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Nobody’s Got a Beef With Cable TV

Nobody’s Opinion

“Irresponsible spending” …that’s all we’ve been hearing every day, for the last four years. If you are like me, and you are the one who takes care of all the household bills, you can’t help but be very angry when you see John Kerry give $250 million dollars to Egypt, while we here at home, are being forced by our government to cut corners. Kris 18

And today, I have certain complaint that just gets me going: How to keep paying for Cable TV?

I can remember when my dad bought our first TV set.  It was black and white, and I was completely  bored with it, although I do remember watching my brother, every Saturday morning, sitting in front of it…watching cartoons while he ate a whole pan of Sara’s Lee’s chocolate cake.

And no, he never got fat. Back then, kids were outside the whole day, running around in the woods. We’d go home for supper. And back out again until dark.  Parents back then didn’t have to worry about the kids being picked up by child molesters, or getting shot on the corner. We lived in a America that was free, and most kids had both a mom and a dad.

Someday…all birth certificates will say: Origin: Lab at UCLA… (Warning…Do not mix with methane )

But..I’m getting off the subject: which is…TV. Back then, television, was FREE! And that’s why I’m using my blog to complain about what I feel is another rip-off of the majority of Americans.

I don’t remember when Cable Television really got going, but I have tried all the cable providers offered here in Missouri, and they ALL do the same thing. They give you a deal when you first sign up with them, and then tell you…not much else. And most people don’t think to ask. (Like me)

It doesn’t matter whether it’s DISH, Direct TV, CHARTER, or AT &T, they are all the same: And I’ve had them all.

And they ALL –rip you off.DIsh NEtwork

Now, like most Americans, with every passing month, I am trying to cut corners..simply because, while wages haven’t gone up since Bill Clinton bombed a pill factory, everything else that you need for daily living has. And budgeting is almost a daily chore.

Not too long ago, I dragged my husband to the local bank to refinanced our car from 4.0 (Which is all the dealership would give us) down to 1.0,…and I was real proud of myself to find out I’d be saving over $50 dollars a month on our car payments.

But..then I got my Direct TV bill. It went from $76.00 to $95.00 in one statement. The savings that I was getting from refinancing, just disappeared. That’s just…BUGS me—especially when there is NO reason for the rate increase…no extra stations, it’s all the same…they just felt like raising it.

I called DIRECT TV.Cable TV

“Why are my rates jumping up? I wasn’t told this would ever happen when I signed up!”
“Well, you have a DVR and your subscription is up.”

“Okay…I had no idea I had a subscription.”

“Is this the last time…$95 is all I will ever pay?”


(Sigh.)  Here’s the problem.  I know so many people who have figured out how to get free TV. They bounce off their neighbors, or they get HD antennas, and here I am going to be paying back up to $120 by next year, (Yes, I guess my 2nd subscription will be up by 2014) And I am paying twice the price in two years for the same service.

Every single cable company I have been with does this. Every single one. They let you slide for a year, then BAM. You’re screwed.

They do the same with cell & t

Can somebody tell me what this is called? I can think of no other name but “rip-off.”

The very next day, after I was told that $95 would be the final price, I got a bill for $100.10

I called them up…

“Hey, the girl yesterday told me the price would never go up!”

“Well, in February the price of your DVR when up 3 dollars.”
“She said that was included in the price YESTERDAY!”


You see, what is so frustrating is: they don’t have to tell you a damn thing. You can quit if you like, they really don’t care.angry woman

I’m starting to wonder if I’d be happier to go back to being like it was when I was a kid. I hardly ever watched TV.  And TV CAN be deadly. My mother had a stroke watching Bill Clinton, and my good friend Pattie told me she thinks that her husband suffered his heart attack due to the stress he was having with Charter. He had been fighting with them all day.  To this day, she blames them for his early demise.

If that had happened to my husband, I would put his ashes on the mantle with a sign,

Here lies Charlie (not real name) killed by an encounter with Charter Communications.

I doubt if there is anyone in the country who has NOT gotten furious with a cable provider.

If so, speak up.

I’m not sure how to solve this problem, (all ideas are welcomed)  but I am getting tired of the game.  Somehow, 500 channels and more commercial time than actual program time s is getting old. There’s Netflix, I know, but I like to keep up on politics, and news, so I do want my cable. I love cable.

I just don’t like the lies, deception, and theft.

But then again…aren’t we all getting used to getting ripped off?

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