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The Bush Family: Power Hungry Political ‘Crack’ Addicts…

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I hate to say it, but I will: I never liked George H.W. Bush the first.  There was something almost pansy about him…and for those of us who were living when Ronald Reagan was President, Daddy Bush (I always call him Daddy Bush) was annoying in comparison. His high winy voice grated on me. I hated to watch him on TV. The “Read my lips” phrase that he made, was more than just a blunder, it was almost as bad as when Bill Clinton wagged his finger and said, “I did NOT have sex with that women.”Bush family One

Condescending Presidents…Why do they get so uppity and snotty, and condescending? Reagan never did. He was gracious throughout his life. He believed in us, and we believed in him.

And like most people, I hate liars. When Daddy Bush launched the first Iraq War…he gave the excuse that it was a NOBLE ONE…to ‘protect the poor innocent Kuwait’s.’ A big bully Saddam was attacking his neighbor, and the U.S. was going in to help. Every single politicians uses that excuse every single time they send our boys somewhere….because we are a good people, and it works.

We should stop falling for it.

Back when Daddy Bush was President, I hadn’t read about the great deals that President’s had made during WWII….how the British, and the Americans helped carve up the middle East. The oil deals FDR made with the Sheiks of Saudi Arabia. I didn’t think about all that….I just listened to the “glory” of an American victory.Bush Family two

But I’m younger than that now. And when George W. Bush ran, eight years of the masterful lying Bill Clinton was so bad, George was easily elected. And then 9.11 and we’ve been at war since.

No one in the Bush administration went down for not protecting the skies over America. The lies they told about it…”We NEVER imagined”…yada, yada: …were almost criminal.

So, eight years of Daddy Bush, eight years of Bill Clinton, eight years of Daddy’s Bush son, eight years of Obama, and now…they want to add eight years of Jeb Bush.  That’s 24 years with one family.

I don’t think I can take eight years more of Daddy’s Bush continuing dreams of globalization..and eight years is a long time in one life. Lots can happen in eight years. It’s almost like there’s a club of elites who just rotate the power…isn’t it?Bush Family three

Last week I was listening to the Rush Limbaugh program and a caller called in and was in despair: In his lifetime, he realized he would never live to see America come back to its sanity. Rush was agreeing with him but he insisted that we must think of the grandchildren.

WHY? Don’t we have a right to get it right for ourselves in our own liftime? To me…that was accepting defeat.

And that’s what seems wrong to many of us.

For instance: Jeb Bush. Jeb Bush has been on every single talk show he can think of: it’s said he is promoting his book, but there isn’t one reporter that cannot help but ask him if he is running for President. And if you notice, he got a big touchy about it when asked who was the better candidate from Florida to run for President, himself, or Marco Rubio.

“Man you guys are crack addicts, you’re really obsessed with all this politics,” Bush said.

Obviously, Jeb Bush wants to run for President. He had come out early simply because Rand Paul is making a nice entrance as a contender with the filibuster, and the GOP-Rhino’s have to get their boy out there. Both his father and his brother have come out publically on many occasions and said they want to see Jeb in the White House. So, Jeb wasn’t mad about being asked if he is going to run…just like a true politician, he can’t announce it now…timing is everything, but the sound of Marco Rubio’s name infuriated him.

I am sick of lying politicians: Just be honest and say you’re going to run. Don’t give us this, “I am going to do what’s best for my family and the country.” crap.

What’s best for the country, is not another Bush. (Or Obama or Hillary, OR Bill) Leave the place empty…good lord, that poor house needs to be aired out.

I remember Daddy Bush taking Jeb to see Obama in the White House…several times. I have said, and I still say: That what the liberals should be harping about is that the good old boy’s white man WASP club wanted to let a black man in the White House, because the truth being, they wanted Universal Health Care to pass,  and amnesty and they didn’t want the GOP to be remembered as having passed it. Even Jeb Bush says that next to Obama, George W. Bush will be well thought of.

And that was the plan.Bush Family four

So…Daddy sees it as Obama will be SO bad, everyone will welcome Jeb just like they did George many years ago because they were sick of Clinton. If Jeb had run last time, he would have lost.

For Jeb Bush to say that reporters are addicted to politics, while he is appearing on all their shows promoting himself to be the next President, while at the same time saying he is from the Reagan party…is so insidiously hypocritical, it’s almost laughable.

If anyone is an addict, it’s the Bush Family. They are so addicted to  power, they plan to have President from their family clear up into the year 3000. . And the Bush Presidents, have just as much as Obama—- have helped to put America where it is today.

Too bad they don’t have Betty Ford power-rehab for politicians.

What do we do? We stand up for any Tea Party people we can…we keep on yelling, fighting, and get louder. And we should demand that the rich boys in Washington give power back to the people…and in our own lifetime..

Sorry Rush…if you can’t see that we deserve better in our own lifetime… then obviously, the Bush family is still sending you birthday cakes. And you will be leading the nation on the Jeb Bush for President pathway…

Don’t be surprised this time, if even more of us…stay home.

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