’t seem to be going away. It’s pretty clear, she broke every rule as Secretary of State, not only with hiding emails and putting classified documents out in the world to be hacked, but with collecting big donations from companies and countries all over the world…felonies?Hillary 3

YES! But it seems only President Obama can prosecute her, which he won’t because Hillary and Bill have been collecting dirt on people looooooogg before Obama was a baby inkspot in Kenya.

You don’t mess with the Clinton Mafia.

Besides, she is such a lousy liar, her poll numbers are going down faster than even Bill Cosby’s. It not looking good in Iowa, or New Hampshire for her, and YET…Brit Hume is worried that Donald Trump could not win against her.

(I ALMOST did this on Brit Hume who is very worried that the conservatives supporting Trump will RUIN it for the GOP. He talks as if Americans are ruining the country.–that’s another post.)

Anyway, Montreal on the other hand, has been keeping a little secret: Drugs are in the drinking water.

MONTREAL – A new study says drinking water in parts of southern Ontario contains traces of several illegal drugs —including cocaine.water

Researchers at McGill University found water discharged from waste-water treatment plants in the Grand River watershed has the potential to contaminate sources of drinking water with drugs such as morphine, cocaine and oxycodone.

What does this mean? The good people of Canada are always stoned? And if Montreal’s water is filled with cocaine, can you imagine what they are drinking in our Capital? Is THAT why Obama always has a silly grin on his face, and suffers from a severe case of megalomania? He’s drinking the water? His White House Party alone is probably filling the local water basin with more drugs than that.

So who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week?

Is it Hillary, who keeps flying her private jet to small ladies’ gardening functions…where nobody will ask her a question? A woman who refuse to see the facts in front of her face: the fact being:

Nobody really likes her?

Or is it Montreal? A city who figures some drugs in the water is not such a bad thing after all?

Well, you KNOW by default I’ll always pick Hillary as the big imperfect loser.

We LOVE Montreal…so hey there Montreal ! YO! We love you! Can you take a few more people?

I want one.

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Nobody’s Email: Canada Has STRONGER Beer?

Nobody Gets Email

This was so cute, and such a catchy song, I just had to share it.

Canada claims…it has stronger beer than us, and who am I to dispute that? I don’t even drink beer. Although, beer is good for slopping on barbecue, and holding curls in your hair.

And I had no idea that their football field was longer. There is one problem with this song though:  Someone should tell the Canadian singing this, that he sounds like he from Texas—- and THIS Nobody wants to know why?

I thought we all could use some…thoughts about something other than watching the Muslim Brotherhood burn down buildings in Cairo, and hearing about the death count EVERY TEN MINUTES!!


(Thanks to J.R. ) Who also sent me this:

signs two

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Nobody’s Email: Mexico VS Canada Baseball Fight…

Nobody Gets Email

Ah….the joys of spring! We knew this was coming. The .globalization of baseball. Here we see that Mexico, who was leading by six runs in the 9th, did not think that this batter had any right to try to get on base. So the pitcher hit the batter— on purpose.

According to Tony La Russo, former coach of the St. Louis Cardinals, nothing makes a coach more furious than a pitcher aiming and hitting a player up by his head…for obvious reasons. A baseball to the head is very lethal. Sure, it hit his shoulder, but that’s close enough.

So, one cannot blame the batter…but why in the world do this when you have a good lead? We learn, that in Mexico the rules are different.

Some of those Mexicans look right out of drug gangs, but, I wouldn’t go up against any Canadian because they all play hockey, and while the Mexicans would have an advantage with guns, since no guns are allowed in Baseball, the Canadians would do the most damage.

That’s just my Nobody Opinion, which was not well thought out, but it sure makes sense to me. 🙂


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Last Word On a Friday: American Zombies Not Welcomed In Canada

Nobody Flashes

And while Janet Napolitano prepares our police for Zombie attacks: The Canadians are already prepared.

Who says our govenment can’t be the laughing stock of the planet?


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Cufflinks, Canadian Bill, and ?

Nobody Wonders

If you think the “rich’ have just a bit too much money…if you think that Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party people might just get have something in common…you might be right.

Tell me…would you pay $89.9 milion for a painting called “Orange Red Yellow” ?

Or how about $4.2 million for a pair of cufflinks?

Or how about this: Something that creeps even me out…the new twenty-dollar bill in Canada, not only makes the Queen look like she’s have a bad hair day in the middle of a tree, the twin towers look as if they have naked women on them. What’s even more weird is that everyone is concerned about ..the naked women on the towers, NOT the fact that Nobody Knows why in the world Canada would want to put the twin towers on their $20 dollar bill. I mean, are they planning on building a pair of their own with naked women on them? WTF? How are the families who lost loved ones on 9/11 suppose to take that?

Curiouser and curiouser.

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