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Last Word On a Friday: American Zombies Not Welcomed In Canada

Nobody Flashes

And while Janet Napolitano prepares our police for Zombie attacks: The Canadians are already prepared.

Who says our govenment can’t be the laughing stock of the planet?


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Trump VS George Will VS Zombies in Miami.

Nobody’s Perfect

There will always be conflict–men wanting to kill other men….BUT, unlike the rest of the animals on the earth, “man” likes to pride himself on being civilized when in disagreement with other men. Most men try to ‘reason’ when in conflict, with intelligent conversation.

Unless of course, you happen to live in Miami.

Last week, a man decided that he was hot and hungry, and so he decided to strip off his clothes, get naked, and eat a homeless man. He started with the nose, ears, and cheeks, and no doubt was getting ready to go for a thigh.., until a cop shot him, and then he just looked up and growled, and continued to rip off more flesh. Why let a little bullet stop him? It took a few more.

Here’s the first report:

 “When the officer approached him, told him to stop, pointed a gun at him. He turned around and growled like a wild animal and kept eating at the mans face,” said Fraternal Order of Police President Armando Aguilar. The incident happened near the west end of the MacArthur Causeway and Biscayne Boulevard, near the Miami Herald building”

Nobody Wonders if this will be considered a ‘hate’ crime, don’t you? You have to really hate someone to want to eat his face off.

At first they blamed this on cocaine—now they are blaming this on LSD..which is a drug which both Cary Grant and Steve Jobs swore by, not to mention half the people driving around listening to the Grateful Dead on Sirius radio at this moment.

We could have a Zombie breakout at any moment.

The homeless man lived thanks to the good cop, who will no doubt be called a racist if the zombie guy was black. And if that’s the case, they won’t blame the black zombie, it will be his drug dealer’s fault for giving him zombie drugs, and he will be racist if he is white.

And then we have another man fight: between two civilized men: George Will and Donald Trump.

George Will viciously attacked Donald Trump for questioning Obama’s birth certificate.

On May 25, Trump once again said in an interview that he does not believe President Barack Obama was born in the United States. “He didn’t know he was running for president, so he told the truth. The literary agent wrote down what he said… He said he was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia,”

After George Will dubbed Donald Trump a “bloviating ignoramus,” the real estate mogul shot back by calling the columnist the “dumbest (and most overrated) political commentator of all time.”

“Donald Trump is redundant evidence that if your net worth is high enough, you IQ can be very low and you can still intrude into American politics.” said George.

Nobody Wonders just how long has it taken for George Will to notice that most of the people in politics have strolled into the arena with a low IQ? What else explains the $15 trillion dollar deficit? Hasn’t he been writing about politics most of his life? Has he NOT noticed that Joe Biden makes Donald Trump look like Albert Einstein every time he opens his mouth? 

What? Did George get some of that bad LSD?

Nobody (me) sides with Trump on this one. We do have the ‘rule of law’ and Donald has every right to question Obama’s birth certificate. George is only saying this stuff because obviously he is in the Rhino court who want Marco Rubio as VP for Mitt, and Rubio, like Obama, does not have the birthright qualifications to be President.

So, what does George Will do? In civilized terms, George was eating Donald’s face off.

Too bad we can’t get the good officer that saved that poor homeless man’s life to settle this manly argument between Will and Trump, in a very civilized manner..

If George growled from the suggesting that he quit making stupid moronic attacks, then Nobody suggests that we should arrest George Stephanopoulos….after all…who is giving Mr. Will the intellectual LSD which is making him make stupid Zombie comments?

Nobody Wonders.

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