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Nobody’s Perfect: The World Has Gone Mad

Nobody’s Perfect

This week, I have to sadly announce, that the politicians have done a very thorough job of driving good abiding citizens out of their ever-loving minds.

And here’s proof.

It seems no one in the entire planet can stand it anymore: unemployment, socialism, communism, Obama, or Michelle, the EU, the Feminists, the crazies, and especially Joe Biden.

Nevertheless, having said that, I think we CAN blame some of these rather obscene moves on the First Lady, who supports child sexual education in kindergarten, and moving as much as you can. We see here the many moves of the children of liberals who are being taught that having sex it the best thing to do with your time. Therefore practicing these moves is a good thing.

And having said THAT…Nobody Thinks that the Australian miners should NOT have been fired just for doing the Harlem Shake. Nothing was hurt. Where’s their sense of humor?

Really, the leaders of the world are driving us all insane.

How can anyone hold on to sanity when the world is being run by space cadets?

Enjoy. Nobody Wins the Nobody’s Perfect award this week. Fair warming…some of these guys are…probably drunk.

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Florida Has More Than Sinkholes….

Nobody Flashes

I’m under the weather today, so I’m just passing on something that might make you think twice before retiring in Florida. Not only can you get swallowed up by a sinkhole, but you might run into one of these guys in your back yard.

(Thanks to Pattie)


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