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Nobody’s Perfect: (R) Mayor Bloomberg VS (D) Luis Arroryo

Nobody Perfect:

This week, we have the King of New York, Mayor Bloomberg, a republican, VS Luis Arroyo a democrat from Illinois, who both want to tell us all what we CAN and CANNOT eat.kris 12

First Up: Mayor Bloomberg wants you to drink less.

I don’t know who died and made this guy King of New York, but not a whisper was heard when he sort of gave himself a ‘third’ term in office. King Bloomberg has decided that the average person is a moron, and can’t be trusted not to drink too many soda’s, so he banned them. Of course, the millions of dollars that all the businesses that sold the “Big Gulp” large soda’s and had to fork out to change their menus—-the Mayor really didn’t care about them–did he? Nope. He slapped on big fines for the soda criminals if they didn’t comply.

But Bloomberg insists he is not banning anything:

“We’re not banning anything. It’s called portion control,” Bloomberg said Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “It’s a typical way that companies use to and governments use to explain to people what’s in their interest and what isn’t.”

Bloomberg is not only trying to control the people’s habits in New York, he is spending millions in Colorado getting trying to get guns ban.Bloomberg soda

Nobody mentions that if we could all go to the best restaurants in New York and have top sirloin and lobster tails with a low cal salad every night, we’d all be slim like the Mayor.

He is putz number one.

Second Up; Luis Arroyo

Luis doesn’t care if you drink gallons of soda, he just doesn’t want you to eat Lions.


CHICAGO • A state lawmaker is pushing legislation that would ban the sale of lion meat and the slaughter of the animals in Illinois, saying he knows of at least two places where he believes the meat is sold.

Lion burgers are practically nonexistent on restaurant menus, so the measure left some political observers baffled as to how the issue surfaced at a time when Illinois is facing the worst public pension shortfall in the nation and also debating gun control and other weighty issues.

Rep. Luis Arroyo, D-Chicago, is sponsoring the measure. He would not identify the two places where he thinks lion meat is for sale, but he said slaughtering the animal for food is inhumane and needs to be outlawed.

“Those are zoo animals,” he told the Chicago Sun-Times. “… There’s other meats we can eat besides the lions.” The House Bill would establish penalties of up to one year in jail and a fine of $2,l500 for offenders. Luis Arroyo

Okay, it seems there are a few places (Arizona and Chicago)  where one can buy a Lion burger.

So…I have to say that this week, Mayor Bloomberg gets the Nobody’s Perfect award for the week, and I had no problem even thinking about it.  The good news is gangster-nanny Bloomberg should be told to go take his nanny-proclivities and stuff them in a Big Gulp cup, and leave the rest of us alone—and it seems, a federal court judge has pretty much declared just that.

While Illinois has more pressing problems than people eating Lion meat, Nobody Thinks it’s a good idea to ban Lion meat.

BECAUSE—–We are going to need all the lions we can get to fill the sports arena’s when America falls apart and we decide to feed the politicians to them for our own entertainment…and they can drink panther piss out of Big Gulp cups with their last meal.

I can see the Twitter Feeds now…..

“Watch Mayor Bloomberg Fight the Lions! Tonight at Yankee Stadium!” sponsored by  

“The good people of Brooklyn, Queens, and Times Square!–Free 16 oz slurpies for kids under five! “


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Obama Doesn’t WANT Trump’s Money? Mmmmmm..

Nobody Flashes

As I supported the RICH man Donald Trump in the last election, many of my readers lost hope in me. But I had my reasons: If we are going to be ruled by an oligarchy, why not put a man in who loves the country and who actually could BEAT Obama?Donald Trump 2

Yes, I happen to know many democrats that would have voted for Trump.

I liked it when he questioned Obama’s birth certificate, and when he said he would build a party room for the White House so they wouldn’t have to keep throwing parties out on the lawn…and now, thanks to a suggestion from Newt Gingrich (who by the way, could afford to throw in a few bucks too) he is offering to pay for the White House Tours that Obama closed down.

From Newsmax:

Donald Trump says he’s willing to rescue the White House tours by financing the costs of the popular tourism activity the Obama administration cancelled last week as automatic spending cuts took hold.

“I guess it’s political. They want to hurt the people,” he said. “It’s just really ridiculous. I don’t think it’s a big deal, frankly. But it does make us look awfully bad and awfully pathetic.”

Yes, a fine word for Obama: pathetic.

I like it.  Nevertheless, Trump is out nothing because he knows Obama won’t take the offer, so therefore he can make himself look good by saying he’d do it, not that he wouldn’t do it…just that he didn’t get rich by making bad bets.

Anyway, I know he has drawbacks…but if we have to have a big rich ego in the White House, I’d take my chances with Donald.  White House tours

Okay…so he likes to put his name on buildings, but what politician hasn’t?

Don’t worry…this Nobody’s Pick for President will never happen….and that’s a good thing, because Donald would want his kids to become future Presidents, and we would probably have another family dynasty we would never get rid of.

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