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Last Word On a Friday: American Zombies Not Welcomed In Canada

Nobody Flashes

And while Janet Napolitano prepares our police for Zombie attacks: The Canadians are already prepared.

Who says our govenment can’t be the laughing stock of the planet?


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Presidential Slam-Dunk.

Nobody Cares

SO…Did anybody doubt that Obama was going to get his wishes on the “sequester”?

Imagine…a basketball game between Obama and the GOP…Obama basketball 1

“There he goes, Obama is running down the court—he passes the ball to No. 69, Napolitano  as she lets out thousands of Illegal’s to flood the court—the sequester is going beautifully—man look at her go—wait—here comes John Boehner, No. 00 is rushing inside—she passes the ball to Biden, N. 66. What do you think Mark…have you ever seen such teamwork”

“No Bob…this is a game for the record books, they are absolutely slaughtering the GOP’s  I don’t know what happened to that team, but they all have that  “deer in the headlights” look.”

“Wait…look, there’s Jack Nickelson sitting in his usual spot on the side front row seats…and who’s the babe sitting next to him? Why..It’s Michelle Obama! Gee, kids become President and you will get all the babes…”

“Wow—look at that—Joe throws a shotgun down the court to Dennis Rodman. Rodman is looking good today in that little tutu, I don’t know HOW he plays in that but it seems to give him confidence—wait—he fakes a throw and BACK to Obama who turns, spins and throws back to Rodham and Dennis jumps and slam-dunks it into the basket!

Score for Obama’s team!

Okay, if life were a basketball game, we could go home, after the game…but it’s not…and Obama’s game of destroying America never stops.Obama basketball 2

While he continues to demolish the country, and the GOP, he is entrenching himself as the only superstar on the court.

Nobody finds it a coincidence that Obama sent a gay basketball player over to charm Kim Jong Um in North Korea to get him to stop doing nuclear tests. It’s Obama’s  “talk softly and carry a big basketball” approach of foreign policy.

Oh..that should work:

Ending his bizarre trip to North Korea, US basketball star Dennis Rodman called its leader an “awesome guy” and said Kim Jong Un’s father and grandfather were “great leaders”.

Un. “Guess what, I love him. The guy’s really awesome.”

Yesterday Rodman told Kim Jong-Un he has ‘friend for life’, in front of a crowd of thousands during his improbable journey to Pyongyang.Dennis Rodham

Nobody finds that really endearing. They are meant for each other. In the meantime, over here. OUR Kim Jong-Un,  who claimed he wasn’t a dictator is basically telling the Supreme Court to overturn the voters  in one state and make Gay marriage legal..everywhere.

Obama is asked about his administration’s decision to file an amicus brief in the same-sex marriage case now before the Supreme Court. The president’s brief opposes California’s Prop. 8, which outlaws same-sex marriage.

The president is conducting a conversation about the legal mechanisms for making same-sex marriage the law of the land. It’s a very insinuated take on the role of the president versus the role of the court.

We didn’t want Obamacare…too bad.  Slam dunk

We didn’t want amnesty for illegal’s…too bad. Slam dunk

We didn’t want open gays in the military….too bad. Slam dunkObama basketball 3

We didn’t want women sent to the front lines…too bad. Slam dunk.

We didn’t want gay marriage…too bad.  Slam dunk.

We didn’t want higher taxes…too bad.  Slam dunk.

We didn’t want whites to be punished for being whites, and a country divided as it hasn’t been since the Civil War……too bad. Slam dunk.

We didn’t want to send guns to drug lords and jihadists…too bad. Slam dunk.
We didn’t want death panels…too bad. Slam dunk.

Soon we will be saying we didn’t want our guns taken away…too bad. Slam dunk

We didn’t want dangerous prisoners to be released to our streets….too bad. Slam dunk.

We don’t want our babies to be put into state run nanny school…too bad. Slam dunk.Obama basketball 4

We didn’t want Obama to be President for another four years…and a President who gives himself the lone power to kill anyone he wants whenever he wants in secrecy….too bad. Slam dunk.

We didn’t want camera’s on every street and drones over every city…too bad.  Slam Dunk.

Nobody Cares that the game never seems to end. but Woodward is right: We have a madman on the court…

When a “President” sends a gay basketball player to deal with a madman threatening to destroy us with nukes, you could say..the game is almost over.

What will Kim Jong Un send Obama in return?

Nobody Cares.  Obama is too busy slamming us all. 

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