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Planned Parenthood: Decisions, decisions….

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In our most highest fantasies, every child would be born, into a loving family. But, when you have a planet that can barely feed half it’s people, someone felt that they had to come up with a way to get rid of the “unwanted” babies. Those being “leaders” of course.

When “free sex” came galloping into America during the sixties, and the churches were attacked, millions of women did not have to “hold” back anymore for marriage. One night stands became acceptable, and our films promoted free sex…the whole culture went ‘free’ everything. The trouble with free sex is: all it takes is once, and your whole life changes. Nothing is free ever again.

So, millions of young girls got pregnant after the sixties in this “free sex, take the pill” world, and the guys….well they had the right propaganda for that: It’s a “woman’s choice.” The guys didn’t have to marry, or even PAY for the abortion or the child. Too many of them thought it was great…and on the other side, too many women used abortion as easy as the pill. Marilyn Monroe was said to have had 23 abortions in her lifetime. In retrospect, maybe she really did kill herself from grief.crying crying

The way they sold the “lie” that women need have no concern about abortion was: that IF she aborted the baby before nine weeks old, that baby wasn’t even human yet. Why…it didn’t even have a brain. It wouldn’t feel a thing. To many young girls desperate for help, it sounded logical. Put in…the fact that because she saw no husband on the horizon, and looking forward to college, why a baby would get in the way of fulfilling Gloria Steinham great dream of work and career.

That was the propaganda in the sixties. It was everywhere.

Most liberals still have that outlook about young women getting pregnant. Remember when Obama said he wouldn’t want his girls to have to be saddled with a child? Planned Parenthood, has been in the business of helping millions of woman to get rid of those babies. But, this video shows, that the lies they have been telling the world are just that: Lies. They murder.

This lawyer, who represents Planned Parenthood, had trouble comprehending that if a child is right in front of her…lying on a table…why it’s suppose to be dead…that’s a problem.

So, it’s Planned Parenthood idea that SINCE they are hired to kill that child, they really should do it. Even after the fact and they don’t consider it murder.

Think about that. That’s how brainwashed these people are.

To them, it’s business. Notice in the video, the woman starts out leaving it up to the mother or the doctor.  But more than likely the mother lying on the table is drugged. This lawyer women really doesn’t know how to answer the questions and she goes around in circles talking nonsense. The woman has no conception of…the fact that once upon a time, that baby was her. She really doesn’t look on it as murder.

There is no argument that a life begins at conception. And it’s even easy to see how millions of women were convinced to kill their own child, because, without religion, it becomes scientific solution to that woman. But to see a child struggling to for life and to let it die…how much more inhumane can you be?

And SINCE this lawyer does not want a “botched” or “damaged” child bought into the world.. to let it die seems humane to her….shows you just what a monster we have in the White house.

Because Obama believes that you should take the child if born alive into a room during an abortion,  and let it die.abortion three

Well, it’s what the Nazi’s did. And Planned Parenthood, was formed with eugenics of getting rid of the babies that are “inferior”. Singer started Planned Parenthood to get rid of the black babies, but then the Democrats needed those babies for votes, so they gave the mothers money to have babies.

Nobody talks about the millions of poor white women who could not get welfare because of the color of their skin who had abortions.

The next victim in this mess..were the fathers. Who later grew up and realized..they had no say in any of it. They were simply relegated to meaningless pleasure seekers.

The family unit thus was broken. The strongest force to stand against any kind of tyrnanny. Broken.

And THIS Marxist plot was being put into America in the sixties.

The video is beyond scary, and should be passed around.

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