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Nobody Remembers Obama And Joe Biden As Kids

Nobody Remembers

Roger Ailes the top guy at FOX NEWS, has got a new book out about him, and it’s sure to be a best seller. Lots of quotes are coming out of it, and some not so nice about Joe Biden and Obama: You are the message

From the Washington Times

 The biography, by Zev Chafets, quotes Mr. Ailes as saying that President Obama “never worked a day in his life” and “never earned a penny that wasn’t public money.” The Fox News chief also derided the president for being “lazy” and playing too much golf and basketball.

Roger also had another great story about how Senator Obama once asked him to meet at a restaurant, where he tried to intimidate Mr. Ailes. It seems, Obama didn’t like what Hannity was saying about him, and wanted him to stop. Roger then told him not to worry about it, nobody who was a fan of Obama’s ever watched Hannity. (LOL!) Good answer. Obama got up and left. The reason this story is so important is that it shows the kind of arrogant man Obama is…he actaully thought he could get Roger Ailes to stop Hannity from saying anything against him.

This book is really going to upset the liberals, and Van Jones, the admitted communist, has already started the attacks:

“This is the kind of stuff that is really disgusting at the end of the day,” he said. “First of all, Barack Obama’s hair is white. He looks like the black Santa Claus shaved his beard off. You don’t go looking from Tiger Woods to looking like Morgan Freeman in three years if you’re not working hard. There’s a racial charge I think that some people find offensive.” Mr. Jones went on to imply a racial double-standard because “Nobody calls  [House Speaker John] Boehner lazy,” because he said he plays golf four times more than the president.

Oh, that’s scientific for you: Work causes your hair to turn white. And here I thought it was hereditary. Gee…What makes you go bald then?

So, once again: Obama and his friends are going to play the race card…well Nobody Says…why not? Okay! Here’s some unknown footage I just found of Barak Obama and Joe Biden taken when they were just kids hanging out in the neighborhood, proving that even as kids, they wanted everything to be handed to them…for free. Yes, the seeds of greed and gluttony were there to see even as kids.


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Nobody Wonders About John McCain and Linsey Graham

Nobody Wonders

Paul Rand did a good job yesterday filibustering on the Senate floor to make the point— that the fact that the President can use drones on American soil to kill just anybody he wants to, without permission from anyone, is unconstitutional and he is dead right. I didn’t see it, but by all accounts it was wonderful. Rand Paul filibuster

So today Nobody Wonders why the whole Senate was not there giving him support…but instead, having dinner with the President?

Old guard Republicans were having dinner with the President. Let that sink in.

Nobody Also Wonders if George W. Bush would be supporting drone attacks on people here on our soil. Would he agree with the old Rhino’s? You bet he would.

Today, the established RHINO’s John McCain and Lindsey Graham have come out to ostracized Paul Rand for pulling such a stunt. They treated him as if he were a mere frat boy pulling a prank.

“The country needs more senators who care about liberty, but if Mr. Paul wants to be taken seriously he needs to do more than pull political stunts that fire up impressionable libertarian kids in their college dorms. He needs to know what he’s talking about,” said Mr. McCain, Republicans’ presidential nominee in 2008.

Mr. Graham said asking whether the president has the power to kill Americans here at home is a ludicrous question. “I do not believe that question deserves an answer,” Mr. Graham said.John McCain & Lindsey Graham

Well gee…now we’re not even allowed to question. (Oh…term limits…term limits…term limits…term limits….)

And while the Rhino’s in the Senate are busy attacking the last lone guard to the Constitution, today we get the spiffy message that Dennis Rodman just made little Kim Jung Um madder. He is just dying to use his nukes:

“North Korea threatened to launch a preemptive nuclear strike on its “aggressors,” including the U.S., ahead of a United Nations vote on tougher sanctions against the totalitarian state for last month’s atomic A foreign ministry spokesman said: “Since the United States is about to ignite a nuclear war, we will be exercising our right to pre-emptive nuclear attack against the headquarters of the aggressor in order to protect our supreme interest.”

Nobody Wonders how Senators can be so angry at a true patriotic Senator trying to hold back the tyrannical erosion of American liberties, and yet— be so silent about a man who has said he is going to nuke us?

What is more important? Kim jung um

And is the reason they are so bent on having killer drones over America is because they (Being the Rhino’s and the democrats who seem to be now one party) decided long ago to let millions of Mexicans flood the country to “fix our old-age population problem” thereby deciding the risk was worth the cost of letting in dangerous citizens from other countries with nuclear weapons?

Nobody Wonders every single day….if they are already here?

Or do they just want the power to rule as tyrants? And once again, Obama stays silent on a country with nukes threatening every single day to use them. Instead, he is planning another vacation.

Obama is the enemy we know. But John McCain is turning out to be a traitor. Maybe all those years in prison turned John into a sympathizer with his prison guards…a sympathizer with communism..

John McCain is starting to look like Jane Fonda…all he needs…is a boob job.

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